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Big Blue Shop Staff

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jessJessica Leigh. Jess is our multi talented Shop Manager who's coming up for 7 years now at Big Blue. She is the front line at Big Blue & probably the first person you will meet when you arrive here. She deals with millions of questions every day, juggles rooms, bookings, customers, taxis, Instructors, Divemasters and housekeepers. She's also fluent in Thai and if she ever left we'd all have to jump ship! Amazing really to think that one of the biggest Dive schools in the world is basically run by someone who thought the capital of Afghanistan was Al Qaeda, that the English Language was invented by Cavemen, that there are only 3 stripes on the American flag and that stick insects are actually made of wood! Luckily Jess has absolutely no interest what so ever in diving! Weird that considering her one and only attempt at scuba and she ended up snogging her Instructor on a boat called Spank Me!

asThe Ae’s. In this shop are two Ae’s, let‘s introduce them to you. Two Ae’s, we call them Ae 1 and Ae2. These Ae’s will not bite you, they’re here to have fun, so without further ado, meet Ae 2 and Ae 1. Ae 2 would like to clarify that just because she is Ae 2 does not imply in any way she is inferior to Ae 1, just fatter. No surprise there as she owns the islands best Bakery- Chok Dee Bakery, so sampling all those crumpets, cheesecakes, & chocolate brownies has made her disproportionately larger than most of the rest of us! While hours spent on her Ipad has made her royal highness Ae1 as blind as one of those potatoes she sows on Farmville. Ae1 & Ae2, the best fat blind birds any shop could ask for.

jimJim Donaldson. Celebrating his 10 years at Big Blue Birthday this year Jim has almost 20 years experience in the Dive Industry now having worked as a Divemaster, an Instructor and a Manager and is now the General Manager & one of the owners of Big Blue Diving. He is the proud recipient of SSI's highest honour that of the Platinum Pro 5000 card. A “who’s who” of diving, containing the world’s most prominent dive leaders, scientists, photographers, manufacturers, retailers, and Jim! A father of 2 amzing little girls Jim is extremely talented, handsome, very rich, loved by the ladies and admired by the men, muscular, athletic, virile, looks good in a speedo, well endowed, licensed to kill, charming, witty, intelligent, speaks half a dozen languages and is adored by his staff! At least he better be or they're all fired!

wibWibeke Dahlin. A PADI Divemaster from Sweden, home to one of the world's stinkiest foods -Surströmming. The aroma of this pungent dish of fermented herring can best be described as a mixture of strong cheese and stale sweat. Her actual claim to fame is that she once shared a dish of this crap with Jamie Oliver on one of his shows! But Wib prefers showing off the fish underwater rather than eating them! Wib is the one who responds to our email enquiries... while lounging by the side of the pool soaking up the sun and supping on Strawberry Daiquiries and listening to the rocking Swedish sounds of Ace of Bass and Roxette! And you thought the sound of Surströmming was bad!



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