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News 2016

High Season Begins With Whalesharks

Friday 29th July 2016whaleshark

We have had some very lucky divers this last week or so with a large number of Whaleshark sightings. Students completing their Open Water and Advanced Courses and a number of fundivers. Southwest Pinnacle and Chumphon Pinnacle have been graced with these harmless and beautiful fish. Yet the very sad truth is that over the next few years these may be some of the last time we may be seeing them.

As of march 2016 the largest fish in the ocean the Whale Shark (Rhincodon typus) has been declared endangered and added to the IUCN Rest List of Endangered Animals. The Whale Shark has been listed in a number of international conventions and agreements. The species is included in Annex I (Highly Migratory Species) of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), the Bonn Convention for the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) in 1999 and recently the Whale Shark was listed on Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) in 2002.

This has not made as bigger impact on the species as some would hope and numbers are still dropping rapidly. The IUCN states ‘Directed fisheries and significant bycatch fisheries have targeted areas where high densities of Whale Sharks occur, leading to rapid reductions in catch per unit effort (CPUE) measures. Some bias toward juvenile Whale Shark-dominated aggregations are present in trend data; in the absence of information on other life-stages, these trends are inferred to be representative of population-level declines. While a number of commercial fisheries for the species closed during the 1990–2000s, Whale Shark products remain valuable and the species is still commonly caught in some countries.’

As we are fast approaching our busiest time of the year please be sure to book online using our booking form to avoid disappointment on accommodation spaces.

Welcome Back and Farewell

Saturday 2nd July 2016dm challenge

Well what an interesting week England has had!! Out of the EU, out of the football Euros (no real surprise there though!) England did however smash the Aussies 3-0 in Australia! On the 4th July we will be starting an SSI Instructor Crossover, to celebrate your own Independence Day, a change to increase your employment opportunities and invest in your future as a diving professional. Now that we have Simo back with us you can contact him directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book, we still have a few more spaces left.

We had another round of Divemasters finish up their professional training and complete their ‘optional’ Challenge. The theme was Underwater and our guests Anouk, Weikeat, Andre, Grant and Sean came dressed in fantastic costumes. With Simo being back on the mike again we were expecting some great insults and abuse and we were not disappointed, except Weikeat who is quite possibly the nicest, most lovely man you could ever meet and he just couldn’t give him abuse, so he laid into the other 4 instead!!

We are also saying goodbye to 2 of our Instructors who have been given an amazing opportunity to work at another dive centre. Mini Ant has taken on the role as Operations Manager and Tim will be his Instructor Trainer & Head Instructor. A sad day for Big Blue but we wish them all the best and good luck for the new challenges. Not to worry though they spend their time out of work in the bar here anyway so we don’t actually get rid of them completely!

World Record Attempt Smashed

Sunday 26th June 2014june26th

What a week it’s been, we are only just recovering from the epic episode of Games of Thrones! And the last one is out today ooooh! Then we had the Guinness Book of World Records here to see us break to record of the most number of people holding wrists for 10 minutes, the chain of over 2800 people went from one end of Sairee Beach all the way to Big Blue Diving and back again. We then had Manou and Phil on the big stage representing Big Blue Diving for this year’s Mr & Mrs Koh Tao, Manou won the Best Rising Star after an amazing effort on her costume from Steph and Sunna. The following night saw our dive staff entertain with ‘Always Look on the Green Side of Life’ show. After weeks of rehearsals and costume making, we had the seal of approval from our very own Superstar Neil Draycott, so it must have been good.

Thank you to everyone who took part and got involved you all did Big Blue proud. Then it was work as usual going out diving and certifying new Open Water Divers.

This week also saw Scuba Junctions’ Natalie Alderton join us to complete her Sidemount Course that she won at the Isla Diver Fundraiser a few weeks back. Jai ‘Meer-cat’ Kennedy took her out on our Tech boat to show her the ropes and was the model student. Well Done Nat and we will see you when you come back to do you full tech courses with us.

Save Koh Tao Rehearsals In Full Swing

Friday 17th June 2016rehearsals

Every year around this time the islands coconut grove is turned into the site for the Save Koh Tao Festival. This is directly opposite Big Blue Diving’s entrance. The event see’s big Thai bands coming over to perform over 2 nights, we have the turtle releasing and giant clam placements. The community get together to raise awareness for the need to protect and preserve this beautiful islands conservation. Beach clean ups and underwater clean ups are a big part of the event. Passing on the message that if we come here to work or play we need to respect the natural beauty and leave it how we found it.

This year a Guinness World Record will be attempted with the largest number of people holding hands on Sairee Beach. Giving an underlying message that working together is easier than working alone. Koh Tao is hoping to have over 2000 people take part and well as stewards making sure that the line isn’t broken while the record is been checked. It’s not every day you can say you are in the Guinness Book of World Records now is it?

Big Blue Diving will be up on stage taking part in the Mr and Mr Koh Tao event with our very own Phil and Manou. We will also be performing a different version of a popular Monty Python song with a very important message. Thank you in advance for all of those who have helped in making the costumes, the people who have worked long and hard to come up with show, the rehearsals, the music, the video. Quite a few beers were consumed during the preparation which just made it even more fun.

Funraiser Event That Brought Whole Island Together

Tuesday 7th June 2016isla event

Slightly different post today, yes we are a dive school and we want you to come a learn to dive and experience our underwater world, but the big thing that makes us Big Blue is the island and the community that is part of it. And I have to say I have never been so proud to be part of the Koh Tao community. I have never met a more generous and giving and loving group of people anywhere I have worked. Let me explain..

Big blue diving held a fundraiser event for a cause which is very very close to our ours hearts, the theme was pink for Isla Diver and we had 15 incredible prize bundles to be given away. The average cost per bundle was around 30,000 baht. The prizes and the evening was organised by Matt Waters and it went off with a humongous bang. The bar and restaurant was decorated with pink ribbons, we had prizes for the best pink princess (which of course turned out to be male). The night kicked off with a very moving video which was compiled by our Big Blue Movies Boss Wayne, there was not a dry eye in sight. Simon Garrity was our compare for the evening and he managed to keep his jokes in check for the younger children that were present.

All of our staff had come dressed in pink outfits and one particular male dive master who we thought was missing from the night had genuinely been ignored by us because we thought he was a lady that we didn't know, even Erin complimented him/ her on his/her handbag being nicer than hers without realising who it was!

We expected to have around 450 people to join in but were blown away when we counted 600 people from all over the island representing many other dive centres.

In total we have managed to raise an unbelievably staggering 1,500,000 baht, that's 1.5 million baht. For everyone who donated prizes ranging from Similan liveaboards to food and drink vouchers, dive courses, GoPros, clothing, framed prints, nights in luxury villas to say a few. More importantly thank you for everyone who bought raffle tickets, came wearing pink and stayed partying till the very end to make this an event we will never forget.

We all thank you from the bottom of our Big Blue Hearts.

Now if you want to be part of something special Koh Tao is the island to be and we can also teach you to dive.

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