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Big Blue DivemasterIs our longest serving Divemaster at Big Blue so if it all goes wrong it’s completely her fault! Way too intelligent for this job, Claire from the West Country in England, trained hard all her life to be a Doctor, right up until that year she spent at Uni and discovered boys & Cider. It all went downhill from there as Claire missed the dizzying heights of Doctordom only to become a lowly drug runner dishing out Scrumpy, Viagra’s and Canestan cream at her high street Pharmacy! But gradually Claire worked herself out of the pit of despair and trained with us here on Koh Tao to become a diving professional when she signed up for her Divemaster course. Now a fully-fledged member of the SSI Divemaster team, Claire has put the distant memory of being a drug pushing, alcoholic country bumpkin Doctor behind her... until she reads this I guess.


Sporting a University Professors hair & bushy beard, Pete comes from the West Country in England, which goes some way to explaining, like light travelling faster than sound, why Pete appears bright, until you hear him speak! A plumber and an electrician by trade, it wasn’t a good start for Pete when he first started working for us as an SSI Divemaster in our Big Blue DM team, when he earnt the nickname ‘Useless Pete’. But we’re patient and understanding people here, at Big Blue Diving, and times have changed, and we’ve all matured, so now, we call his girlfriend ‘Useless’ too! Lovely guy, very friendly, and chatty and passionate about his diving, Pete loves organizing our Full Day Trips to Sail Rock, the best divesite in the Gulf of Thailand. He really throws himself into it like a seagull flying into a patio window!
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