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Big Blue Diving Resort - Koh Tao - Thailand

News 2017

7 Whalesharks around Koh Tao

wss300x225This could just be the best Whaleshark season we have had on Koh Tao since before tourism here began! We've got 3 whalesharks at Sail Rock, 1 at Southwest 1 at Shark Island & there are 2 more to the north of the island cruising around Nang Yuan Island & Chumphon Pinnacle. Its just insane. I don't think we have had a day now in the last 3 weeks when we haven't dived with a Whaleshark. Might have to start offerring Guaranteed Whaleshark dive or your money back thats how confidant we are right now. (photo credit to Brian Skerry of Nat Geo).



Apres Dive

drinks300x225Nothing like a relaxing cocktail or an ice cold beer to finish off a days spectacular diving. In the world of scuba we call this Apres Diving. And theres no better place to enjoy your drinks than sitting at our restaurant on the beach watching one of Koh Taos legendary sunsets. Cheers. Look forward to seeing you here soon for a dive a chat & a drink (or 2).

Another great Koh Tao Sunset

sunset3001x225Sunsets on Koh Tao are... wait for it... legendary! Especially in the summer months of April & May & the las few weeks have been outstanding with majestical sunsets every night. And due to our geographical location on Koh Tao which is west facing you can quite literally enjoy  great days diving followed by a great social beer as you chill out on one of our sun loungers to view the great sunsets from our restaurant with beer in hand. Its days like this that life becomes really special. Thank god for sunsets.

Rebreathing with a Whaleshark

andytech300x225So how deep do Whalesharks dive to? Apparently they've been recorded to reach depths over 600 meters. This is a shot of our Big Blue Tech Manager Andy diving on a Rebreather at a depth nowhere near 600 meters but way deeper than most of us will ever dive to at around a depth of about 50 meters. You will notice as well that Andy is trying out our new shop rebreather which is a system that recycles the air you exhale so you can inhale it again which not only means you can stay down for longer but also means that the closed circuit menas theres no bubbles meaning without the Darth Vader sound effects you get when normal scuba Diving youre silent underwater which means you can actually get closer to fish cos you aint scaring them. The best way to see the fish is to actually be a fish!

A crazy weekend of Whalesharks

wsk300x225It's been a Whaleshark bonanza this weekend with whalesharks spotted all around Koh Tao & 2 where dived with all day long at teh legendary site of Sail Rock. Koh Tao is becomming increasingly more famous year on year for the amount of Whalesharks that cruise through the Gulf of Thailand here making it actually the most frequent place in the world to dive with Whalesharks. It aint just seasonal here it seems to be all year long & with no rhyme or reason as to when they come. Best year ever for Whaleshark sightings & its only May!

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