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Big Blue Diving Resort - Koh Tao - Thailand

News 2017

Whaelshark at White Rock this morning

21.01.17Neil Anne300x225Another Whaleshark was dived with at White Rock this morning making this our 30th Dive of the year so far with a Whaleshark. Which makes it a statistical average of 1 whaleshark dive every 3 days for 2017. Not a bad average. Which also does go to show that Whalesharks do seem to be growing again in their numbers. Not quite to the extent of days of old but probably the best so far. In days of old if you talk to the old Thai Fishermen they would fish around Koh Tao & see Whalesharks in their 10's. The increase in Shark fin soup seems to have been the major factor for the loss in numbers over the last couple of decades but now that Shark Fin soup is becomming less popular due to worldwide condemnation & outrage we keep our fingers crossed that the Whaleshark numbers will once again rise to their 10's per whaleshark sighting. 'Fins'gers crossed!

Saturday April 1st 2017

train300x225At long last the board of directors for the Gulf of Thailand have approved the long awaited plan for the underwater tunnel that will link the 3 island of Koh Samui, Koh Phangan & Koh Tao to the mainland. The tunnel will start from the Mainland hub in Surat Thani then it will be a mere 10 minute drive to oh Samui, another 10 minutes to Koh Phangan then it'll take about 30 minutes to Koh Tao & then from there to Chumphon should only take about 45 minutes. The designer of the plan Mr Yu Bin Had said the tunnel should be completed within 5 years, about the same time as the Koh Tao airport opens!

Scuba Diving with Blacktips

P1040227300x225Awesome week of diving so far. While one boat went out in search of the Whaleshark which they found at Chumphon Pinnacle this morning another of our Diveboats went out & found a meter long Blacktip Reef Shark at Shark Island. Blacktips aren't often encountered when Scuba Diving as the noise of your breathing scares them off but today we were very lucky & encountered this beauty. A meter long as well which is a decent size for a Blacktip.

Its Whaleshark weekend

wsOPW 22 11 16 Sonia Reiss300x225Having just dived our first dive at the day yesterday at the awesome swim thrus of Laem Thien, our captain was informed that there was a Whaleshark swimming around all by himself at Southwest Pinnacle so we made a trip out there & low & behold there she was. A beautiful Whaleshark all to ourselves. Not a bad mornings diving for anyone let alone our brand new Open Water students. Its not every Saturday morning you get to scuba dive through arches & canyons & then get to hang out with a whaleshark for 45 minutes.

Congratulations to our new Instructors

ssi inst300x225Introducing Big Blue’s newest SSI Instructors. Three weeks of gruelling diving & al fresco teaching and a 2 day exam has enabled them to become scuba diving professionals & a ticket to dive & work in the most luxurious destinations in the world. What’s not to like about being a Scuba Instructor? If you fancy a career change then Go Pro & join us. You won’t regret it for a minute. Best thing I ever did & that was in 1997. 20 years later & I’m still loving work in the Dive Industry.

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