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Steven DeVelter. Self-proclaimed "Best Divemaster in the World" Steven works in our booking office hassling people off the street as they walk past. An extremely well trained diving professional having done most of his professional training with us! Steven was our Head Divemaster for almost 7 years enjoying 12 hour days, 7 day weeks, dealing with Instructor demands, managing logistics and leading scuba divers. He now heads our booking office in Sairee Village, responsible for our abusive and interesting Quote or Thought of the days signboards! On initial introduction you might be forgiven for thinking perhaps that Steven isn’t all there, which would actually be a very accurate observation! Serious & professional, fun & entertaining, scarily hairy & swings both ways Steven will probably be here for another 27 years self ‘proclaiming’ with himself.


ros250x200Ros Annenberg- one of our more experienced working girls having worked in the Diving Industry for almost half her life already. She is a hair dresser by trade but quit the world of bouffants & perms for tinted highlights & coifs, & became a DM then a PADI Instructor. Having slept with all the right people she soon found herself manager of one of Koh Tao’s most up & coming Dive Centers, pulling punters off the streets in the promise of offering them a good time. We test tried her at Big Blue if she promised not to burn the place down or flood it in my absence. A kitchen fire & a major flood later, Ros ended up in the Caribbean before heading back to Koh Tao for an awesome opportunity to run another Koh Tao Dive center. But it didn’t take long for her heart to take over & be where she truely wanted to be. So she’s back here with us again working at our Big Blue Booking Office hanging out on street corners & pulling in the punters with the promise of offering them the time of their life, as long as you pay for it!



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