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Bullsharks are Back!


Chumphon Bull Sharks

The Boys are back! Remember the days when you'd head out to the Divesite first, get in the water first, head out away from the Pinnacles, out into the wide blue yonder until you start seeing the hulking shadow of one  followed quickly by another & then another untill you realise they are all around you! 20 sometimes 30 of them. Bull sharks. Surrounded in Bull sharks. One of lifes most exhillerating experiences imagineable. Diving with Bull Sharks. Well I have good news! 3 Bull sharks spotted at Sail Rock yesterday! AND.... 1 Tigershark! Let the good times roll! The Boys are back in Town!

The Dive School is by far the best on the island!

“Big Blue, the best on the island by far!!”5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor July 29, 2012- I first came to Big Blue back in 2008 when I did my Advanced Open Water. I had such a great time I returned in 2011 to do my Rescue course, and in 2012 to do my Dive Master Training (DMT)! The dive school is by far the best on the island because as soon as you walk in, you can feel the amazing vibe the place has. The instructors are brilliant, very professional and all have such great characters. I was very lucky to meet Jennifer Matthews, an instructor but also the resident Marine Biologist who is more than happy to tell you all about the underwater world. I was also very impressed by Rich Todd, who can make diving an awesome experience for anyone. The restaurant and bar are excellent! The service and the food is great and the place is always buzzing with energy. The bar has DJ nights, epic beer pong nights and sometimes DMT challenge nights, a treat not to be missed! They offer all sorts of accommodation to fit every budget and have very helpful staff and instructors who will go out of their way to make sure you get what you are looking for. I went on to be a videographer on Koh Tao and have dived with many different dive operations on the island and in all honesty I can say Big Blue is where you will have the most fun!

SSI Instructors pay for their Training within the first month!

Up date on this months cross overs and ITCs. Rick, Anke and Donny who crossed over with internship have made they money back for their internship within the first month. All have been snapped up for freelance work at Big Blue Diving. After finishing their internships at BBIT they ALL got work straight away. Wonder Woman Anke's long running ear infection has made her the EFR Queen at BB. Boy Wonder Rick and Aussie Boy Donny have been teaching Resort dives, Advance Adventures, Stress/Rescue and selling Deep/Wreck and Nitrox! Team Spain not only won the Euros this month but also became SSI instructors. They are now free lancing at an Spanish speak diving school in the Costa Deal Chalok Ban Kao at thesouth end of the island and are very busy. Dont be one of many walking around trying to find work, Do your ITC and internship with BBIT and we will help (guarantee) you get the opportunities to prove you are a great instructor.
Updated Tuesday 31st July 2012-


The Gal who replies to all your Email Enquiries


And who is this legendary lady whom everyone has heard of, no one meet, everyone knows, but no one see's? As a business we simply couldn't do without her if it wasn't for the fact she's never here anyway, but always working here but only from somewhere else! She's a Divemaster by trade though works as a Bar Tender at Vibe, a receptionist at the Koh Tao Fitness Gym, she's a full time Sun lounger, & is the gal who replies to all your email enquiries within seconds of you having written them! She is none other than our very own literary genius from Sweden Wibeke Dahlin and if you wondered what she looks like well here you go! Blue Steel! Zoolander.

Four more SSI Instructors

So its Mexican Waves all round for 4 of our newest SSI Instructors! Mark Brooker, Kevin McLoughlin, Marty Pinkstone and Tangui Le Clech. All PADI Instructors these chaps realise the benefit of not only being a Dual Certifying Scuba Diving Instructor but also see how much more work there is available for SSI Instructors these days than there are for PADI Instructors. So congratulations again boys. Now get your Speedos on, walk up & down the beach and ask the people out there "Are you for Scuba?" in an outrageous French accent! Want to be a ProfeSSIonal Beach Bum? www.bigblueinstructortraining.com We can make you look good in Speedos!

Big Blue Diving handled everything very professionally

“Professional yet personal diving experience”5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor. We had prebooked our PADI Open Water and advanced open water courses from home and Big Blue Diving handled everything very professionally, and was there to greet us with a smile from when we arrived at the dock, till we were left with the ferry. We were very happy that we got to do the PADI Open Water Course, despite that we were only my girlfriend and I on the team, since other new divers preferred SSI. We were followed by the same Instructor, Andreas, on both of our courses which was really great. Andreas was very helpful and kind, yet very professional in his teaching above as well as below the water surface. His enthuasism and keen mindset was very inspiring and he is now the reason that we joined a dive club the minute we got back to Denmark - and already had our first few dives here! :D 
Updated Monday 30th July 2012-

Save our Sharks!


On the 11th of Aug Big Blue are organising to help save our sharks and support an anti shark finning campaign. This will take place at Big Blue Diving in a couple of weeks time. The goal is to get sponsored for a 3.4km swim around Koh Nang Yan. What actually happens is our Divemaster in training, DM team, Instructors, Instructors in training, BB Tech and the Big Blue beach bums (which there are many this time of year) talk themselves up for weeks then try their best not to be last or need rescuing. As normal instructor certifier SSimo and Divemaster mentor Nick will be putting pride on the line as they go head head. Who will win? They where both shown up last year by a girl..... To be fare she did swim for Canada in the world championship and is this years favorite. SSimo swan for his life once when he fell in between shopping trolleys in the River Mersey and Nick must of come frist once to be with us today. Once all have been rescued and pats on the backs are complete we all had down to the Big Blue bar to have a sponsor shave. The team shave funny shapes into there hair cuts to raise there profile on the island and to get a new facebook pic. Oh and its sponsored, they have to keep the crazy cut for a month. So if you are coming next month to take one of are scuba diving course please dont be shocked. Last year, Koh Tao's dive community raise over 17,000 baht and over 400 signatures for anti-shark finning campaign support - lets see if we can beat that this year!! Come join us on August 12th for the big swim!
10 - 11 Meet at Big Blue Dive Resort for registration and welcome drinks
11 - 12 Shark conservation talk and petition signing
1 - 4 Swim time!! Swim 3.4 km around Koh Nang Yuan
7 - late Evening festivities including sponsored Shave for Sharks, live music, and drink deals (Big Blue 2 - Pranee resort)

Big Blue is like a nice little community.

“Im coming back again for sure.” 4 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor July 25, 2012 - Before going to Koh Tao I googled it a lot, and at the end I wanted to go to either Big Blue or Crystal Dive Center. Since Crystal replied fastest and in a most personal way I decided to do my advanced open water there. But I found their resort to be completly dead after dinner time. By walking around I found my way to Big Blue and was positivly surprised about how cosy atmosphere they have. You really feel like youre a part of a big family when being there.I therefore moved over to Big Blue and did my Nitrox and wreck spec there at the end of my trip. My instructor Rich was super cool and we really had a good chemistry. All of the instructors seemed very enthusiastic and professional, but try to book Rich if he's available, because then you'll know for sure that youre in safe hands ;-) I see that some others have complained about that the dorms are dirty and that its a bit loud around the bungalows. Its exactly the same over at Crystal. I even upgraded to a rather nice hotel (Regal Resort) to try to get some good sleep. But even there it was pretty noisy with drunk people coming home at night and roosters that make a lot of sound from 4:AM. I moved around 3 times because I was frustrated about how loud it was everywhere. But you get what you pay for, so the only way to be sure to have silence and 100% working shower and toilet, is to book an expensive 3 - 5 thousand Baht a night bungalow that lays away from the main areas. Dont expect too much from the places that include "free" accomodation or if it costs under 1.000 Baht a night. You get pretty much what you pay for. I know that when Im coming back I'll go to Big Blue again. Their resort lays in the middle of the biggest main beach and lots of diving students and instructors hang out in their outdoor bar/restaurant by the beach in the evenings. I got to know new people there from other groups and really felt Big Blue is like a nice little community. Thanks for some great days Rich! Hopefully I'll see you there again, when I come back next year :-D

The Koh Tao Dive Guide App is here!

Introducing Koh Tao's very own Iphone app.!! The Koh Tao Dive Guide app contains all information needed to dive around Koh Tao, as well as some great information about the marine life you find here, conservation on Koh Tao, general diving etiquette and even how to blow bubble rings! It is an essetial guide for anyone interested in diving as you can see all the fish life you will encounter, corals, detailed dive site maps, reef conservation, hand signals, and lots more. Features:
✓ Dive sites with the detailed Swim for Sharks 2012
✓Descriptions and underwater dive maps!
✓ Corals and Fish list
✓ Hand signals
✓ Fish signs
✓ Buddy checks, diving tips and hits
✓ Safety information and Emergency assistance
✓ Become a Bubble Rings Master!
Visit the famous Koh Tao Dive Guide at http://www.dive-guide.org/ Stay tuned for more updates: Similans, Sharm El Sheikh and more locations coming in the next updates!
Updated Friday 27th July 2012-



This years Swim for Sharks Fundraiser has truley taken off with Sponsorship coming from all directions & the number of entrants is already almost double what we had last year. In addition this year we got a German TV Crew who we hope are gonna be here with 3 German Swimsuit models who'll be sporting Mermaid tails as they swim the 2ish kilometers around Nang Yuan Island. The sweepstake is up & hot favourites to win the Swim are Big Blue Instructor Serena McGibbon, represented Canada at the World Games! Nickerless Bufton, an entrant & winner at the Engand National Championships in Breaststroke. Rich 'Underdog' Todd County Champion could also be a contender with the size of those hands but all will depend on how facially stramlined he is on the day! Either way there's prizes to win, islands to be swum, surprises to be had & money to be raised all in the name of Saving Sharks! If you want to give to a worthy cause then please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fantastic, friendly, patient, helpful and made you feel relaxed, safe and excited about diving

“Must Do!” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor July 24, 2012 After reading TripAdvisor, we decided to do our open water dive course with Big Blue. It has exceeded expectations. We stayed in the newer resort in one of the 900bht rooms and it was great - 2 double beds, air con, and a great view. We started the course with a briefing from Petra and ended up having her as our instructor for the whole course. She was fantastic, friendly, patient, helpful and made you feel relaxed, safe and excited about diving. We would highly recommend her as your instructor. We made heaps of friends at Big Blue and don't want to leave! Do yourself a favour and book with Big Blue! 

Scuba Diving in Koh Tao Thailand

Keep  a look out for this months South East Asia Backpacker Magazine with a great article in there on Scuba Diving in Koh Tao Thailand & with us no less! Hero of the article is of course our blonde haired Scandie Ludo who will also be featured on the South East Asia Backpacker Blog aswell! Our Ludo's becoming quite the celebrity!
Updated Thursday 26th July 2012

Become the Best Instructor you can


 Jara Corbi and Manuel Pelaez from Spain came into Big Blue Diving and handed in their CVs in the hope of finding work. After a chat about the best way to find scuba diving jobs on Koh Tao, Jara and Manuel came back the next day to double their chances of finding instructor work, and both enrolled in a Scuba Schools International cross-over. Big Blue Instructor Training is the only SSI professional training center in South East Asia to have two Instructor Trainers on staff. Come to think of it, it’s also the only one to have an Instructor Certifier and Instructor Trainer, and the only one to have a Platinum Pro 5000 Instructor Trainer and Instructor Certifier. Because we have these two IT’s on full time staff, we can start crossovers, divemaster upgrades and instructor upgrades everyday. This really helped out Jara and Manual as they were in a rush to get their SSI instructor rating so they could start work during high season on Koh Tao. Ricky and Anke, who did their crossovers at the beginning of the month, have now finished their internships and work at Big Blue, the world’s largest SSI dealer. Anke just finished a Stress and Rescue Course and started an open water course today. Rick, who finished his internship with a massive 24 specialty certifications, started his first solo course today with three Advanced Adventure divers. Well done guys, you are all becoming great instructors. To change your life and become the best instructor you can, e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Princess of Thailand in Koh Tao

We would like to welcome her Royal Highness the Princess of Thailand for 3 days of fun & underwater frolicks here at Big Blue Diving but unfortunately she isn't staying with us! However her presence is being felt! There's been beach, land & road cleanups galore. We got road checks every 15 meters especially in the vicinity of her hotel. There's helicopters flying overhead. Some dive sites are closed just in case she dives them & all the island Big wigs prancing around in their best Sunday best! But unfortunately there's no Royal Parade so the pomp & ceremony is here for 3 days only & then as quick as they came they'll be o....

If you want to go diving on Koh Tao, make sure you go to Big Blue Dive Resort!

“Advanced open water with Big Blue”5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor July 22, 2012 - One of our last stops of our six months travel was Koh Tao with the idea to get our padi. The day we arrived there was a small briefing about getting your padi open water or ssi open water. In the end there is no difference between the two but we chose for padi. You had to do four extra quizes but they are easy, just like the exam. Im really glad that we chose for padi because we ended up with a dive instructor called Richard. This guy has the abillity to be really professional and make you feel safe, home and comfortable at the same time. Always joking around but when the time is there he is serious too. After a three day course we had our padi and were now certified open water divers. Because of the amazing world down there and the fun we had those three days, we decided to get our advanced open water (10% dis ount if you do your open water at big blue), which allows you down to 30 meters. I can really advise doing the advanced course because you are already certified wich allows the instructor to give you more freedom. You get the chance to look for sealife under rocks and between cracks by yourself, knowing somebody professional is watching you. If you want to go diving on Koh Tao, make sure you go to Big Blue Dive Resort! The staff and atmosphere are truelly amazing and want you to go back. Getting our advanced open water at Big Blue was one of the best things of our trip. WARNING: go there at the end of your trip, otherwise you gonna stick around there way to long! Richy, once again, we want to thank you for the last five days, they were legend! Koen and Joris from the Netherlands.

 Updated Tuesday 24th July 2012-

DMT Specialty Courses

Feels a little like University Challenge round here at the moment with all our Divemasters in Training prepping themselves for their Specialty Courses with SSI Instructor Trainer Tosh. They've done their 40 meter Deep dive, they've blended & breathed in their 32% Nitrox mixes & this morning they dived the Sattakut Wreck. That's 6 DM's fully trained in the most popular of diving activities & all signing up to take on the challenge of their SSI Instructor Training next month. And why the hell not. Do you have any idea how many jobs there are out there for SSI Instructors? Well lets put it this way.. the Director of SSI Thailand is guaranteeing jobs to our candidates cause there is that much demand for them! Enroll here for your SSI Instructor Course. or contact your Instructor Trainer directly for any queries you might have regarding becoming an Instructor on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I think Big Blue has the best professionals the dive industry has to offer

“Came to Big Blue to do open water, ended up as an instructor!”5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor July 14, 2012 - Did my open water at big blue last year and had just enough time to do the advanced. Didn't take a lot of persuading to decide that I wanted to dive as a career, so I came back to Big Blue this January to learn all I could. They trained me up as a rescue diver, divemaster, technical diver, and now instructor! Says a lot about how good an experience it's been. I think Big Blue has the best professionals the dive industry has to offer, whether you want to learn to dive from scratch, or work in the industry. I cannot recommend it highly enough. The bar is pretty good as well.. 

Swim for Sharks 2012

 We all know that SHARKS need our help. Shark numbers are rapidly decreasing in Thailand and many divers have commented on the lack of shark sightings, even in our protected National Marine Parks. Over the last few years tourism and overfishing have all had a negative impact on our oceans around Thailand. On Koh Tao we have seen half the number of Whalesharks than last year. What we do see though, is a great many sharks in Thailand in the restaurants and pet shops. Tanks of Black Tip Reef Sharks an be seen for sale in Pattaya & Bangkok for the pet trade and large amounts of Bamboo & Zebra Sharks for sale at restaurants. The Swim for Sharks 2011 is a statement by our small diving community to help protect sharks. We will be ditching our fins in favour of the more traditional sport of swimming! Participants will swim around Koh Nang Yuan unaided, but if you want to wear fins, that's OK too! As a diver, what can you do to help? This year, we are joining Dive Tribes mission and the money raised from this years Swim For Sharks is going towards the purchase of these sharks to release into back into the waters around Koh Tao and Pattaya, and to buy Radio tags in order to monitor their health and movements. We don't expect the sharks to stay here, but there will be a higher chance of sightings if they are in the water in general, and are able to roam free, reproduce and visit our small island. So come along, even if you don't want to swim, learn more about sharks and conservation and help us raise the money needed to replenish our shark population. Last year, Koh Tao's dive community raise over 17,000 baht and over 400 signatures for anti-shark finning campaign support - lets see if we can beat that this year!! Come join us on August 12th for the big swim! 
10 - 11 Meet at Big Blue Dive Resort for registration and welcome drinks
11 - 12 Shark conservation talk and petition signing
1 - 4 Swim time!! Swim 3.4 km around Koh Nang Yuan
7 - late Evening festivities including sponsored Shave for Sharks, live music, and drink deals (Big Blue 2 - Pranee resort)
Save our sharks, save our seas!
 Updated Friday 20th July 2012-

Blog Posts


 Sorry for the lack of posts on our blog here but our resident Blogger was whizzed off to Bangkok for "the op". And a nip, a tuck, a shave & a fold later Jim is a new man & hobbling along like a steam engine! Thanks for the complete lack of support, sympathy, messages, get well cards, fruits, chocolates, cake, phonecalls, hospital visits & wishes. Your complete lack of care or interest expressed in my hour of need was truely lacking interest! Thank you all. ;-)


And meanwhile back at the Ranch while I haven't been missed at all it seems that things at Big Blue just go from strength to strength & that really it may be a  better business decision to keep Jim away from Koh Tao! We've got our full quota for this summers Divemasters in Training already, we got flat seas, warm water, water clarity & an enormous variety of amazing marine creatures including the sharks that have been recently spotted around Shark Island, the Eagle Ray thats hanging out at Bio Rock & this morning the Whaleshark that's cruising around Chumphon Pinnacle!

Honeymoon on Koh Tao

 “Experience of a life time.” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor July 12, 2012 - We spent our honey moon island hopping in Thailand and decided on Koh Tao's Big Blue Diving school to do our open water certification. The island, experience, dive school, and staff (Rich Todd) were absolutely amazing and ended up extended our stay from 3 days to 8, and taking the advanced course. Rich,our instructor made us feel like we were part of the staff and the island. He invited us to daily drinks on the beach, and fine dining restaurants at the islands peak views. I would recommend the advanced course, which in our case included diving at night and also a WWII ship wreck. There are plenty of dive schools on Koh Tao, but if you are looking for memorable experience then Big Blue Diving is the way to go. They do provide an array of lodging options ranging from free dorms to private air-conditioned options. All the equipments was in great condition and regularly tested. Thank you for the amazing memories and a great honey moon. Kapiti Kap to Big Blue and Rich!!!! 
Updated Thursday 19th July 2012-

Road of Borrocks!


Loopholes if not closed in time become massive gaping wounds! & the loophole that allowed Japan to slaughter & butcher whales in the Southern Ocean has now become a gaping wound as Denmark try to increase their Whale kill around Greenland & Iceland continue their Whale slaughter in the Arctic circle. & now the Bloody Koreans are wanting in on the slaughter all in the name of Scientific Research!. What an absolute Road of Borrocks Korea! Stick to making cars, stereos, Asian boy bands & firing rockets & guns over North Korea, BUT leave the Whales alone! or you can go stick your Air Conditioner up your Daewoo!

Big Blue Press Releases

Keep your eyes & ears out for news on Big Blue coming up in all sorts of magazines & articles in the very near furure. Recently we've had a freelance photographer who works with all the big Dive mags staying with us (actually ended up doing their DM with us) & she has a bunch of different mags going to be running  a few stories & pictures on us in England. Then we had a couple over from Australia who have their article coming ut in print in Straylia this week. We've also got a great article written on us in South East Asia Back Packer magazine Tho they aint allowed to mention us specifically  you'll realise its us cos we got an ad in the middle of the story & the Blonde Instructor from Sweden is called Ludo! Then Emirates Airlines are running a story on us in an issue of their inflight magazine & of course Nat Geo are still looking at making a TV show here aswell. What with all this celebrity stardom I'm not sure how we're going to be able to fit any diving in!

I really enjoyed it!

“Open Water Course Accommodation” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor June 29, 2012 - I did my open water course here and I really enjoyed it! FIRST: It is a four day course. Day one starts in the evening and all you have to do is look at some videos and fill in some paperwork. Day two is all about getting to know your equipment, which takes place in the pool. By day three we were in the sea. Which was great! depending on the weather (Hot or Super Hot) there are different sites to go to. I lucked out a bit because the visibility was way above normal. Day four is mainly the same except you get up very early. That hurts a bit, but is worth it. The only thing I didn't like was that they shove a camera in your face (at 6 a.m.), which they edit and hope you buy (at an insane price). SECOND: Why Big Blue? What I really like is the quality of the equipment. Everything feels taken care of and there seems to be a high standard in maintaining it in that way. Also they explain (in great detail) how this is a safe dive and how you can make it even safer. And, although a bit personal, we really got lucky with our instructor. He was one of those teacher, who could multitask insanely and gave everyone in the group personal attention. This enabled the group to learn how to dive, while still being able to stare at the numerous fish around. ACCOMMODATION: You have TWO Big Blue places. One of them is newer, in better condition and a bit more expensive. What is great about it is that you can get a discount for any room, when doing your course. Certain rooms half price and some even free. (Depending on season and availability). When we were in ONE (older) We got to stay for free. The room is very basic with a fan and private bathroom, with flush! And is close to the beach. Number TWO (newer) is by the pool. There aren't any free rooms here, but the quality of the basic room has skyrocketed. Also this is the bar on the island that has the best coffee around. Fresh cups of coffee. Which isn't that easy to find anywhere in the south of Thailand.

Updated Thursday 5th July 2012-

Denmark, No! You're better than that!


 Oi Denmark! "No!" I appreciate the work you've done to further our childrens education with the use of colorful interlocking plastic bricks and an accompanying array of gears, minifigures and various other parts which can be assembled and connected in many ways, to construct such objects as vehicles, buildings, and even working robots BUT you really need to understand by submitting a request to increase the number of whales your Inuit people in Greenland & the Faroe Islands already hunt & butcher you are killing one of the most amazing creatures in the sea. I'm concerned already by a recent report that found whalemeat on sale to tourists, raising questions over whether your Greenlanders really need quotas as large as those they currently have & have been disgusted by the photos of your Faroe Islanders gathering whales into a bay & slaughtering them in cold blood in depth deep enough to stand! Denmark. Please. Stop this madness now. You're way better than that!

A Great Place to Start Diving

 “A sure success!” - 4 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor June 28, 2012 - I did my Open Water Course here in May and I have to say that this diving center is a great place to start diving. Even it is quite a big school the courses are very personalized. We were six people in the group and the instructor (Benjamin Meerhaeghe) did a great job and put a lot of effort in explaining everything. He did it in three languages (English, French and Spanish) simultaneously. If you do your diving course here you can also get good deals in accommodation (standard rooms). 

Ready for High Season

 So it looks like we're ready! We got the classrooms painted, furnished & with a new LCD TV & Media Player in each classroom. We done our Dorm rooms up so they look nice & spanky. Our regs have been serviced. Our tanks have been Hydro'd. We've rented an additional boat so we don't have to pack divers in like srdines like some schools on Koh Tao are known to do & we got almost 30 Instructors all sitting around waiting for the onslaught to begin. On your Marks... get ready staff... Here comes High Season!

Updated Tuesday 3rd July 2012-

Whaleshark & Sailfish at Chumphon Pinnacle

 And just when you least expect suddenly a Whaleshark turns up! Chumphon Pinnacle. Big as you like! & that follows what we saw yesterday morning aswell which was a 3 meter long Marlin or Sailfish & with its Sail up. & check out the viz! At least 30 meters in every direction! Awesome diving right now as we enter the last week of low season. Smooth flat water. Crystal clear visibility. Large pelagics. Hunting Sailfish & a Whaleshark! The calm before the storm. Must be Full Moon!

Friendly & patient Dive Instructors

“My diving vacation”-5 of 5 stars Reviewed June 30, 2012 - Never really been out of Europe, I looked sceptical at going to Thailand for diving. Down there everything seems about tourism and making money. Not so with Big Blue! Fun and safety seems really to be the motto of this (not to small and not to big) dive resort. After you have decided if you want to learn new skills with the very friendly and patient dive instructors or just go fun-diving, nice and easy, everything seems to run problem-free. I did my open-water course directly in the first days and contiued with an advanced course, just because I was brought into diving with such good guidence! Not to mention that I did the rest of my vacation lots of fun-diving at all the nice sides around Koh Tao, and with the genius dive-master who seem to know every stone and every fish on a first-name basis ;) All in all, if you want to learn diving or just go for fun-diving Big Blue makes your life easy - the diving is modern, save and organized, while the people are fun, caring, cool and not trying to sell you all the time stuff which you dont need... and btw. I saw a whaleshark :)

Monthly Clean Up Operation

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Beach and Underwater Clean up yesterday! 36 people joined in Big Blue's monthly clean up operation - which just keeps getting bigger! With being made a Green Star resort, we are greener than ever, and now cleaner too. Here's 10 things you can do to help keep the oceans clean-
1. Avoid purchasing souvenirs made from coral or any threatened or endangered marine species.
2. Support the establishment of coral reef protected areas and encourage better protection and management for those that exist.
3. While travelling, choose resorts and tour operators that properly treat all sewage and wastewater.
4. Never throw rubbish, cigarette ends over-board and never support tourist aimed fish-feeding entertainment
5. As a diver or snorkeler, choose tour operators that use mooring buoys or drift diving techniques whenever possible rather than anchors that can cause reef damage.
6. Make wise choices in selecting seafood by avoiding menu items that are caught or farmed using destructive or unsustainable practices including reef-killing poisons, explosives, and illegal equipment. All fish served at the Big Blue restaurant is supplied by local fishermen using sustainable fishing methods.
7. Avoid purchasing tropical wood furniture or products obtained from clear-cut tropical forests causing siltation damage to coral reefs.
8. As a diver, practice buoyancy control skills in a pool or sandy area before diving near a coral reef. Make sure your gauges and equipment are secured to avoid accidental contact with the reef, and never touch, stand on, or collect coral.
9. Report all damage of coral reefs to dive operators and scientific or conservation groups that monitor coral reef health.
10. Enroll in Eco-specialty courses to increase your knowledge about coral reefs and other aquatic environments. (Underwater Naturalist, Marine ID, Peak Performance Buoyancy, CoralWatch, PADI Project AWARE Specialty, SSI ECOlogical monitoring programme, Reef Check EcoDiver.)
Updated Monday 2nd July 2012.

New Big Blue Instructor Trainer


So its french kisses from the ladies & manly bear hugs from the fellas for man of the hour former Big Blue Diving Instructor, now Big Blue Diving Instructor Trainer Mr Paul Tosh Tanner who yesterday passed his SSI Instructor Training Course. So that makes 2 Instructor Trainers at Big Blue now. SSI Supreme Instructor Leader SSImon Garrity & Sarah JeSSIca Parker Lookalike Paul "Tosh" Tanner who will be starting his first SSI Crossover this Wednesday 4th July if there's anyone out there interested in being taught by a Hot Hollywood Celebrity... dressed as a man... with an Essex accent!

TV Interviews

 It's been all fun & games here over recent days as we took a video out & started filming the staff for a few one to one interviews as requested by the TV Production Company that wants to make this Reality/Docudrama or whatever you call it, on the life of  a Diving Instructor. So the boys all put on their make up & did their hair while the gals ran up & down the beach a number of times in their skimpy red high thigh one pieces! Should be a great show if they ever do get round to  making one!

Really cool & funny Instructor

 “Awesome place for divers! I will go there again!” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor June 28, 2012 - Usually I am not writing on platforms like tripadvisor, but this place has deserved an exception: after a warm welcome of the diving team at Big Blues restaurant (which is also very good and fairly priced) an unstructure screened my diving skills. As I was only a Padi Open Water Diver yet, I decided to go for the Advanced course. Starting next morning was pretty relaxed: only 5 people per course is quite relaxing! Together we decided on the AOW specialities and everybody got what he wanted to do. By the way, you can do both there: Padi and SSI, just what you prefer. My class was led by Ludo - really a cool and funny instructor - try to get in a class with him once you are there. Although I was not out diving for 9 month, Big Blue team took care for me do I always felt save and secure. And after the first dive everything is OK anyway. So doing the AOW was done in 2 days - really great fun! And even if I joined the course alone, people over there are all nice and funny so I ended up with 4 new friends from all over the world! Coming to fun dives: special thanks to Reggie for making 4 dives with you an unforgettable experience! Reggie is really trying to provide you great dives and shows everything to you as she knows the spots by heart. I really have got the feeling that she is simply passions about showing Koh Tao dive spots to the people diving there! So coming close to the end: the waleshark! Yes, we spotted one during a dive while doing a full day trip with Big Blue! An unforgettable moment for me and the other divers on the boat! Finally Big Blue offers simple but clean and cheap accommodation - starting with dorms with fan only up to AC sea view bungalows. Anyway great place to spend time for diving and relaxing in Thailand - I will go there again, for sure! Keep on breathing Big Blue Diving Koh Tao and thanks again for the outstanding time we could stay with you!

Updated Sunday 1st July 2012

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