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Big Blue Divemaster Team

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nick tringham

Nick Tringham, is a former Investment Banker who worked at Deutsche Bank then became a professional Scuba Diver once he’d managed to ruin the Greek economy and stashed away his barrels of cash! Nick heads our team of 4 Divemasters telling everyone else what to do while simultaneously abusing all the other members of staff in the shop. Another one of our own home-grown stash of DM’s Nick actually paid the boss over a million pounds to ensure he got the DM job here at Big Blue over all the other better trained, posh, plum mouthed, silver spooned, yuppie, toffee nosed waist coat wearing, spoilt Divemaster types we had in the offing.

stephStephanie Schlatter is our real head Divemaster, she just lets Nick think he is, because we all know that the girls wear the trousers! Steph is Swiss German and is a published Mechanical Engineer and also a qualified Gym Instructor so she is not only hot and super fit but she also has a brain. Steph is an excellent Divemaster and organizes the logistical operations at Big Blue with the rest of the DM team. You will not be disappointed with Steph taking you out whether it is for a refresher dive, a fun dive or even a candle lit dinner & a movie.

sunaSuna Karamustafaoglu. Another quality piece of Swiss engineering Suna was a translator in her previous life and can speak 5 languages fluently including Parseltongue. She has now been working as a Divemaster with us for 3 years, and is quite possibly the smallest adult diver we have ever had here and we even had some custom-made steps built in the shop so we can see her behind the counter! This little pocket rocket is a mix of Swiss- German, Turkish and Indian and is a favourite choice for those who like to choose their Favourite Divemaster!


Angel Martin. The newest member of the DM team, Angel (pronounced Ang-hell) is Spanish, he speaks Spanish and is very proud of being Spanish. After selling his posh food and wine shop in Barcelona our very own Manuel came to work with our Basil Fawlty (Jim). Having worked for us for 5 years off and on as a freelance DM he now finally has a full time position which we were all very happy about. Looks like a Spanish equivalent of Coco the clown Ang-hell is also Koh Taos version of Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite! (before he kills me for writing this he is actually Catalan).




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