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Big Blue Diving Resort - Koh Tao - Thailand

News 2017

Where the Bloody Hell are you?

where300x225The rains have stopped
We bought you a beer
The floodings over
& we've had the dogs shampooed
we've saved you a spot on the beach
& we've got the sharks out of the pool
We've got the geckos off the walls
& your DM is getting the boat ready
your longtails waiting
& your green thai curry is about to be served
We filled up your tanks
Visibility is amazing fish are everywhere.
We've been doing this for 25 years
So come on guys,
Where the bloody hell are you?

Women in Tech Diving

bbt300x225Women in tech diving HAHA who would think that ‘US’ women could go deeper / go longer and do all the macho stuff ‘men’ do in technical diving? Women carrying two tanks and running deco procedures.. back in the day it would have never been heard of let alone executed; so I thought I would let you ‘WOMEN’ know that tech diving isn’t a man’s world anymore and the idea of women in technical diving should be re-evaluated and considered a true threat to men thinking they have an entire industry area to themselves, lets totally remove any stigma remaining.

Of course when you go fun diving or getting qualified for your open water etc. you see a 1:1 ratio of men to women but it’s a very different situation when it comes to tech diving! Still to this day only have a handful of female tech instructors which I think is a huge shame, but rest assured the numbers are on the rise; We will soon have our own female Tech Divemasters at Big Blue.

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Installing our new artificial reef at Big Blue Conservation

art reef300x225Coral nurseries are of increasing importance because Reefs around the globe are threatened by human activities. Like many parts of the world, the economy on Koh Tao is reliant upon our natural reef areas and the visitors they bring. Koh Tao currently has a number of coral nurseries using different techniques for research and restoration purposes. It is hoped that coral colonies from these nurseries can help add to the reefs around Koh Tao and provide a means of restoring damaged areas faster than would naturally occur,as well as providing additional dive sites. A number of organisations including Save Koh Tao and dive operators on Koh Tao have begun constructing small coral nurseries to test the feasibility and success of different methods. So far 3 different types of structures have been built 3 and all three have been successful.

Post monsoon Beach Clean up collective

ecoclean300x225A huge thank you to all those that participated in our latest community eco day yesterday with mountains of trash collected from the streets and the ocean. Not really a surprise to pick up quite as much garbage as we did this clean up especially bearing in mind the torrential rain storm we had at the beginning of the month. So thank you everyone for coming and good job from Rachel our Manager at Big Blue Conservation for organising the Diveshops collective in coming together to generate a bigger taskforce of garbage collectors. Act locally, think globally.

Sun of a beach!

calm300x225And as you were! The rain has stopped & the floods have eased and very quickly we are able to restore relative normality back on Koh Tao after the dreadful downpour we’ve had over the last week. We are able to go diving again & surprise surprise its actually nowhere near as bad as we first feared. Visibility though not great aint bad with the closer to shore dive sites at les than 10meter viz but the further divesites are 10meters +. The sea is relatively flat & January is beginning to look a little more like January should! The island infra structure has taken a bit of a beating but luckily for us at Big Blue we seem to have escaped all the damage. Got to put it out there aswell to all the tourists who were here for the rough ride you were awesome. Completely understanding, no complaints & pitched in to help the local community with clean ups & sandbag filling. Thank you so much. Bet you didn’t anticipate shovelling sand into sand bags when you booked your holiday on a sunsoaked tropical island paradise did you. Thanks guys.

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