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March 2011

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aWednesday 23rd March

Everybody look at the moon! Everybody look at the moon! A few days ago we all got the chance to witness a "super moon", the closest our orbiting lump of cheese has been to mother earth for 18 years! Sounded pretty cool when we heard about it and it didn't fail to impress either. On the night of the full moon itself it was almost as if the sun hadn't even set it was that bright and by morning we were left with an enormous orangey coloured moon face hovering just above the horizon. Not a bad sight to see at 7am when you're on your way out for the morning dives is it now? Since that awfully bright night there has been a massive improvement in the visibility (20-30m in places) and an almost immediate halt in the crappy weather we've been experiencing running up to the full moon...until this morning...when the heavens opened up and prepissitated all over us again! Nice one weather! Cheers! Lets hope it only lasts for a few days...

So only a few more days now until the Koh Tao underwater festival. The site is coming on well by the looks of it and so is the big blue dance practise(which is still a secret sorry). The guys have been working there butts off for the last few weeks preparing for their part in the festivities, aimed at raising money and awareness for Save Koh Tao. It is going to be one of many performances over the two days by local dive schools and children's schools getting involved this year. So if you're in the area, pop down on the 25th-26th, have a ganders and help us to try and preserve this beautiful island and its stunning waters. Food, beers, music and baby turtles! What more could you want?

Oh, I almost forgot! Not only did we have that super duper moon to gorp at the other morning but little did we know we were on our way out to bump into a whaleshark! Yes, another whaleshark I say. They're getting boring now! Recent plankton blooms have started to attract more and more of the buggers to our waters once again. Not like we've had any shortage of them this year or anything but sightings are on the up all the same. We even had the pleasure of diving with a Brides Whale and her calf yesterday!!! Holy quackamoly, Whalesharks, BRIDES WHALES, SUPER DUPER MOONS! What are you going to do people...who you gonna call?!

Saturday 19th March-

Today is the 1st birthday of Big Blue Conservation. BBC was started last year by our green queen Jen Matthews. Big Blue wetlands, the coral nursery, swim for sharks, coordinating the 2011 Save Koh Tao Festival, running 2 day eco programs to full internships, organizing beach and underwater clean ups and entertaining science professors are to name but a few things that’s this little star has achieved. And now we have the opening of the Eco Lab (or Hobbit Hole as we affectionately call it). Well done Jen we all bleed green at Big Blue.

Three instructors and their students are on board a dive boat in the middle of the ocean— there’s a BSAC instructor, a PADI instructor, and an SSI instructor. Everything is going fine, until the boat springs a leak, and starts to sink.
The SSI instructor says to his students, "Okay… we’re in the middle of the ocean, so we might as well do our deep dive."
The BSAC instructor says to his students, "Okay… we might as well do our navigation dive, so let’s get our compasses out and swim towards shore."
The PADI instructor says to his students, "Okay… for $25 extra you guys get to do a wreck dive!"

Any instructors wishing to be dual certified are invited to join the next 2 day SSI cross-over which will be starting in a few days. Prices available on request or contact SSImon Garrity at bigbluediving.com Go MORE places, see MORE people, do MORE in general!

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