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News 2016

Big School of Batfish at Chumphon Pinnacle

batfish300x225Koh Tao there has many dive sites where different kinds of Bat Fish may be encountered. Unfortunately, these interesting fish are seasonal, staying in one place for up to a few months before moving somewhere else. For most divers and especially photographers swimming alongside a school of batfish is a striking experience and a great opportunity to take close up shots. Sometimes these curious fish may `buddy up` with a diver, coming close to look at you and investigate what you are before rejoining their own group & of course One of the best dive sites to encounter these big schools of Tall-fin batfish (Platax teira) hovering over the rocks is Koh Tao's No 1 Divesite Chumphon Pinnacle.

Dive Instructor Training Course starting today. Want to join in?


Starting another 2 week Instructor Development Course with our very own in house SSI Instructor Trainer Iain Goodfellow. Seems to me in this increasingly crazy world we live in that quitting your job, selling your house, living on a tropical island & getting a job in a pair of boardies is the only sane decision. "Book a ticket get a visa pack abag & it just happens". Big Blue Diving, changing lives for the better for 25 years.

Diving with Whalesharks every day this month so far!


Just can't stop bumping into Whalesharks around Koh Tao this month. We're on an average of 1 a day for the whole month so far for November. So many of them we almost missed this Jellyfish at Chumphon Pinnacle! Bloody selfish these whalesharks.

Scuba Diving with Whalesharks


We're on a roll. Seems to me everywhere we go diving of late a Whaleshark turns up! Got some very happy customers at Big Blue today after everyone on our diveboats yesterday got to dive with a Whaleshark.

Celebrating 25 years Big Blue Diving- Making dreams come true since 1991.

You won't beleive what this 21 year old girl from England has done for our seas and oceans.


It is always inspiring to see someone we taught at Big Blue Diving take their passion for the ocean to a new level. TranslucenSea was founded by Georgie Brown, a 21-year-old girl from England with a passion for our seas and oceans. She set out to start a straight-talking clothing company that helps clean up our oceans, with clothing that is about more than just looking good. All of TranslucenSea’s clothes are made from recycled cotton, recycled polyester blend or 100% organic cotton. We love you Georgia Brown for starting this amazing company and we are all very proud of your efforts.

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