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Thursday 31st 2008

2008-01-31I reckon for those of you have been here before, you would all be very impressed with the fantastic display of Greenery & Concrete that we have been able to place over the Poonama Canal. P'Nen has been working the boys hard to ensure the vines do the right type of wrapping & ravelling & the supports for the concrete are strong enough to hold the weight of Canada & his oversized mean machine.

Apparently Hannah is off! No one tells me anything! She's off to sort some stuff out back in the Mother Country & then flying down under to her Dave, the deepsea diving lobster catcher to live the life fantastic in Australia. Happy travels Hannah, hope everything works out according to plan & that you'll pop back & pay us a visit. You bring the lobster, we'll supply the Tartar sauce!

Any Investors out there? Want a good deal? A perfect buy? Sale of the century? You see our man Rick, bought some land here in Koh Tao quite a while ago now & he's now starting to build on it but needs cash & quickly! So he's dividing up the land & selling it off for a good price to ensure a quick sale! If you want more details guys check out Rick's site www.travelhead.com/landIf you tell him I sent you I'll buy you a beer!

Wednesday 30th 2008

2008-01-30So the weather is sooo nice at the moment. Its flat calm not a ripple, not even a cloud in the sky. Excellent sunsets everynight aswell. So nice in fact that we thought we'd go on another Full Day Trip to the funtastic Sail Rock- the best Divesite in the Gulf of Thailand. Which would then make what we are doing today a Top Ten Trip To Take in Thailand! Just hope everyone realises!

So we are almost at the end of the first month of the year! Does time go as quickly in the Real world as it does here in Peter Pan Land!

Hope you will all be pleased to know that Sonia is going great guns! Apparently she is way beyond the treatment steps she should be on at this stage. Which means she has taken off her little black number- the Nimbus 2000 sling, & has replaced it with a far more slinky sling. Looks alot more comfortable & doesn't make you look like such a bruiser anymore Sonia. The tongue treatment is going well too by the sounds of it & we hope Sonia will be on her way to Khao Lak within the week. Go get 'em Son!
Tuesday 29th 2008
2008-01-29Well its busy now! We had to take 2 boats out this morning to spread the load. Our Big Blue Armada went sailing off into the horizon & has just returned with a gaggle of giggiling giddy goats. Take it that was another successful trip!

Well I didn't want to say anything the other day cos he was an extremely disgruntled Pommie Canadian, but Canada lost a fin, a special fin given to him by his peers when he left the Marine Corps, so naturally he was a little cheesed off. But yesterday Oskar found it! Excellent. Now he's we got a cheerful Pommie Canadian!

Would like to wish Yvonne luck! She starts her Instructor Development Course today which means in about 3 weeks she is going to be really good at telling people what to do!
Monday 28th 2008

2008-01-28Well the wind has totally died down, the sun has come out from behind the clouds in all its splendour, the ladies are back on the beaches in their skimpies & the boys with the body builder breasts are strutting their stuff, muscles sheening as they prance up & down the beach to get noticed. You can literally smell the testosterone! Smells like chicken!

So I'm hearing unconfirmed reports that G stepped in the way to help some lady last night after she was being harrassed by some drunken monkey. I hear he took one in the face & has a shiner to show for his bravado! Sir Guilliaume our knight in shining armour came to the rescue of our fair maiden, he outfought the dastardly villain, & then he put the damesl in distress upon his horse & rode away in to the sunset. These French.. you just can't compete against them when it comes to romance eh!

Got to give a healthy shout out to Ian who is just another one of our fabulously well trained Divemasters who has now got himself work as a DM for another diveshop on the island. In all my days working in this industry I have never seen so many exceptionally well trained Divemasters & jolly proud to think that Big Blue now has the reputation among many Diveshops in Koh Tao for the place to do your Divemaster Training. Well done Ian. & very well done team!

Sunday 27th 2008

2008-01-27Being the responsible & resourceful individuals that we are at Big Blue we have our own environment minister, Darren. Its his job to ensure that we do our bit & some to help the environment, undertake research projects, get involved in beach clean-ups & generally pitch in to keep Koh Tao clean & heathy for our childrens children. Check  http://www.projectaware.org/asiapac/english/activities/icd.asp to see some of the things we've done already.So this year Darren has signed us up to adopt a reef & we are all very proud to be adopting everyone's afternoon favourite, Japanese Gardens. Nice one Ecoman!

Strong winds & choppy surface conditions are what is greeting our travellers to the island at the moment. Hope you've taken your seasickness pills if you're on your way over today. But good news is its almost over. Forecast for this afternoon is a drop in wind & flatter conditions. Cool, we'll be able to get the lilo's out again.
Sunrise diving thismorning for our experienced fundivers. A few waves wasn't gonna stop this band of hardened mariners. Off by 6am - ( its still dark then!) & off to Chumphon for a little bit of underwater slap & tickle as the sun comes up & the fishies awaken & back on land by 11 am to enjoy a nice afternoon of sunsoaked leisure. Ahh.
Saturday 26th 2008

2008-01-26You got to give it to them. They have a great country, a wonderful lifestyle, they are pretty good at sport, they are pretty healthy & active, and when it comes to hairstyles these guys lead the world. The Scobby! or in broader terms... The Australian! I'm not quite sure why they get a day named after them tho! Anyway Happy Australia Day Straylian Scobby's! You have introduced many fine things into the world likethe phrase you Dag, the word gallah, violet crumble chocolate bars, Victoria Bitter, & Natalie Imbruglia but I still reckon its about time you built a bridge between New Zealand & Australia & shot Pauline Hanson!

Today we broke the 500 member mark on our Facebook Group. I can't quite work out if that is high or not? After all we certified almost 3000 students last year. & at least there are a 100 Big Blue group members who dived with us before 2006 so that's 400 from this year. I reckon once you take out Instructors exgirlfriends, we're down to about 200. Then from there take the families & friends that joined when I first set this up so it wouldn't look an unloved & sad lonely group, that's another 50. Then all the staff DM's & Inst's we employed this year who have left us this year aswell I think we're down to about 2. Me & Canada!

Well I don't know what you all did with the weather, but it's rubbish! It suddenly turned just when all the big groups started arriving after the Full moon Party. We had heaps of rain lastnight & its pretty windy now too. We also are pretty busy at the moment & need all 3 boats to take everyone out this arvo but we can't get out beyond Nang Yuan Island cos the waves are too big. Good old White Rock & Twins coming to our rescue once again

Friday 25th 2008

2008-01-25Well the weather has gone a little funny today. Big waves, out of nowhere! Made it to Chumphon Pinnacle this morning but decided to cancel the dive & go somewhere else cos it was horrible! Bouncy, strong currents & rubbish visibility just below the surface but wide open beneath! Bugger! Guess we'll have to wait for the waves to die down before going there again in the next few days. Give the sharks a couple of days off! They could do with a break. Entertainng the tourists all day can be exhausting!

So yesterday may well have been the busiest day we have had since I arrived almost 2 years ago. Filled up every room on Sairee Beach & at 7.30 last night the last rooms in the whole of Sairee up by the cliffs! Its manic. I think we started 22 students yesterday!Instructors? Hmmm well...there was an Englishman, a Welshman, a Frenchman & a Germanman.... . I better stop .... this could turn into a joke!

Got some big wig fashion photographer on Koh Tao at the moment taking shots every night of all these astoundingly hot looking super sexy bikini models rolling around on the beach & at the waters edge. Strategically placed sand splats over anatomically perfect tantalising female forms.(Sigh!) And I thought I had a good job!

Thursday 24th 2008

2008-01-24So the sun has got its hat on! Its another beautiful day in paradise. The fish are swimming the birds are chirping the ferries are packed, the classrooms are full! & we got rid of one more puppy! That's 6 down & only 5 more to go!

Top tip for gardeners! As you know we've had to entice our growing vines to grow a little more & a little quicker! Coconut husk! Its like Koh Tao's version of miracle grow! P'Nen came back from his holiday saw the vines weren't growning. Got on his bike upto the jungle & came back with a sack of nuts! Coconuts. He chopped them up & covered the vine soil with coconut husk. & now we've grown a beanstalk!

So the Full Moon Party is over! You can tell. We got no more rooms left, we're out of Instructors, BCD's & Regs, I can't get a seat at the restaurant, my phone never stops ringing, prices are up, room availability is down, the power keeps cutting out, there's never enough water pressure in the shower now, my bike won't start when I'm in a hurry, there's always a queue at the 7/11, the pizza in the restaurant takes longer to come, and there's never any bloody sugar left in the the sugar bowls when I need my morning coffee! Something's got to give!

Wednesday 23rd 2008
2008-01-23Well there's celebration in the Donaldson camp today! Not alot of people know this but my Mum's cousin is a lady! And because this lady is my Mums' cousin I am therefore her second cousin once removed! With me so far? Well last night my second cousin once removed got nominated for an Oscar! Yeah thought that would raise an eyebrow! So its Julie Christie to win Best Actress for her role in some movie I've never heard of! She better mention her second cousin once removed if she wins or I'm crossing her off my Christmas card list!

Churchie's Birthday party yesterday, & in true ex-pat island style he threw a pool party at Koh Tao's new pool bar in Chalok Baan Kao. Excellent location, fine choice of large or small Chang's & a very tasty Birthday Cheese cake. Had all the ingredients for a fantastic night till one got a very unpleasant glimpse of the barman in his tight grey genital hugging speedo's!

Right I'm off down the pier now for what is always a highlight of the month. The Full Moon Party people will be coming in on the afternoon boats soon. It always reminds me of a kind of futuristic war scene of troops returning home from battle. Instead of the blood stains it will be fluorescent paint. Instead of mud there'll be sand. Instead of the bandages & slings healing the marks of bullets & shrapnel there'll be bandages & slings healing the wounds of bike crashes, & intoxicated fallings over! The wounded & straggling will evolve into the sleepy & hung over & shell shocked soldiers will be replaced by dirty dribbling drunks.I love the Full Moon Party!

Tuesday 22nd Jan 2008

2008-01-22Well how about that! We chartered the only Liveaboard in Koh Tao today, the MV Trident to take out Canadas' Wreck, Deep & Nitrox courses! Total was 18 passengers today to go out & explore the murky depths at the Unicorn wreck. Wicked! Hope you all had a great day & like the liveaboard cos this time next year we are gonna have our own! Only in Khao Lak not Koh Tao!

The Koh Phangan Full Moon Party is tonight & by all accounts it is going to be massive! I heard that every boat to Phangan was full to bursting with revellers & ravers! And in Koh Tao, for those of you who don't know this is when KT completely empties out & goes to the Full Moon Party. Then tonight it will be party hard till your pants fall down & then back here again tomorrow. And then all the boats to Koh Tao are full to bursting! For those of us who live here & aren't going to the party it's like the equivalent of a quiet Sunday followed by a hectic Monday in the real world, only... island style!

You would be shocked to see the increase in our enquiries & bookings now that we have changed the website! Alex asked me today if he thought Didi & Kate might get a little cheesed off if he gave them all the bookings he has just received at the same time, & then showed me around 20 booking forms he has now received. Too right they'll be miffed... but I'm delighted!

Monday 21st 2008

2008-01-21The world tilted on its axis yesterday! Did you feel it? Didi did her Refresher with Anna! I agree the world would have tilted more if it had been me but none the less it was a memorable day. Got to say though Didi, I thought your mask made your bum look big!

Save the whales! Harpoon the Japanese!

There's a big shiney ball of bright light emanating from the sky. Its hard to see against the backdrop of a cloudless sky & every night it drops down beyond the horizon in an amazing display of amorous maroon. Anyone know what it might be? It looks like pizza!

2008-01-20Sunday 20th 2008

Rick is back! He has had an amazing 2 weeks working over in Khao Lak but after all that work & the nightboat back last night he has decided he is in need of a 2 week holiday! Not entirely surprised either. As much as I love Khao Lak & the Similans & Richelieu Rock & Liveaboards etc etc, I'd still rather be in Koh Tao with my 9-5 job, my sunsets, my big bottle of Chang, & my daily hangovers. Welcome back Rick. Great timing BTW. We have an Instructor meeting tonight!

Another Divemaster Challenge tonight! This time its Dan & Hugo who wil be in the spotlight. Tonights fun & games is loosely based on the reality TV Show- Help I'm a celebrity! Get me out of here. Now I'm a little behind the times with this reality TV stuff , so I'm not quite sure what that all means but the brutality of it all will be dished out by Deano & Alex & they are nasty bastards so it should be pretty good fun!

There is one of the most beautiful boats I have ever seen parked right on Sairee Reef at the moment. Now Hugo, who before being a DMT used to be a welder for these posh boats in Holland, reckons he was part of the team that made this particular boat. He tells me that its worth 63million USD has 18 full time crew & belongs to Roman Abramovich- the Owner of Chelsea United Football Club! So me & some of my mates who happen to be dedicated fans of Fulham Football Club are going round on the longtail this evening & are going hurl fruit at it!

Saturday 19th Jan 2008

2008-01-19A hearty celebratory conglatulatory well done to you both, Thats Dan & Mayuko, who as you can see in the messages below have gone & got themselves hitched! Wow! Congratulations guys from all of us here at Big Blue Koh Tao. Nice one Dan & 'O-may-day-tou' to you too Mayuko!

Full Day Trip went out again today. "The Three "S's" Southwest Pinnacle, Sail Rock & Shark Island. Beautiful day weatherwise, golden sunshine, flat crystal clear sea's, 30 meter visibility & more fish than you can shake a stick at! Reckon there'll be a lot of sunburnt bodies coming back this afternoon.

Anyone know anything about growing vines. I planted some a few weeks ago to grow over the Poonama Canal & be all pretty but they are going soooo slow! I'm not even sure they are actually growing. Bugger. Back to the 'Hide the Poonama Canal' drawing board!

Friday 18th Jan 2008

Well we've put the welcome home Sonia banners out & we're all very pleased to see Sonia back. She also has the coolest sling in existence aswell. Beats the crap out of our EFR slings that's for sure. Its got a pouch for storing things in & a ball to play with if you get bored, its got a beer rest & comes in with a sleek black finish! Yeah Sonia, you got trendy girl!

And Simon is back for a couple of days aswell. He had to leave the bright lights of the big city for the ambient lights & loud music of the small islands. Blended in a treat aswell of course with his first nights back worth of binge drinking with his old beer buddy- that'd be the other guy wondering around today with a hangover... Alex!

Haven't heard much from any of you with regards to our new website. C'mon, let's hear it? What do you think? I am fully aware of a few probs still but as each day passes our site gets a little bit more complete. We've also had a big increase in internet bookings this week so I tell you I am very happy! Are you?

Thursday 17th Jan 2008

2008-01-17Congratulations Monsieur Guillaume on completing your Instructor Development Course Staff Course! ( Never did know how to say that right!) G joins the BB IDCStaff Bandwagon & goes down to Dirty Nelly's & gets absolutely blottoed! Should be a good night! ... again.

Great idea from someone the other day- actually it might well have been that frenchman again! You see we have 9 of these puppies sitting around the diveshop having just been blurted out into this world by mummy. They are unwanted & unloved but my word they are cute! & they seem to be a real tourist magnet as anyone walking thru Big Blue immediately stops to have alook & make a silly noise or 2. So G said lets advertise on them. C'est bonne idea! So its black marker pens on the light ones & tipex on the black ones- you guys are going to get branded today! Yeehaaa.

Wednesday 16th Jan 2008

2008-01-16Sssh. Don't tell anyone but today we have the exterminators coming to the island to exterminate things! Thailand is having a plague of bedbugs at the moment- Khao Sarn Rd is especially bad. Well we have our fair share aswell. We've thrown out the beds that were infested & have since burned them & have completely emptied out the top rooms upstairs in the fan rooms & are having them fumigated for the next 3 days. Got to be honest- when I organised the exterminator to come over from the mainland I kind of had visions of a Thai Arnie. What I got was a Thai Dame Edna. Still they are both doing the same thing at least!

Deano & Ricky are off on another visa run to Samui. Think they are planning on combining it with a Sonia pick up as she has been released from the hospital in Bangkok & is flying down to Samui & then coming over. Problem is that she isn't very mobile- naturally enough after having an operation!- so I heard Bex helped her to the plane in Bangers & then Deano will pick her up in Samui on Thursday to bring her back to the Rock on Friday. Nice to have friends eh Sonia. & it looks like you have a few! 84 friends joined your Entertain Sonia group. Good. So now we've all shown you a bit of support & love... about time you came back to work isn't it!?

Tuesday 15th Jan 2008

2008-01-15My oh my was that 2 nights out on the razzle for you Marcel? What a state! What is it with you guys from the West coast & your alcohol consumption! Either you drink too much over there on 'The Other Side" or not enough & aren't used to a jar or 2 when you come visit your friends on this side! West Coast Shandy drinking lightweights!!

Rumour going round that there was a whale shark today at Chumphon Pinnacle. Hmmm. We were there & didn't see it so I'm not sure how accurate this rumour actually is. Still these rumours are good for business!"Whale shark today at Chumphon Pinnacle! Tell your friends!"

So I haven't been around much for the last couple of days cos I've head my head face down in a computer amending all the little amendable things that need amending on our new site, which by the way is up! Trumpeting tirade of thunderous music! Its got a couple of teething problems but I'm on it don't worry. Would love to hear your thoughts. Do please have a look & if you love it let me know & if you don't ... keep it to yourself!

Monday 14th Jan 2008

2008-01-14Ooh dear.. Hands up all those who went out last night on an involuntary bender! Marcel? Do we have a hangover today? Just like the good old days eh?Why is it whenever I get back I always seem to coincide it with an enormous amount of bad timing. Its been really busy ( apparently) but now its dead! Good job too judging by the amount of sicknotes I have in from the staff this week! Guess its time for an afternoon of Monty Python movie madness.

Had a bit of a bow out today! We were supposed to take the Samui immigration people on a snorkelling trip arund the island. We had it all planned- Tor, Anna & I were supposed to be the snorkel queens today as we snorkel guided our Immigration ducklings around Rocky Bay, stop for a nicely prepared buffet lunch at Mango Bay & then spend the afternoon paddling around Nang Yuan Pinnacle. Would have done! Would have been nice too! If the bloody b'stards had bothered to show up!

Sunday 13th Jan 2008

2008-01-13Marcel is back! But only for a few days as he is taking a break from all the fun he has been having over on the "Other Side". & Darren & Ally are back from their jolloping around the Austrian Alps. Sweet. Welcome back guys. Ally looks as fabulous as ever & Darren is in need of a haircut- (his curls are growing) & he obviously wasn't shy when it came to helping himself to seconds over Christmas at Almutti's Mutti's! Might have to put you back on the salads there Spidey!

Very happy to welcome a brand new member to the team in a permanent capacity and that is our friend Sopi. He will be joining us here in the Divemaster team starting today & has proved himself to be an excellent catch for us. Welcome to the team Sopi.

Come join the party!Wishing a belated Birthday Greeting to our Lord & Leader- Michael Spjuth, who is the owner of Big Blue Diving. Michael set Big Blue up in 1991 & has been an integral part of Big Blue's success. Happy Birthday for yesterday Michael, from all the team at Big Blue! Did you appreciate my wake up call this morning? No I didn't think so!

Saturday 12th Jan 2008

2008-01-12Glad to see I have been missed! Thanks Jade! Had to go away for a few days of mirth with my buddies in Khao Lak. Unfortunatley got food poisoning & a fever at the same time. 6 days off, 2 days travelling, 3 days ill & 1 day on the piss! Not what I'd call the greatest holiday in the world but it was still good to see everyone.

So gradually I shall need to recap on things that have happened of late but forgive me if they aren't as accurate as they usually are as I obviously haven't been here myself & am only getting snippets of information from the team in dribs & drabs.

Hey Guys, click here for a good time! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=6853414143

Friday 11th Jan 2008

2008-01-11Umm. I'm going to get shot for this... but here goes! Women drivers! Honestly. Can you imagine a man running over their own dog!... on a motorbike? Yvonne & Heather ran over Simba today. Simba is the islands most hyperactive dog & is Canada & Yvonne's piece of precious pooch! She is ok tho. She wailed, whined whimpered & sulked but Yvonne is basically ok now! Simba on the other hand... is also fine now too but has a restraining order out on Yvonne & Hannah. They aren't allowed within 5 meters of her when they're on the bike now!

Heard from Sonia today. She has seen the surgeon & the neuro & the neuro wants to take further tests as there may be a complication since Sonia has had a reaction since the operation. As none of us are sadly able to be with her I can only tell her what she tells me. What she said was " Ahgattachpwollen tonn!" We are still trying to work out what that means & hope will be able to report to you on it tomorrow.

Thursday 10th Jan 2008

2008-01-10Sonia has her operation on her shoulder today. Good luck mate! Its obviously a great day for it cos when she got in the taxi to take her to the hospital the fool who was in the cab beforehand forgot their i-phone! Doh! Still thats Twenty large for our Sonia. You go girl!

Well what dya know! Our siblings in Khao lak, that's Big Blue Khao Lak, are going great guns. We know that of course as they are crying out for help from us over here so we have sent Rick over. Last reports from him after he'd taken his first DSD's for a day in the Similan Islands was 'Man that was awesome' & then he was told he'd be starting his first West Coast Open Water Course to which he stated. 'Radical dude'. Now I don't speak Yank but I have been informed that basically Rick is pretty happy with the way things are going there! Nice one mate. Unlike Simon however who will be seeing out the season on the Other side, you my friend have to come back! Remember... you have a girlfriend here!

Wednesday 9th Jan 2008

2008-01-09So G is still doing his IDC Staff Instructor & is enjoying it sooo much he is thinking about going the whole hog & becoming a CDG! Can you imagine that. Our own little French Course Director! AS part of the CDG course you would be required to plant underwater detonating devices on environmentally active Greenpeace vessels, & then plead ignorance to all knowledge of such foul play in New Zealand waters!? Hmmm sounds familiar? Un petite deja vu n'est pas??

Well the resort looks like its had a bit of a haircut! The big wiry afro of a tree that fumbles its way around the big coconut tree outside the aircon rooms has had a proper trim! Looks quite smart & tidy now!

Tuesday 8th Jan 2008

2008-01-08So there's some filthy type of lurgy flying around at the moment & its probably German but we're not sure! Everyone is coming down with it too! Even I'm ill & I never get ill! I might be a little accident prone but I'm not one that sneezes & whoops alot. Seems the only die hard few unaffected are Celine, Alex Anna & Ricky! Ha! Thats what they think! At least we're getting over ours now. Yours is still to come! (Sorry that wasn't very nice!) Fight on brave soldiers!

Haven't had a lot of enquiries for my offer of a job to a Scandanavian female yet! Do you think it might help if I attach my photo? & a text that could have been read straight from a Lonely Hearts page?

Monday 7th Jan 2008

2008-01-07So Simon has been asked to stay till the end of the season in Khao Lak. Obviously made a good impression on Erik! What did you do? Have a beer too many & fall asleep at the table did you?

I think we have now utilized all the Bamboo we had sitting under Bungalow 2 for a year! We've made nice little border fences, only knee high, around the messy bushes & it all looks very pretty now. Goes well with the little red brick path we have cemented down outside the AC Rooms aswell. Good job P'Nen!

Sunday 6th Jan 2008

Today was hot & sunny in Koh Tao! ( I was told!) I was in Khao Lak where it was also hot & sunny! & bright & happy & Busy! Really busy!! Rick. I hope you know what you've let yourself in for! They work nights here aswell as days!

Sonia is off to BKK to see a proper Doctor about her shoulder. Fingers, toes & arms & legs are crossed for you mate! Hope it all goes well.

Saturday 5th Jan 2008

2008-01-05Can you imagine how much money Thailand are making by imposing this infuriatingly annoying monthly visa run thing! It costs 550 baht to get across on the lomprayah then 1200 Baht to go with a visa run bus to the Andaman club. You got to stay a night in Chumphon to get back to Koh Tao which costs at least another 300 Bt & then another 550 Bt just to get back to Koh Tao- thats 2400 Bt every month some of us have to pay! Its not even any fun! Bloody good idea to make some money tho eh?

Luckily tho I only have to do it every 3 months cos I is great! This time I went with the Missus & Oscar. We caught our mini bus to Ranong, our weird little River cat thing to the Andaman Club, ponced around by the pool for an hour with a club sandwich & some fries. Jumped back in the weird little River cat thing back to Ranong & then met up with Tor's Mama & Papa who were good enough to taxi us all the way down to Khao Lak in a car made for 2 & a couple of bags! So the 5 of us squeezed in & Papa drove us slower than people walk all the way to Khao Lak. 3 hours later with numb bums & in need of knee surgery we were in Khao Lak & having beers with all these old Big Blue boys & girls! Marcel, Robyn, Becky, Paul Landgraver, Oscar, myself & the missus, Keith Joachim, Simon & tomorrow Rick is coming over for a couple of weeks to help Eric with the high season shortage of staff! Now that was a good visa run & I have a bruised butty to show for it!

Friday 4th Jan 2008

2008-01-04As if by some form of miraculousnusness the wind has completely died! The sea is flat calm the sound of chunder has faded from the arriving ferries & we are able to venture out to Chumphon again. Which by the way was lovely today, thanks.

So for reasons peculiar, I find myself in need of a female Scandanavian!( Don't tell Andrea!) Unfortunatley Saga has to return unexpectedly to Sweden & will consequently be leaving us with a void! So good chums & buddies. I need a Swedish speaking Female Instructor! C'mon who's out there! Danish & Norwegian & Finnish speaking might be pretty useful too! Anyone? anyone? Bueller!

So I've decided I have had enough of everyone galavanting off around the world while I'm stuck on this tropical island paradise. I'm gonna go away for a few days now myself. Thought I'd start with a nice trip to Burma, pop in on our buddies at Big Blue in Khao Lak, then whizz up to Bangers for a round of golf with my surgeon! Got to leave someone in charge here tho! Hmmm. I got no Panos, Scobby, Rick, G, Simon, Darren, Ally, Sonia or Saga. That leaves me Canada, Deano, Alex, Celine, Anna & Ricky. Right Boys! Chicks in charge please!

Thursday 3rd Jan 2008

2008-01-03Its a whirling mess of wind & waves today I'm afraid. Time to issue my warning to anyone about to travel out to Koh Tao... take the Seatran! It won't hurt as much as the Lomprayah & the bags they give you to throw up in aren't see thru!

Calling out for my Vacationing Instructors... 'Help! Its getting busy down here!' It doesn't help of course when our main Big Blue Batch of Inst's start going down with funny lergies! Got Scobby with some sort of Aussie fever, Panos with a case of Grecogothic bronchitis, Rick with an acute bout of the Hawaii's & as you know Sonia's arm, which is about to fall off. G's meanwhile teaching Divemasters, Darren & Ally are on the Piste & Saga has to leave for Sweden, extremely suddenly, while Simon's sunning his self in the Similans! I hardly got anyone left! Might have to get my Instructor Speedos out of retirement!

Time to put away the Christmas decorations this afternoon. Its been fun, but its over, & neither myself nor my liver could be any happier! So we'll wrap our festive twig away with all the tinsel, put santa back in his box & stuff it all back in their Maehaad grotto for another year. Thank god for that! Not quite sure how to pack away the Sandman yet tho!

Wednesday 2nd Jan 2008

2008-01-02Well the weather forecast was a little out. They're right about the storm tho. Pretty miserable today. & heaps of fishing boats in at Sairee which as you are probably aware is not a good thing! No rain yet... (I instantly regret saying that!) but big seas & strong winds. Better get the Lomprayah Puke pot out again. Might be useful for the next few days!

Got some very sad news I'm afraid. Our Sonia has gone & got herself a shoulder injury! Its an old problem made worse in recent weeks & now she has to go to the hospital & get checked out. There is a very high possibility of her needing a shoulder operation. So guys show your support & send her your messages. Good luck Sonia! All our love thoughts & best wishes, you Ponce!

G started his IDC Staff today. For those of you who waste time reading my banterings you might recall Darren & Deano doing their Instructor Development Courses a couple of months or so ago. Becomming a PADI IDC Staff Instructor is a couple of rankings above being an Instructor. Ah-ha! So that's why you bought the most expensive mask on Koh Tao. To look like a distinguished G!They might smell of onions & garlic but they do have panache, the french! Salut.

Tuesday 1st Jan 2008

2008-01-01HAPPY NEW YEAR! Congratulations everyone for making it to another 365 days. Hope your night out wherever you were was a memorable occasion! If you're a little like me or Yvonne! & can't remember, just ask your mates, whoever you were out with, if you can look at some of the embarrasing photos! There's always a classic of someone dancing or lieing down asleep right next to a large blaring speaker! Haven't seen the photos yet but bloody hope there's not one of me!

Bringing in the New Year in Koh Tao really has got to be one of the very best places in the world to do it. There is an atmosphere like nowhere else I know. It's a pleasant evening teperature wise (untill you start dancing!).You are surrounded by friends & colleagues & absolutely everyone is in a jolly mood. You got to be extra happy if you are a red blooded male & a gaggle of gals arrive in their biikinis at your party! I love Koh Tao!

Like to give a special mention to all those who had to get up extra early & come to work. Didi, Deano, Ricky & G! Not that G needed to get up. He had a motorbikespill & has grazed himself. Poor chap. He's hurt his little pinky & got himself a nice gaelic graze on his cheek! Glad you are alright though mon ami! How's the bike?

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