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News 2016

Banzai returns looking all sparkly & shiney!

newbnz300x225Banzai, the Big Blue Diving Mothership tha we’ve been running now for almost 20 years just got back from her annual hair do. Every November December we send all our boats away to the boatyard spa. A retreat for boats where they spend a month getting pampered with a few touch ups, a bit of elbow grease here & there, a massage, a wax, an internal endoscopy, all their tubes tied up & made to look sparkly & an enema! 4-6 weeks later, one brand new sparkly boat! Welcome back Banzai & not a bad start to the year with another Whaleshark sighting at Chumphon Pinnacle this morning.

Festive season officially starts now with the 2016 Big Blue Staff Party tonight.

scobby300x225Staff Party tonight! My favourite night of the year where we celebrate a job well done. From the housekeepers, and taxi drivers, the admin & the waiters, the cooks, the bar staff, the boat boys, the captains, all the DMs & Insts, the handymen & the gardeners, the equipment boys, the tank boys, & the shopgirls tonight we are all going to let our hair down & get together for a nice big soiree. There will be a lovely slap up buffet for everyone with a large selection of beverages available. Then the boys at Big Blue Movies have made a 20 minute VDO compilation of the last year which should be fairly entertaining. Then its Tequila time as we hand out this years Staff awards to those who’ve made a special contribution to all our success this year & then, well…  never really remember much after that but apparently there’s music & dancing. Lazy day tomorrow folks. No diving in the morning. Sleep in, thanks to all & Merry Christmas.

Monsoon coming to an end with the arrival of whalesharks!

kristiws300x225So the weather is still a little hit & miss but we have been assured that there is a change a foot and that monsoon is very nearly over. And because of the weather here in Koh Tao the diving has understandably not been the clearest but has been a little green as you can see in this photo taken yesterday. Crap weather, green water & Whalesharks! 2 of them!

While you partied at the Full Moon, we cleaned up the beach!

beach clean up300x225So while everyone else is off to Koh Phangan to party the night away at this month’s legendary Full Moon Party, us hard working souls at Big Blue Diving went to Hin Wong Bay to clean up the beach. Between 18 of us we picked up over 40 massive bin bags of rubbish! Now it’s not fair to assume that is all Koh Tao’s rubbish cos it’s not. The majority of the rubbish picked up has been crap that has made its way here from the mainland thanks to the recent storms we’ve had here over the last few weeks. So do hope all you revellers out there had a great night last night but hope even more you cleaned your crap up as you partied. You know what they say, “it aint a party till everyone’s put their shit in the bin!” They say that right? Been a very long time since I partied last!

What is the best Scuba Diving training agency?

padi sdi ssi300x225There is no best scuba diving certification agency! Whether you choose scuba schools international SSI, PADI, BSAC, NAUI, CMAS, TDI or SDI instructors from all organizations should be able to teach you to become a capable and enthusiastic diver.  What may sway your decision is price & because PADI are the only agency where you are required to purchase your training materials it makes PADI the most expensive, and also the one that will add to your baggage allowance while travelling. All other agencies offer a rental service. you borrow the materials & give them back at the end of the course. But in the end, there is only one thing that lets you evolve into a great diver, and that is spending time under water, doing what you love best, be it watching fish, visiting wrecks, taking pictures or filming. The possibilities are endless!

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