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Big Blue Pro Team

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simoSimon Garrity has been part of Big Blue since the dawn of man as a Divepro mentor, a PADI Instructor, an SSI Instructor Trainer Certifier, an SSI Instructor Examiner, and the most experienced SSI Instructor Trainer in the world. His sense of humour is legendary and he could quite easily have been a stand-up comic if he had not chosen diving as his vocation in life. Not shy to get on the microphone you will usually see Simo as the instigator and host of one of our famous Divemaster Challenges dressed in fish net stockings and a miniskirt. I'm absolutely serious. Simo will leave you with great memories, great skills as a diver and rib ache from laughing so much.


iain250x200 Iain Goodfellow is responsible for training most of our Divemasters & Instructors who then go onto train all our students. So dont worry. We're all fecked!  Also an SSI Instructor Trainer Iain has worked at Big Blue as a PADI Instructor & SSI Instructor for about 7 years now and as the surname suggests is probably a Mafia mobster. Hailing from a background in social welfare Iain is naturally very chatty & extremely friendly & is one of the most patient & sensible Instructors we have around but you never know with these Scottish Mafia types, it could just be a façade. If you ever wake up with a horse’s head in your bed let me know!


mini250x200Ant Edgely, Mini Ant used to be a big shot Architect with many of his fine erections scattered throughout London & was offered a job by one of the UK's largest building firms but turned them down in order to become a Big Blue Diving DMT! Could have been a disastrous decision for Ant but luckily he excelled at his DM Training & went straight on to become an SSI Instructor and was immediately offered a job by another Dive shop on Koh Tao before we told them to bugger off! "He's ours!" Now works as one of our Full Time SSI & PADI Instructor's for Big Blue Pro training Divemasters Ant is still trying to keep his eye in the architectural game & totally designed our Mothership MV Waverunner. A bit of elbow grease here and a bit of imagination there & Ant has gone & created another fine erection!

antAnt Silwood, Welsh! Big Ant is a PADI & SSI Instructor having been professionally trained by some of the leading Scuba Diving Instructors in the business. He is also one of our Divemaster Trainers & having worked as a DM with us for a couple of years already really knows his stuff. Originally a Computer software salesman with an alleged talent at being able to fix computer problems, Ant has on numerous occasions proven this fact to be a complete joke & can't even spell PC let alone fix one! However he is very likeable, charming, relaxed, reliable & great eye candy for the ladies!


anne250x200Anne Marie Morak, used to be a Disney Princess at Disneyland Florida before ditching the world of fairytales for the life of make believe as a Scuba Diving Instructor. Anne is a Dual Cert Instructor with both PADI & SSI & is also one of our team from Big Blue Pro responsible for training all our Divemaster & Instructor Candidates. Originally from Holland Anne speaks 3 languages Dutch, Deutsch & Dinglish & has worked at numerous Diveshops around Koh Tao as well as a stint in the world famous Similan Islands on the west coast of Thailand working on one of the more luxurious Liveaboards that cruises around those areas. Packed all of it in when she heard the Number One Dive Center in the world was looking for someone of enormous quality to join the team and with a Bippedy Boppedy Boo here she is!


fishladPhil Smith, a horticulturist by trade, Phil ran his own landscaping business in the Lake District area of the UK! Gave it all up to go traveling the world and ended up here! Oddly enough was nicknamed 'Fishlad' by his mates at school way before he took up Scuba Diving as a career! They reckoned with a nose that big he looked like a sea creature. Should have called him Elephant Seal Phil!  Phil started work here at Big Blue as a Divemaster & became a PADI and SSI Instructor as well as one of our Sidemount Instructors. He is now the newest member of our mentor team, and a great addition. He is very laid back & patient is Phil. Excellent qualities to have as a Scuba Diving Instructor and as an elephant seal!



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