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Latest News 21st December

Courtesy of our most hobbit like instructor, Little “Massive” Dave, the long awaited Big Blue challenge went off at Vibe Lounge last night, and what a night it was!  It saw Big Blue’s finest battle it out against a rival dive school (no names I’m afraid) in round after round of farcical challenges to decide who would be crowned the ultimate champions of the rock!  Mental challenges, physical challenges and the usual, mandatory drinking challenges we fought harder than we ever have and we kicked arse!!! Well done to everyone that showed up and participated, you did us proud!  Big Blue Champions!  Better luck next time Crystal!  Oh, I didn’t did I…


So congratulations are in order this week for our slim, trim, strawberry blonde instructor Paul Toshy Tanner and his lovely wife Vicky on the arrival of their beautiful baby girl, Grace Mary Tanner!  She weighed in at 4kg and measured 51cm and was born around 6pm Thai time on 12th December (it’s a bit late I know but that’s what happens when you leave Pi Roz in charge!).  Big Blue and every member of staff here would like to say big congratulations to the three of you and we wish you all the best in your long and happy future together!  A wonderful new addition to the big blue family!  Babys head wetting time soon then…?


"I was really apprehensive about diving before arriving on Koh Tao as after contacting other Dive schools i was told i may be too big to dive.  Big Blue assured me that i had nothing to worry about and they were right.  All in all i had an amazing experience and i fully recommend diving with Big Blue to anyone. Diving is such a unique an unforgettable experience that it's changed the way i think about my holidays.  It's opened my eyes to some countries which i had never ever considered visiting but would love to now because the diving is meant to be amazing there.  Thank you Big Blue for an amazing 4 days and for believing in me and convincing me i could do it when other dive schools didn't."  Jaz, Birmingham, UK.  No worries Jaz, maybe next time we'l be able to find you a whaleshark.  Just keep rubbing those nipples!

Latest News 19th December 2011 So, while our glorious leader is away in freezing cold Deutcherland, probably shuffling around Christmas markets wearing 57 varieties of warm clothing, slurping wine made of glue and being force fed worst bras…the rest of us are stuck on our little tropical island for Christmas, lumbered with amazing blue skies, glorious sunshine, fantastic diving conditions and a party every night. I’m not sure how we’ll cope! We’ve managed to get the Crimbo tree up and duly decorated in lots of tinsel, lights and sparkly things, our instructors are getting in the festive mood with heated debates of where to have our Christmas dinner, who’s going to work on Christmas day [yes, we are open every day!!] and most importantly, who’s going to be playing the role of Father Christmas at our infamous Christmas Eve party, the current favourite is our Luke, which honestly has absolutely nothing to do with his waistline. Watch this space… The floor boards were creaking in the Big Blue Bar the other night when we bade farewell to our very own disco dancing queen, Chakajamiroquai Techno Ian. Since he arrived at Big Blue here on Koh Tao Ian’s managed to survive 26 bouts of Dengue, 12 bouts of the Chimmy Chengers, bird flu, asian flu, gin and tonic flu, panda flu and compressor flu he was also awarded the title of ‘Dive master most likely to get lost at White Rock’. Depsite this he’s still managed to spend his time and money wisely doing every conceivable course available here at Big Blue, 27 in total, 12 land based, to name a few, Dive master, Advanced Wreck, Compressor operator, Gas Blender, Tech diver, BSAC instructor, Trimix instructor and still managed to find time to be our best Father Christmas. Ian is now heading to the west coast to work with one of the best tech divers in the world, Ben Reymenants of Blue Label diving and learn all about ReBreathers. We all wish you tons of luck Santa Ian we’re going to miss you and huge thanks for all your hard work here. "I was in Koh Tao this past May staying at Big Blue and even though it's taken me forever to send I wanted to write this to thank and compliment my dive instructor, Curtis. I usually am not very anxious when it comes to these sorts of activities, but for some reason I kept having panic attacks while being under water and nearly didn't finish my certification. Curtis really helped me get through it by taking everything one step at a time with me and even taking me out for a dive after I bailed on the group dive. He talked me through everything and if it wasn't for him I probably wouldn't have finished my certification which I am very happy I did because I ended up seeing some awesome things and having an amazing experience! I hope Curtis gets the recognition he deserves and that he knows I am very thankful for all his help!" Courtney Sabe

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