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News 2017

Sun of a beach!

calm300x225And as you were! The rain has stopped & the floods have eased and very quickly we are able to restore relative normality back on Koh Tao after the dreadful downpour we’ve had over the last week. We are able to go diving again & surprise surprise its actually nowhere near as bad as we first feared. Visibility though not great aint bad with the closer to shore dive sites at les than 10meter viz but the further divesites are 10meters +. The sea is relatively flat & January is beginning to look a little more like January should! The island infra structure has taken a bit of a beating but luckily for us at Big Blue we seem to have escaped all the damage. Got to put it out there aswell to all the tourists who were here for the rough ride you were awesome. Completely understanding, no complaints & pitched in to help the local community with clean ups & sandbag filling. Thank you so much. Bet you didn’t anticipate shovelling sand into sand bags when you booked your holiday on a sunsoaked tropical island paradise did you. Thanks guys.

Big Blue Diving Khao Lak

hallelujah300x225Koh Tao might not be your first choice of holiday destination right now. With all this rain we have taken a bit of a battering here. Luckily at Big Blue we’ve escaped most of the damage and as soon as the rain does actually stop it’ll only take us a few hours to get things back to ship shape, but the rest of the island… well it aint good. Mother Nature sure is a powerful beast!

So what are you going to do instead? Well our recommendation is Khao Lak on the west coast of Thailand. Big Blue Diving Khao Lak offers 4 day 4 night Liveaboard trips aboard one of the largest boats MV Hallelujah. An amazing experience cruising through the beautiful Similan & Surin Islands. A holiday of a lifetime. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book your place now.

All the small things

filefish300x225So the weather in the region hasn’t been the greatest but because Koh Tao is such a small speck in the Gulf of Thailand we’ve managed to escape most of the precipitation. But not all! And with the heavy downpours & strong winds it does effect the visibility underwater which for this time of year is pretty disappointing. However having said that when the visibility reduces like it has it’s a great opportunity to focus on the smaller marine life we get here in Koh Tao and not just swim past as we cruise the divesites acknowledging their presence but actually spend time checking out these creatures & their habits. Like these Baby strapweed filefish aging at the buoyline of Twins... aren't they cute! Thanks Fishual Diving for this awesome shot.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

gals300x225As we draw closer to the end of the year we just want to take this opportunity to thank each & every one of you who have contributed to another successful year for us at Big Blue Diving. Everyone who dived with us whether it was on an Open Water Course, Advanced Course or Rescue Course. For all those who were part of our Divemaster or Instructor Candidates at Big Blue Pro. To all our fundivers, & experienced divers & Full Day trippers. All our Freedivers at Big Blue Freediving, all our Techies at Big Blue Tech. For everyone who bought a memory of their time spent with us through Big Blue Movies. Every bit of effort shown to keep our beaches clean & our impact on the island low thru Big Blue Conservation. For everyone who bought something from our retail store Drift. But the most thanks to all my staff for doing what we all love, and for being an awesome group of people who pull together when needed. To every boat boy, housekeeper, admin staff, DM & Instructor thanking you for all you’ve done in 2016 & wishing you all a very Happy New Year for 2017.

Koh Tao - 8th best location in the world for Night Diving

uv300x225Not a bad accolade when it comes to the "in the world accolade" but this years top 10 in the world for best night dives, Koh Tao has come 8th according to a readers Poll in Scuba Diving Magazine the no 1 read for Scuba Divers in the know. The actual reason given for the award wasn't actually for the magnificence of Koh Taos underwater night life but actually for the uniqueness on offer in Koh Tao of the UV Night Dive, also called a Fluo Night Dive. We descend with specialized High Intensity Blue lights in combination with a special vizor this dive light allows us to see marine fluorescence. Not only do the corals around you radiate a spectrum of the brightest fluorescent colors but so too does the aquatic life. Moray eels, crabs and tiny shrimps display flashes of a bright fluorescent yellow and scorpion fish luminesce with pink.

TripAdvisor-2015 - Big Blue Diving

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