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News 2017

A crazy weekend of Whalesharks

wsk300x225It's been a Whaleshark bonanza this weekend with whalesharks spotted all around Koh Tao & 2 where dived with all day long at teh legendary site of Sail Rock. Koh Tao is becomming increasingly more famous year on year for the amount of Whalesharks that cruise through the Gulf of Thailand here making it actually the most frequent place in the world to dive with Whalesharks. It aint just seasonal here it seems to be all year long & with no rhyme or reason as to when they come. Best year ever for Whaleshark sightings & its only May!

The awesome divesite of White Rock

white rock300x225White Rock is located about halfway between Koh Nang Yuan and Koh Tao and is a very popular night diving destination. The site consists of two submerged pinnacles starting at 20 meters and rising up to within 2 meters of the surface. The pinnacles gently pan out into many shelves, which are covered in a healthy selection of hard and soft coral formations. As the reef slopes away you will see small blue spotted sting rays and larger Southern Rays resting on the bottom as well as Pelagics like, Jacks and Great Barracuda patrolling the depths. This great aerial shot was taken by Andreas Fisketh from Koh Tao Aquatic Images.

The SSI Stress & Rescue Course


If you are thinking of becomming a Dive Pro then you need to take your Open Water your Advanced & then your Rescue before you can enroll in the joyous experience of the Divemaster Course. The Rescue course is probably the most challenging of the non professional certifications but only takes 2 days to complete. It will expand your knowledge and experience beyond the purely recreational level because you’ll learn to look beyond yourself and consider the safety and well being of other divers. Although this course is serious, it is an enjoyable way to build your confidence. And then its time to enroll in your DM Course.

The Beautiful Island of Koh Tao

kt300x225Koh Tao. Also known as Turtle Island which is the direct translation from Thai. So called beacuse as you approach the island from the sea you can see the very distinct outline of a turtle. Helps as well that Koh Tao also has lot of resident turtles here too! Amazing to think that in this 21 square kilometer island there are over 50 Dive centers here. Must be pretty good scuba diving if theres that many centers here wouldn't you reckon.

Earth Day being celebrated on Koh Tao today

earthday300x225Happy EarthDay2017! Time to join the international celebration of Planet Earth and stand for environmental & climate literacy! Earth Day on Koh Tao is a day where our community come together to make a real difference to help keep our paradise island beautiful. So its time to get together for a morning beach Clean up on Sairee then this afternoon we are offerring a FREE dive to everyone who wants to come dive with us to pick up any trash we find underwater. Then tonight its party time at the Koh Tao Hacienda. Celebrate Earth. Celebrate Life!

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