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July 2009

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Tuesday July 28th

Big Blue has been saying hello and goodbye to some familiar faces, Sonia is back with Jims crumpets and angel delight, Barry and Paul’s wine gums, apparently the Cadburys Wispas got lost in transit, funny that!!

We’ve all known for a while just how lovely Koh Tao is, but everyone else is starting to realize! The UK Sunday Times travel section has described Koh Tao as a “diving mecca…a rocky isle of chalky-white beaches, surrounded by a rainbow of coral gardens in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand, where divers flock to see the whale sharks that often pass through the local waters.”  The Times is also singing the praises of Koh Tao’s freediving community –  Lucky we got in early and snapped up Apnea Total-taught Jeroen as our very own Big Blue Free Diving instructor!  “The vast majority do it weighed down with scuba gear, but a pioneering few are choosing to freedive instead of using the clunky and awkward scuba clobber.”

Also last nights wedding celebration for Dave and Terresa's marriage at Vibe was a great party, the effects of the nights events can be seen clearly on the faces of the poor staff who are suffering through their day off. The drinking proved too much for one person who we'll call "Lannah Husby" who had a bit of a identity crisis during the party. A year ago "Lannah" had met a man called Andy who was travelling through Koh Tao and shared an evening of magic only alcohol and tropical conditions could produce. Last night "Lannah" tried to get a hold of Andy who was back on the Island for his Technical Divemaster Internship . After harassing the entire party for Andy's number, she got what she was looking for and started to send a variety of texts in an attempt to "share a drink". After a few more texts, a phone call, a debate over location and ice cream "Lannah" was on her bike up to Andy's house. With a deep breathe and a firm knock on the door, Andy answered. However, to "Lannah's" horror and complete embarrassment there stood the wrong Andy, what luck man!

In other news Hannah left today after a 3 day visit from a sabbatical in Bali, she's off to Cambodia for a diving job. Good luck man!  

Also today, Big Blue Diving conducted a Full Day Trip to Sail Rock that took over 40 eager divers to the best dive site in Koh Tao. With 2 dives at sail rock with 30 meter visibility and one more at a South West Pinnacle everyone came back with smiles and memories to last a lifetime.

2009-07-27Monday 27th July 2009-

Canada is having one of his "episodes"! He's been known to clean windows, tidy the shop, & classroom & now he's completing his full reportoire with a massive Resort clean out! The place looks sooo much better & check out what he's come up with! He's found a brass propellor, an old shop door, shop shelves, bags & bags of sand, a couple of kitchen sinks, a half a forrest, a lion a witch & a wardrobe! Yvonne is furious. Apparently he lives like a pig at home!

I woke up this morning I had an early morning swim from my house on Sairee Terrace south, a couple of hundred meters, to Sairee Beach & then back again. Me & my lovely wife walked the dogs down to the beach & then we had breakfast on the balcony at home. Then when I drove into work this morning the breeze was a refreshing break to the early morning heat of another beautifully bright hot sunny day. I went to yoga & put the fans on full. I got to spend most of my working day in my air conditioned office & then I’ve got a wedding party at the beach tonight at sunset. Then tomorrow I got to do the same again though I might replace my yoga work out with a couple of dives at Chumphon Pinnacle! I'm living the dream : ) Are you?

Its a full Full Day Trip to Sail Rock departing tomorrow. In fact so popular was our last Full Day Trip we had to reschedule another one just as soon as we could! & even now I'm kind of thinking we need to schedule another one again in the next couple of days. In fact we are getting so inundated with requests for Sail Rock Full Day Trips I think I'll need to schedule a schedule to reschedule our Full Day Trips!
Sunday 26th July 2009-

2009-08-26"The walk of shame" For any red blooded male who's lived in Koh Tao a while its something we all do at least once in our Koh Tao lives! Waking up, face down on the sand, at the beach. No memory, no phone, no shoes, no bike keys, no money & when you woke up your trousers were round your ankles! Only one thing you can do- head down put one foot infront of the other & walk home. Just hope that no one recognises you & that no one finds out! Cos if they did they'd probably write about it on the blog the next day, eh Paul!

There is a poor lonely fish stuck in a fish tank at one of our local restaurants here in Sairee. If you put your finger to the class the fish will follow it. Move your finger along the tank it will follow. So bored with life is this poor fresh water fish! Up, down, left & right, the fish follows! So in comes DMT Emma & puts her finger to the fish tank, & lo & behold the fish darts over. BUt this time Emma tried something new & put her finger in the water & consequently the fish bites the tip of her finger. Emma screams! With lightening fast reactions she pulls her finger out the water with foot long freshwater fish attached & in panic Emma waves her hand out & the fish goes flying across the restaurant & lands on her own table on the other side of the room! How's that for service! Fresh fish delivered to your table in seconds!

Nice to see so many old faces returning to Koh Tao even if it is for only a few days. Hannah is back for a whistle stop visit of only 3 days before she is off to Cambodia to work in Sihnoukville as an Instructor there. Nice one Hannah! Our favourite German Nora is back for a 4 week holiday to celebrate having finished her University degree. And tomorrow Sonia returns from her trip to England to get Jim his crumpets! Time goes so quickly on Koh Tao it feels like no one ever left! Welcome back!
Saturday 25th July 2009-

2009-07-25Its another land & beach clean up this afternoon as organised by our very own Eco warrior G! AS relaible as ever G has organised another 20 volunteers to come diving with us at Maehaad this afternoon to pick up crap! Thank you to everyone who is here to help & hats off to you! Trousers down for those who said they were going to come but didn't!

Here's something I never knew till this morning! Why is the sea salty? I always thought it had something to do with rock minerals but apparently I have been ill informed! Its because of all the horny whalesharks! Apparently a whaleshark produces over 400 gallons of sperm when it ejaculates. But only 10% actually makes it into his mate! Which means there are 360 gallons spilled into the ocean everytime one unloads! I knew there was a reason we are taught not to drink sea water!

The new brochure has been made & now we're sending it up to be printed & distributed! It looks awesome! Cheers Canada for making it for us & sorry to have to keep sending it back to you for the small changes. But it does look really good now & I'm sure we'll get heaps of divers coming to us now just because our brochure looks so jig!
Friday 24th July 2009-
2009-07-24We have got to have another of those! That was awesome! Playboy parties rock! No wonder Hugh Heffner is such a God! Great to see how everyone made such an effort & we really have to take our hats off to Rick for having his Birthday & organising such a fab party & walking around all night in just his speedo's & medallions & also to ACE Marine Sonia who won the best Playboy Bunny costume! A fantastic night culminating in a mass orgy in the pool at the end of the evening!

Speaking of orgies! A male sea lion has died of exhaustion after a marathon mating session at a zoo in Germany. The mammal, named Mike who was originally from California, was already a father of 12. He passed away yesterday after an extended session with the females at the park in Nuremberg proved too much for his heart. Mike - described as 'good-natured' by the zoo - had mated repeatedly with females Farah, Tiffy and Soda. Mating season is a common time for fatalities when bulls often stop eating for days to devote themselves fully to mating. For sea lion bulls with a harem this is the most exhausting time. Careful Heff!

Well the big bright light in the sky is back after a few days of absence! The weather has been pants for the last few days but there is a massive improvement today! Perfect timing too as we had a full boat heading out to Sail Rock this morning. 2 dives at the number 1 divesite in the Gulf of Thailand with a spot of breakfast on the way out & chef's fantastic Massamun curry for lunch followed by a 3rd dive at Shark Island! & sunburn! Sounds perfect!
Wednesday 22nd July 2009-

2009-07-22The Big Blue Tech family became a little bit bigger with the arrival of Andy Holdaway to start his technical dive master internship which will take him from a rescue diver to a member of staff as an instructor in just a few months. Andy joins us from England where he has spent the past few years as a Royal Marines Commando and served with Canada over 4 years ago. Andy has been to Koh Tao before but this time he’s staying. Being as Andy already has a relationship with the staff means there’s been quite a few late nights and shakey mornings. However the celebration of his arrival is over and now it’s time to get to work. And once all his training is done Andy will be joining us to take over the responsibility for all our specialty course training and freelancing for recreational diving while he builds up experience to take on the ominous role of TDI technical instructor. Sounds like a bucket load of hard work! sorry I mean fun!

Woo hoo! Its Ricks Birthday (a few days ago) & everyone is getting very excited at the prospect of celebrating at tonights Playboy Party at Koh Tao's Playboy Mansion in Sairee! Dress code for the fella's is either a Tux, dressing gowns or Bling! & for the ladies its a ball gown, bikinis or a bunnygirl costume! What a hoot! Just hope the weather holds! We'd all be so disappointed if it rains & the ladies turn up in wet bunnygirl costumes!

This September 13th the River Kwai will be crossed by a succession of hot dripping wet sweaty panting runners during their annual half marathon which is expected to bring 1500 such sweaty people to this beautiful natural environment. This event is sponsored by New Balance sports company making this year its 28th. Barry & Canada & DMT Andy (all proud ex-forces boys) will be running to raise money for the Help For Heroes charity, a non profit agency who’s sole goal is to help wounded men and women serving in the British military. This course through & around the Bridge over the River Kwaiw has been verified and sanctioned by Association of International Marathons and Road Race (AIMS). Beginning at 6am the start & finish line will be at the front of River Kwai Village Hotel, in Kanchanaburi. To Register please go to  http://www.goadventureasia.com/rkh.shtml & help support a great cause!
Tuesday 21st July 2009-

2009-07-21'Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling'... Well the chicks are in floods of tears & even some of the fella's are struggling hard not to shed a tear today as we bid farewell ( but not goodbye) to Dan who after spending the last 2 years with us as a student, a DM, & now an Instructor is returning home to his true love, Gravesend! Oh sorry, 2 true loves- Kymmie & Gravesend! Its been emotional my friend but as you say you will be back next Easter for some more fun & frolicks so we all wish you luck & please give your lovely Missus one from us all too! So Danny boy so long fare the well, pip pip cheerio & see you at 8 oclock tonight for your send off! Cheers for everything!

Chumphon Pinnacle, one of Koh Tao's very famous & probably most popular Dive sites is looking very healthy at the moment. The resident school of Chevron Barracuda, a huge wall of them, & the friendly school of Bat fish which greet all the divers on their descent down the buoy line are all there! There's also a couple of large Pickhandle Barracuda's traipsing around the place at the moment as well. So the only thing we are missing now are the mass of sharks that parade there & of course the large white spotted Whale shark! Won't be long now. I imagine they'll be back before you can say Ken Dodd's Dad's dogs dead!

In case you haven't already heard Marcel, a previous Instructor here & now part owner of Wicked Diving in Khao Lak is engaged! I know! We were as surprised as you! But its great news & everyone is very excited for him & his lovely wife to be who funnily enough he met here when he taught her her Advanced Course! Isn't that romantic! So they are to be married next year& as I'm sure this is going to be just one of many in the forseeable future (eh Rick & Fanette, Dan & Kymmie, Duncan & Mickey, Ricky & Anna, Panos & Kayleigh, Amanda & Yuta!) I figure it might be worth advertising for a Diving certified priest & we'll start doing underwater weddings! Hubble bubble toil & trouble!
Monday 20th July 2009-
2009-07-20My God if I wasn’t a married man already I might have enjoyed that but as it is & as it went down it made me feel a little hot in my swimsuit region! A few of our Big Blue babes cornered me this afternoon & didn’t just request, they absolutely demanded I pull my finger out & get busy buying a bundle of specifically made Big Blue bikinis! OK I said on one condition! I design them! So a deal is a deal & I’ve submitted my design to our tailors & our Brazillian Big Blue bikinis will be here next week! Big Blue Babes in Brazilian Bikinis! Now who’s feeling hot in their swimsuit region?"TO Paul FROM Ploy & Tan, Thank you so much for taking care of me & my brother. It was absolutley lovely meeting you. We had such a wonderful time with Big Blue & really enjoyed our diving with you. Many thanks."-Thanks guys, so nice of you to show your appreciation of all the hard work we do! Not sure you thanked the right guy though! Paul? Are you sure it was Paul? ; ) (only joking Paulie! Please don't squash me!)That's 1 small step for man (static) 1 giant leap for... Whalesharks! Have a look at www.thaioceans.com a new website set up by our friends at ACE Marine Images dedicated to the preservation & conservation of Whalesharks in Thailand & Phillipine waters. The idea of the website is to use it to upload your own photos of the Whalesharks you dived with into a database of the whalesharks in this area so that we can learn more about them. After all can you believe we know less about Whalesharks than we do about the moon! Sign in sign up & save the Whaleshark! Oh yeah & well done Neil & Buzz & that 3rd guy no one ever seems to know the name of! Happy 40th Anniversary!
Sunday 19th July 2009-
2009-07-19Much nicer day today weather wise. & it really looks like Koh Tao is enjoying the Summer High Season. The restaurants on the beach are full, so are the bars, the email shops & all the resorts. There are very few bungalows available along the beach now & even those resorts further inland & away from Sairee are also experiencing maximum occupancy! So if you haven't done so already then its high time you did... book ahead - contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a good time!

Seems like we are missing a few of our familiar faces. Where have they gone? Well, Sonia has been sent back to Blightey on a crumpet & chocolate Angel Delight mission for Jim. Simo has also returned to the Mother Country to see his better half & show her quite how much he, & his loins, have missed her. And Barry is home, here in Koh Tao, not the UK, with a bout of flu, but isn't snorting & hasn't grown a curly tail so we aren't too worried. Hope you are all having fun guys. We miss you. & can't wait to see how many crumpets you can each fit in your bags when you come back!

"Hi Jim, just a quick note to say we have left the island now. 5 nights was not long enough. I am on Samui now, waiting for a flight back to bangkok. THanks for all your help. The diving was amazing. I didn't get to do my adventure deep dive as on my refresher, my ears gave me a bit of trouble. SO i didn't take any risks. A big thanks to Paul who took me on my refresher and first fun dive. He was excellent. And also to Lena who took me on thursday. She is great. ANd huge thanks for Andy, who took me out friday. He has a great sense of humour. Your whole team is amazing. ANd between you organising my trip, and them taking me diving, it was perfect! Dawn and Nic came out snorkling with us one day and they enjoyed it. SO thanks again. Pass on my thanks to the Big Blue team for being so friendly and welcoming. Planning to come back in December. Fingers crossed. Sarah Darville"Thanks for writing in Sarah - its great to get your feed back & look forward to seeing you back here around Christmas. Ho Ho Ho.

Saturday 18th July 2009-

2009-07-18... & I'm back! Thank you Rick for taking the reins while I've been away in Samui starving myself to death! Some people call it fasting others call it stupidity! Especially when you see the bill! But I have lost 5 kilo's in 4 days & the locals have stopped calling me Pom Pui which is their endearing way of saying you're fat! I'm now butch, rugged & virile... till about beer o'clock! Then I'll probably be quite Mao qute quickly! Aah its good to be back! There's just no place like home!

The weather in Koh Tao right now is a little like taking out your favourite pair of speedos from the fridge & wearing them... cold wet & miserable! We shouldn't really be too surprised as it is quite normal for this time of year & its not really too bad if you are diving every day as we just dive the sites on the East coast of Koh Tao, where its flat & calm & still has good visibility. So despite cancelling our Full Day Trip to Sail Rock we are still able to go & enjoy the caves at Laem Thien, the trenches at Hin Wong & the soft corals at Shark Island! Its the wet speedo feeling that no one is really digging!

The Asian whale shark photo ID database is up and running at  http://www.thaioceans.com/ . ThaiOceans is trying to nail down the migration routes and reproduction behaviour of whale sharks particularly in the Asian Oceans. We believe that sharks from the Philippines and Thailand may be connected and are striving to uncover their secrets so that we may help in their global conservation. The database and website was created by our friends at ACE Marine Images and has been outsourced to volunteers in order to encourage more local videographers and photographers to submit their images. They are also working in conjunction with Ecocean amongst others so all your images will also end up in global databases credited to you! Better get snapping

Wednesday 15th July 2009-

2009-07-15Apologies for the lack of entries over the last few days, all work and no play whilst Jim’s been away! Or is that all play and no work…?!

Whale shark at South West this morning! I know we go on about them, but they’re so endangered (who’d have thought it with all the sightings we’ve been having!) and it’s a guaranteed natural high for all the divers lucky enough to see the big fish! Shame that all the DMTs were diving at Chumpon instead, should’ve been on the other boat!

A little re-arrangement of the afternoon boats and we’re heading out to South West again this afternoon for all the fundivers and Rick’s advanced course to see if Mr Whale Shark shows up again.

Saturday saw a very successful bowling evening take place with all the Big Blue crew, the teams were a mishmash of instructors, DMs and DMTs with a variety of differing skill levels from totally useless to just about average! Barry put us all to shame with a score of 211, then showed us all up just as much the night after accompanying the live music acts at Choppers playing the spoons! He’s multi-talented is our Barry!

The weather was a bit ferocious at the beginning of the week, the winds picked up, so Chumpon was a no-go for a few days, but never fear, we’re still diving! In fact, it’s been the ideal opportunity for us all to explore the East coast sites, the winds are from the West so the other side of the island has been lovely and calm, and the dive sites beautiful, shoaling Weavers butterfly fish and unicorn fish at Laem Thien, and a massive school of fusiliers at Mango Bay.

Our resident Welshie’s coming home! Deano will be arriving on the afternoon Lomprayah, and we’ve got a huge welcoming committee heading down to the pier to meet him. Well, kind of. We’re sending P’Tea down with the taxi, and we’ll have a beer waiting for him when he arrives back at the resort!

Also very welcome back to Big Blue are Panos and Kayleigh! They’ve been jetsetting round Europe and the Maldives for the past 14 months, but those magnets that we stick to people when they leave the Rock have pulled them back again! Koh Tao’s addictive!! Panos will be instructing, and Kayleigh’s going to be the new mini-Jim around the resort – good to have you back guys!

G’s holding a DMT day tomorrow - who’s up for a full day trip on Big Blue to Japanese Gardens! Breakfast and lunch not included, plus you’ve got to prep your own boat! G will be putting all the DMTs through their paces with swim tests, skills circuits and rescue assessments – wish them luck!

Apparently amphibians synchronise their mating activity to full moons – a recent study by biologists at Cardiff University suggests that frogs use the lunar activity to coordinate their encounters, helps them to maximise their spawning success! Sounds vaguely similar to the hordes of people heading to Koh Phangan during full moon…

Thursday July 9th 2009-

2009-07-09Lucky old Lara! Today Lara will be taking Bernard Curry from the hit Australian Soap Opera, Home & Away, & Sofia his missus, for a refresher dive! I haven't seen Lara this excited since she had her last beer! She's got her waterproof make up on, she's washed her hair, shined her flip flops, & has her sexy seethrough rashie at the ready, & just in case has her overnight bag packed too! Its only an afternoon Scuba Refresher Lara! Its not like your spending the weekend at Bernies! Have fun guys!

Fish that are supposed to clear people's skin by eating off the dead layers bit a man's private parts after he stepped in the water naked at a hot spring club in China. The man, who had visited the spa for a "special water treatment", sat in the water for half an hour without realizing the special fish were nibbling on his special parts instead of the dead skin. The manager of the club saw the man bleeding as he stepped out of the water and rushed him to a nearby hospital. The manager however refused to compensate the man, saying it was mandatory to keep pants on during treatments in the club. Spoilsport!

Right we are now completely totally & utterly ready for high season! we have 3 new members of staff which means the rest of us can all go off on a holiday! First off lets welcome Christos, Canada's new technical diving assistant. Christos is a Marine Biologist, a tech diver, & an underwater videographer! Not a bad catch for us even if he is Greek! Then we have Koen from Belgium who's joining our Instructor team & bringing with him a total of 435 extra languages! And finally Duncan. Big Blue's longest serving customer! He's been diving with us since 2000 every year & this year he's taken some time off work to become a Divemaster & now he has achieved that status he's got himself a job within our DM team! Good work chaps! Now get on the floor & give me 20! What did you think this was- summer camp?
Wednesday July 8th 2009-

2009-07-08Before we had Brett from Neighbours & but now we have Bernie from Home & Away! Bernie is famous for baring his bum on the telly! Both Bernie & Brett are here to see Barry from Big Blue! Don't quite know how Big Blue Barry became a buddy with the boys but the boys have come to see Big Blue Barry at the beach. Brilliant! Soap stars seeing Sea stars at the seashore!

Corey is off tomorrow for a trip to India with his Dad. & don't believe he'll be coming back here after as he's heading to the bright lights & big titties of LA to become a star! (That stint as Sandy at Bazza's Grease rendition has obviously gone straight to his head!) Canada is in tears! And Sonia is off as well but she will be coming back! She better be! Jim needs his crumpet & chocolate angel delight fix!

In other news... Lara has finished our brand new board signs on our brand new dive board! It looks very big & yellow & seems to be the talk of the resort. Everyone's commenting on Lara's big new shiney signs! & how quick she was getting it finished compared to how long it took her to make the other big new shiney sign at the entrance. I wonder if that had anything to do with DM Paul not being here this week! 
Tuesday, July 7th 2009-
2009-07-07Whaleshark at White Rock! We’re sending a boat again this afternoon to swim with the biggest fish in the ocean. Seems like they’re being spotted every day again, maybe preparing for high season after the Full Moon Party. Just a few warm up dives before entertaining a larger crowd. In fact, we are all getting ready. Lara is making new shiny signs for the resort, Emily’s covering her black eye with makeup, Canada’s working on the compressors, Alain is studying various languages to enhance his social skills and Rick is polishing his hammock, the ultimate Koh Tao accommodation! Dan came back from a visa run this morning after a relaxing night in Chumphon and brought a souvenir. The Chumphon tourist board publishes a free map that is handed out to all visitors and you can grab in most guest houses or cafes. It contains a lot useful pieces of information such as the highlights of the town, of which “Snorkeling or Scuba Diving at Ko Ngam Noi and Ko Ngam Yai, visitors can touch whales sharks and coral reefs”. For those of you who were looking for the only place in the world where you touch any of these, guess you’ve found it. As for the others, thanks for caring about the underwater environment. Seriously! We had another fantastic Full Day Trip to Sail Rock yesterday with 30 metre visibility, fish everywhere and of course, the world famous massaman curry. Diving conditions are brilliant right now, the seas are flat, the sun is shining and the batfish are back at Chumphon Pinnacle. So what are you waiting for? Come down and sign up for your dives today!
Sunday 5th July 2009-
2009-07-05Long live the practical joke! Poor Lara. Not sure what it is that makes people change the spelling on her signs, or draw on her back or tease her so but putting her brand new bicycle up the tree & leaving it hanging there with a No Parking sign was a very immature & silly thing to do! But it was also an awful lot of fun & caused much mirth & merriment for those of us hanging around with nothing better to do with their time, eh Spaz! Tune in next week to see where Lara's bike will be parked tomorrow! Jim wants to put it on the top rock at Nang Yuan Island. Spaz reckons we should hide it in the fridge at the 7/11! & Paul wants to put it as a figurehead on the bow of Banzai! Till we think of somewhere better to hide it, let's leave the bike in the cave at Red Rock!The last few days on Koh Tao has seen an awfull lot of people arriving! In fact right now we are almost full! Its the lead up to the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan which is on this Thursday 9th July and it seems everyone in Thailand is on their way there,via here, right now! Then we'll have a 2 day lull & then this island will explode with the amount of holidaymakers here! So people please make sure you book a room before you get here or you might find yourselves sleeping in the Big Blue Bar or one of our classrooms!Now what has Emily been doing to earn herself a black eye? Was it the temporary breast implants she had before her morning run? Was it the awesome girl on girl on girl fighting she had with Angelina Jolie & Baby Spice? or was it the stupid American with the misdirected firework? My money is on the stupid American... but my mind is on Baby Spice & Angelina!
Saturday 4th July 2009-
2009-07-04What a week its been for America! First Michael Jackson, & now the aliens have blown up the White House! Meanwhile Corey parades around the Resort with his Stars & Stripes Bandana & neck tie on, the rest of us are left wondering, if the Aliens really did blow up the White House on Independence Day, then where the heck is Obama gonna live! Poor chap. The black guy who got the worst job in the world & then his house got blown up by extraterrestrials! Happy Independance Day Rick. Corey. Kelli. Barrack. Alf!

Whaleshark at Chumphon Pinnacle! About time too! Haven't had one for almost a week now! & whoever's decision it was to schedule an afternoon with 2 dives at Chumphon is a genius! & amazing how quickly the news of the whaleshark doubled the number of divers going out on this afternoons trip. Generating a revenue of about 1000 bucks! & thats just us! So multiply that by at least 25 dive shops would make 25000 bucks to see a fish! today. & then tomorrow! the day after & so on & so on. AS long as the Whaleshark stays alive! As soon as it dies its value is only about 300USD. Hmmm. Dive don't fish! You'll be richer for it!
Thanks to Sara & Eddy who have written Simon a little poem in appreciation for his patience & expertise as an Instructor when he taught them their Open Water & Advanced Open Water Courses. If it wasn't so embarrassingly flattering I might even have written it here but phrases like 'we studied hard you taught us well' & 'we had so much fun we thought you were great!' & ' A huge thank you. You are the best Divemaster we could ever have got!' would be enough to make you hurl! & as a matter of interest... every single one of Simon's Open Water students last month did their Advanced Course with him as well! But interestingly only 2 wrote an Ode to Simon! See mate. There's always room for improvement!
Friday 3rd July 2009-
2009-07-03The full day trip was full of surprises, not only did our Khao Lak Manager Rick find a baby lionfish but less than a meter away Sonia also found the only false clownfish to be seen around Koh Tao. Asuka confirmed that she has never seen one before, and if the Japanese staff get all excited about a Nemo you know its got to be good! Either that or its Sushi time!Another dive master challenge too, congratulations to Sara and Karen. Whenever we have a costume based challenge the instructors always put in so much effort. The time they spend working out what clothes to wear is amazing! Rick was awesome dressed as a cross between Jamiroquai and Willy Wonka, Simon came dressed as Jodie (looking very comfortable in the tight little red dress) & G put on his sports bra! You'd have thought the girls would have worn something more than just their bikinis but hey! Who am I to complain! Good effort everyone.Our favourite Germinator has returned from a month back at home eating german sausages, wearing dirndls, drinking beer steins, shouting at people and slapping her knees. Canada her loving fiance has missed her that much he left for a 4 day liveaboard the day after she got back!!! Welcome home Yvonne!
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