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Steveo250x200SteveO Taylor Possibly the biggest reason Big Blue can be viewed as so successful is because our Manager works as an Instructor too. Steve is our Dive Operations Manager so he is responsible for everything to do with how we operate our Dive procedures & ensures everyone has a great time while adhering to standards. And who better to keep everyone in line than a big burly Yorkshireman with more ink than a frightened octopus. Stepped into the world of Scuba Diving a little later than most of us but has taken to it like a rather large duck to water. Steve is proof that’s it’s never too late for a career change and 3 years after his life changing decision to become an SSI & PADI Scuba Instructor is now managing one of the largest Dive Centers (Jeremy Clarkson voiceover)... in the world!

NeilNeil Draycott could have been the 6th member of the boy band Take That but producers decided they'd rather have someone who had absolutely no talent what so ever! So he formed his own band instead! Neil has calmed down a lot since reaching the dizzying heights of Rock stardom! Once hailed by NME as the next major British Ska band to hit the big time. A performing music legend at festivals, live gigs & concert halls, scantily clad in his socks Dr. Martens boots, & strategically placed Trumpet, Neil is now an unassuming SSI, PADI & BSAC Instructor and a power boating Instructor as well & with over 10 years’ experience on Koh Tao working in the scuba diving Industry is one of our very best Instructors here at Big Blue & the guy many of our interns aspire to be. Oh no sorry that’s Robbie Williams. 

lukeLuke White is one of our triple certified Instructors, PADI, SSI & BSAC. Luke comes from a place in England I only thought existed in fairy tales & children’s horror stories- Grimsby! Need I give any other reason as for why Luke finds himself gainfully employed in one of the world’s most amazing locations? Looks like he's just stepped out of a line up for a Sparta movie, Luke is nothing like the scary Barbarian his outward appearance would have you perceive! Calm, funny, relaxed, very easy going Luke has found himself right at home at Big Blue, & having just tied the knot last year is ready to settle down to a life of domestic abuse, physical violence, unpredictable mood swings, enslavement & enforced manual labour. Who’d have thought the similarities between Marriage & Grimsby were so alike!

sonwanSonia Scott, Ex- Great Britain Rugby International & sports physio, is also our resident Dive Medic & our most experienced instructors in the team. Sonia has worked in Scuba Diving as a Divemaster, a PADI & SSI Instructor, a Dive Medic Technician, a Liveaboard Dive Operations Manager & a Dive Center Manager. She’s certified thousands of novice divers & hundreds of diving professionals. She’s worked for Big Blue Diving in Koh Tao & Big Blue Diving in Khao Lak for over 10 years & she worked at the largest Dive operation on Thailands west coast & also opened their Dive Center in Komodo, Indonesia & is one of the few people in the world who have ever dived across the Equator in complete Open Ocean. …   … (sigh)

scotty250x200Scotty Frost. Reckon we were pretty drunk when we brought Scotty into the team! Oh yeah that’s right we were! He spoiled us all last Christmas by cooking up a slap up Christmas dinner for all the staff. We all got absolutely hammered as you do at Christmas & then next day there was Scotty all scrubbed up in his budgy smugglers & singlet ready to start work! Scotty has a background in the food & beverage industry which in Australia means getting drunk while cooking & judging on last Christmas slap up scram he was obviously very good at his job!.  A very well respected PADI & SSI Instructor within the Big Blue Dive team & a multi-talented Australian, (how’s that for a contradiction in terms) Scotty has been with us now for about 3 years & we still cant get rid of him!

erinErin Mihalik. Coming from the Third World nation of what was the great US of A, Erin comes from Nashville, Tennessee. Erin is our country music loving SSI and PADI Instructor, yeehaa. She is trained in Human Rights Law but got a bit confused when she was told to go sit her bar, we found her sat at our Big Blue bar advocating Free Beer For All, this didn’t quite work because she can’t drink for toffee and she is still to pay for her drinks once she loses her lawsuit in court. Now a much loved Diving Instructor she encourages fish and coral rights which she passes on to her students. Like most people with an ounce of common sense she detests Donald Trump with a passion and has been teaching at Big Blue now for almost 3 years and is a great asset to the team...  if you like line dancing!

liamLiam Kelly is an ex British Services Royal Marine, so he's hard as nails as well as a little hard of hearing which accounts for why his music tastes include Justin Beiber, Katy Perry, N-Sync, Backstreet Boys and Take That. And you thought the Royal Marines was full of tough nuts. This big softy will often be seen walking around in his pink crop top showing off his rippling physique, which is a delight to the ladies. He has now been an SSI and PADI Instructor with us for the past 2 years, but give him credit where credit is due apart from his dire music taste he's a great diving instructor,  very calm and very patient with his students, as our reviews can prove. After all whats not to like about a hearing impaired pumped up paramilitary pink pansy! (Crikey, having just written this I hope he's visually impaired too!)

 jai250x200Jai Kennedy, an Aussie Dive Machine- Jai! Jai, never says no to anything (bear that in mind ladies). Jai is always the first to step up & help out. Multi-talented is our Jai! Jai is a Tech Diver, a PADI Instructor, an SSI Instructor & a TDI Sidemount Instructor but way more importantly than that Jai can do the splits, without tearing his scrotum & is seriously bloody good at it too. You can catch Jai at night, quite literally,  dressed in tight crotch hugging leotards & masquerading as a swinger at the Koh Tao Flying Trapeze. Jai is also a great word, especially when said with an Aussie accent & should be used more often in everyday conversation which should then not be confused with a mild form of Tourettes Syndrome which is what the rest of us have!

nick B blogNick Bufton, separated at birth from Sid the Sloth, Nick is one of our fully qualified SSI and PADI Instructors. Trained by another rival dive shop here in Koh Tao and even worked there for some time as a Dive master then an Instructor then as an Instructor training Divemasters! A huge catch for us. He has a great track record with his Open Water students who continue with their Advanced Course and is also a very accomplished swimmer and holding the record for our 'Swim for Sharks' charity event we host every year, swimming 3.5 kilometres around the island of Nang Yuan in just 55 minutes to raise money for Shark conservation. Not a bad time for a slow moving mammal that lives in trees!


slards250x200Stephen Larder. Looks like he’s just stepped off a refugee boat & claimed Australian asylum hence the nickname he’s been branded with ‘Homeless Steve’. Arrived here at Big Blue a few Christmases ago and booked in for his change of lifestyle package, Open Water thru to Divemaster, looking very ‘Kylie’ with his long blonde flowing locks, blue eyes, bronzed tan & budgie smuggled down his bikini bottoms. Stephen has proved to be a very good catch for us and worked for a couple of years as one of our full time Divemasters. Now a full time Big Blue Diving PADI & SSI Instructor Stephen is very calm & relaxed & is just the kind of guy you’d want being in charge of your boat whether its heading out to Koh Tao’s famous divesites full of keen avid underwater explorers or guiding your Indonesian Fishing boat through the Torres Strait full of asylum seekers & and other Aussie soap opera star looking refugees!

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