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June 2008

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Monday 30th June 2008-

2008-06-30Our battle wounded Helen braved the elements & has organized our monthly underwater clean up at Nang Yuan Island today. We’re off to Nang Yuan Cave & then we’ll head over to Japanese Gardens in a nice tight V formation form a depth of 12 meters upto the surface along the reef picking all the little bits & pieces that get washed up & caught up in the corals & rocks there. Not expecting too big a mess there to be honest so we’re only sending out Big Blue boat. Thanks to all our volunteers & also to Helen who despite having a gangrenous big toe, and a generally pretty gammy foot all round, led her troops with a smile on her face & a plaster, some padding, a bandage, some tape, a sock & a Croc around her foot. Cheers Hells!

Got some ecological big wig coming over from Samui in a couple of days to check out our waste water treatment process & to see if we can improve it even more than we have already! Apparently he reckons we can actually end up drinking the same water we are actually treating, which ideally sounds fantastic but realistically sounds quite abhorrent! Think we got a while to go till we get to that stage eco Big Wig!

We have the most perfect Resort Manager arriving to start work with us this week. She used to be the Resort Manager at Coral Grand & then got head hunted to go & run Koh Tao Cabana, all nice resorts & then we had a chat one day & lo & behold she's now working with us! Sawai Dee Krup P'Lyn. I can't tell you how excited I am to have you working here at Big Blue now as The Residential Resort Manager! Woo-hoo more free time for Jim!

Sunday 29th June 2008-

2008-06-29I’ve always felt life on Koh Tao could actually make a really good soap opera. Well a soap opera! A bit of a contradiction in terms that, good, soap opera! Anyway. Koh Tao has all the elements of a gripping saga. Sun, sea, scuba, babes, bikinis, sex, drugs, rock n roll, births, deaths, & marriages, hunks, money, greed, jealousy, lust, pleasure, embarrassment, you know all the essential ingredients. And now we even have Brett Tucker, a true life out of your screens & onto the beaches real world character from that great Aussie classic Neighbours, here with us right now! What do you reckon Brett? Make Koh Tao into a soap opera. We could call it Koh Dorado!

Thailand had its first pod of beached whales yesterday in Phuket! Luckily 19 out of the 20 were able to be saved by rescue volunteers but unfortunately 1 didn’t make it & it allegedly died of shock! The unanswered question is of course why do whales beach themselves like that. Navigational error seems to be the popular answer. We’ve all done it! Who hasn’t got lost at Sairee Reef at least once & ended up pretty much face down on the beach in full scuba surrounded by volunteers trying to douse you in water & get you back into the sea! Directional dyslexia I think its called!

Auf gehts Los, I believe is the appropriate term for tonights big game between the mighty power of Zee Germans against the fanciful footwork of L’Espanish! So us German supporters have placed our towels down at Choppers already, if there’s any of you fans out there who fancy watching it with us! Those pretty boys from Spain are going to be having their trousers pulled firmly down tonight. Auf gehts los,Ole!

Friday 27th June 2008-

2008-06-27I wouldn't exactly say any of us were that fashion conscious. I know Dan probably reckons he is as he likes to put on his Sunday best every once in a while, but the rest of us. Nah! However it doesn't take a genius to tell that men wearing nothing but basically their very tight undies strutting around on the boat & such really is wrong! What's also wrong, Barry, is telling them they look like your Uncle & asking them to pose with you just so you can get a photo of them to put on the website! That's just wrong, Barry! Funny... but wrong!

So Keith & Klaus are off today. Thank God. Not sure my liver could take much more of that. Not sure my wallet could either! Any way boys, thanks for gracing us with your presence & hope you've both enjoyed your brief stint with us back on the Rock. Keith is now on his way back to Blightey for a few months muscle toning (labouring) before coming back to run a Liveaboard business in the Similans next season & Klaus is heading off to the beautiful & remote Ningaloo reef on the west coast of Australia where people pay upto 3000 Aussie Dollars to do 1 dive with a Whaleshark. I know you've put on weight since you got here Klaus but I imagine the punters are going to be a little disappointed when they realise they've spent $3000 to dive with you tho!

Did you ever imagine that one day you'd be an addict! Get hooked on being at 30 meters underwater. The buzz of coming face to face with not just 1 but actually several large sharks. & not only live to tell the tale but actually voluntarily step forward with cash & ask for more! Scuba Diving! It's an expensive addiction.

Thursday 26th June 2008-

2008-06-26Well its a little late but as they say better late than never. We'd like to give a Big Blue hand for 2 of our older staff who last weekend went & tied the knot! Must be something in the air! Careful Ricky! Anyway we were all thinking of you Scobby & Jolien & have seen some of the photos. You as ever looked magnificent Jo, & we can't believe how handsome Scobby can look when he's not walking around in boardies & homecut sleeveless T-shirt. A right dashing young man... till he opens his mouth & says Gudday Sheila! A big congratulations guys from us all.

Our Mediterranean bombshell is leaving us this week. Celine is off to European pastures new. She's been pretty much teaching solidly now around the world for a good 5 or 6 years & is now I believe going to return home & spin her hand at something new. Well as long as you don't go around on bicycles with a stripey t-shirt, a beret on your head & a ring of onions around your neck like we know G does when he's home, I'm sure you'll be alright Celine. Just speak alot in French & Italian. Nothing sexier than a blonde bombshell speaking French or Italian... just don't forget to take your onion necklace off! Good luck Celine & thanks for the mammaries!

Judging by the interrupted transmission on last nights televised Germany and Turkey match in the European championships it seems Koh Tao isn't the only place right now having this dodgy weather. Good that means I don't have to write about it cos you are all having it too. I will however congratulate the Germans on a fantastic victory last night. Well done Klaus, Yvonne, Tim & I guess Jim aswell seeing as he's half German now! C'mon people place your towels down next to ours. Its Germany to win the finals! Ja!

Wednesday25th June

2008-06-25Big Blue Bar debauchery is back! The resort bar has been deader than Elvis since Songkran (can't thnk why *whistles*) but theres life in the old dog yet. Random piss-ups, scrotum shaving and bar dancing are the order of the day (or early to late evening) once again, before we know it we'll be beer floating and drinking in the trees like the old days....ah well.

It all started when a few staff, not normally big drinkers (Simo, Deano, Keith) decided to stay for a few Campari Sodas after work. The refreshing aperitifs can only have been spiked with beer or something because next thing we, I mean they, knew we, I mean, ah sod it, next thing we knew we were all dancing on the bar, I was feeling kinda seasick, but the crowd cried out for more, there were 15 vestal virgins...ah Procul Harem, where was I? So anyway, everything was going swimingly until Church tried an Austrian dance manoeuver and knocked Simo off the bar then fell on top of him. Luckily, a stool (thats a barstool) broke Simo's fall and he walked away with only a possible broken nose and a skinned shin while Churchy got away with a bruised hand. Neither men cried much and they were both incredibly brave and grown-up about the whole thing - well they were pissed as farts which amounts to the same thing.

Next up was Swedish Midsummer which was equally entertaining if you block out the memory of all that truly awful Swedish Pop music. How do you guys stand it?! Its no wonder you're all over here ;) Seemed like every Swede on Koh Tao turned up (thats a lot of Swedes) drank too much Schnapps and then went home early because its a well known fact that Swedish people can't drink for toffee, they're missing some crucial enzyme or summit', I heard. Swedish Midsummer is best described as the one day of the year when every Swede 'puts out', can't speak for meself but I could always ask Dan...

So I take the greatest pleasure in welcoming you all back to the Big Blue Bar, welcome back to late nights, evil hangovers and enormous bar tabs, welcome back to dodgy 'dad' dancing, ill-advised liasons and beer bellies!

Tuesday 24th June 2008-

2008-06-24I won't say who (just yet), but a while ago we had an Instructor who had a tattoo done which was of a turtle in a maori design with the words 'Koh Tao Diver', but the tattooist spelt it ' Hok Tao Diver' by mistake. Whoops! & then a little while later one of this Instructors' Divemasters in Training had the same tattoo done with the same mistake! How's that for a mentor protege relationship. Now, soon to be DMT Tuesday (that is her name) has gone and outdone both of these muppets with the first ( that I know of) Big Blue Dolphin tattoo. It looks awesome. Would of looked better with Hok Tao Diver though, eh Darren!

Well the weather on this side of the island at the moment is what I'd describe as a little bit pants! There's a lot of wind coming in from the west which is making the boats a little bouncy, & there's a lot of drizzle. Luckily, on the other side of the island where we are diving everyday it is flat calm & crystal clear. Its not very sunny however, so its still a little bit pants but its Gucci pants, not like the Aussie Daks we have on this side!

Despite the weather we still double dived at Chumphon Pinnacle this morning. It was a little bouncy but well worth it & seeing as the trip was organised by Dan & Church for the more experienced divers staying with us we all knew what we was in for! A bit rough on top but a cornucopia of life underneath. A little bit like our Churchie!

Sunday 22nd June 2008-

2008-06-22This is very sad. Had a lot of recent occurences at the divesites recently with regards to buoy lines being cut at Chumphon Pinnacle & yesterday we hear that a very large net has been draped over Green Rock & also along the coast there aswell. This is obviously bad & what is worse was that there was a Marlin caught in the net. Our friends at Crystal managed to get the beautiful creature out but it was too late. They've also done a great job cutting up the net but they need help so they're putting out an SOS. So we're happy to offer a free dive tomorrow morning to Green Rock to all diving professionals who can provide their own scissors & dive knives.

If you are on your way over & the weather looks bad don't worry! The rain never lasts long especially at this time of year. You can usually see the storm clouds brewing over the mainland & then the wind picks up in a huff & it rains a bit & then it all blows over. Usually its mid afternoon just when the boats arrive on Koh Tao. If I was you try & get here in the morning!

AS predicted high season has started. The Full Moon Party people have arrived with their mates & their mates mates & its busy everywhere. Rooms are scarce again & its the same with our friends at Blue Wind & Silver Sand. If your planning on coming to Koh Tao anytime between now & the beginning of September I strongly advise getting online & booking! If however you want to chance your luck & then can't get anything, we've actually got 12 perfectly good brand new never been used tents we're thinking of putting up by the fan rooms.Please note- No TV or shower or toilet or fan, but just 10 seconds from the beach! 

Saturday 21st June 2008-

2008-06-21The troops are on their way back! Just heard from Rick who will get back to Koh Tao from his American vacation today & also Ricky & Anna should be just about ready to walk through the door any minute aswell. Won't it be nice to have the whole family back together again. Except for our petite Frenchman who is no doubt still in mourning after the abysmal performance of Le Blue in the European cup. How are you holding up G? Welcome back everyone else! Did you all enjoy your hols? Good now get back to work!

A Cambodian teenager is recovering in hospital after being bitten in the groin by an angry pufferfish. The 13 year old is in hospital with heavy strapping around his testicles. The fish had become enraged when it was accidentally trapped in the boys net & when it was freed, it attacked stripping the boys scrotum of skin.Pufferfish 1- Buster gonads 0!

Longest day of the year in Sweden yesterday. And because we all love the Swedes we decided to host a party. A very big summer solstice party. Seems like we had the population of Gothenburg show up at Big Blue, all enjoying the Swedish shannanigans of dancing around a pole singing silly songs. It was fantastic. I haven't seen so many scantily clad drunk Scandies in one place since my days working in the Adult Entertainment Industry.

Wednesday 18th June 2008-

2008-06-18So the worlds gone crazy about the plethora of sharks that are back at Chumphon Pinnacle this week! Yes people they're back & this time it appears they've brought their friends & families to the divesite. While we're telling our customers about how many sharks there are at Chumpers they've obviously gone off and told their shark buddies & brethren how many divers there are at Chumphon Pinnacle! Divers checking out sharks & sharks checking out divers. Beats the shit out of Big Brother!

Bright & healthy congratulations to our new DAN Oxygen providers. After working hard all day & every day, since they both started full time here, Sanna & Helen & DMT Joe had to then go into classroom at 6pm for 2 successive nights to learn all about the importance of Oxygen & being able to deliver it appropriately to those suffering from either scuba diving related injuries or more importantly those with alcohol induced morning headaches after attendance at improptu celebratory parties! Well Done O2 delivererers! Cheers for the ugly photo of them Steve!

Our sympathies go out to DM Dan today. He's broken his little pinky! Last member of staff to break any part of their anatomy must have been Mathias & he twanged his little pinky a treat! Bless his cottons. Thank your lucky stars you didn't break that little pinky Dan!

Tuesday 17th June 2008-

2008-06-17Attempting to be a former non smoker aint easy but I think Barry has just found the secret! Get an out of date Nicorette patch & black tape it to your arm for a good 3 days getting it regularly wet while diving. You should feel the effects of nausea, vomiting, giddiness & a general breakdown in anything that feels healthy by day 4 which will require medical action in the form of an intravenous drip! Day 5 go (against Doctor's orders) on a visa run & sit in a mini bus of smokers for 6 hours & then by day 6 you too should be a former non smoker!

Took our handyman for a tour of one of our boats, Navakid, yesterday & asked him to do a little bit of upholstery! They do get bashed about a bit our boats & the crap weather we've had a couple of weeks ago didn't help. Anyway we've slapped a bit of this on that, screwed a thingy into a wotsit, slipped a slab here & there, & polished the porcelain pan. Scrubs up nicely! Thank you Dam.

Congratulations Kate! Who has just got back from completing her Advanced Open Water Course. The problem is Kate did the course with her boyfriend who is an Instructor at another diveshop! The other problem is that when she went to Chumphon Pinnacle this morning to do her deep dive our poor Kate didn't get to see any sharks! Well Kate if you don't go with the best you'll never get the quality! Eh people! Wink wink!

Monday 16th June 2008-

2008-06-16Tis another beautiful day in paradise with blazing sunshine & ladies roaming the beaches with very little on! Fantastic diving too, flat sea's, more fish than you can shake a stick at and the busiest Full Moon Party of the Year coming up. So we're off tomorrow for another trip to the magnificent Sail Rock on one boat & because both Germany & Austria are playing soccer tonight Klaus & Churchie are organising an afternoon trip to Chumphon Pinnacle aswell on another boat. Aren't they considerate & thoughtful to others need for sleep!

Poor old Ari appears to be a little unwell. & why? Well as has actually happened once or twice before prior to being disencouraged by management because the income at the bar had become so dramatically reduced, Sonia is... 'on the wagon!' But don't worry Ari I made her get on one of those Aboriginal wagons, the type that's really uncomfy & comes right back so she'll be back off it again in no time at all. Breathe Ari she'll be sloshed & buying everyone drinks again before you can say 'Is it beer o'clock yet?'

Very sorry to have to tell you all that one of our longest serving Thai staff is off this week. P'Nen the guy who won the staff awards 2 years in succession for having the best tattoo has decided to open up his own business recycling waste from Koh Tao & selling it on the mainland. Good luck to you too P'Nen. You've been a very happy Captain & a fantastic guy to have met & worked with. So now guys I need a replacement for P'Nen. Only applicants with tattoos of their thingy on their leg need apply!

Sunday 15th June 2008-

2008-06-15The answer to our prayers walked back into our lives today! It really has been bothering me for ages too. Poor old Kate - our fantastically luverly shopgirl has been working alone now for almost 3 weeks. Thats 11 hours a day for 3 weeks without a day off! Thats pretty hardcore I can tell you & we've been looking for someone to join her but just haven't been able to find the right girl. That is until thismorning. When who should walk in but ... "Ladies & Gentlemen please put your hands together for our new sexy Shopgirl Alan Swapey!" Welcome back Swapey!

And I'm now hearing rumours that Jodie has left today as well! I'm very sorry to hear that. I do hope Simon will be alright. We all know how close those 2 got. Simon taught Jodie how to nick things & Jodie taught Simo a few things I can't divulge in public. (after all this is a family show!) Anyone seen Simo by the way. Haven't seen him since Jodie left! She didn't take him with her did she??? Has she nicked the Scouser?

So some of us on the island are getting together to try & help restore Tanote Bay on the 21st June, after a large land mass subsided due to the weight of the poorly planned reservoir. Now guys we need all of the help we can get as we are all going to have a go at planting some trees to give the soil some strength, The road to get there is pretty bad, so guys if you are not comfortable driving it there will be a free taxi from 8-9:30 am from Koh Tao info (near the old Aukotan.) I know its unlikely that many of you travel with shovels but please bring any gardening tools that you may have lying around that includes lazy other halfs! Yo diggity!

Saturday 14th June 2008-

2008-06-14So nice to see so many of you loverly people out last night for Dan's 21st! & Robyn's 29th! Must have been about 40 people out for dinner! Its always the cake people look forward to most so there were 40 very disappointed faces when Deano walked infront of a roaring fan with a lit birthday cake & all the wax splattered over the icing! Disappointment turned to mild mirth before returning to disappointment over our Welsh boys misdemeanour. Not sure Dan minded- he still got some cake later ... & ate it!

The weather was alot nicer this morning! Even managed to get out to Chumphon Pinnacle again this morning which by all accounts was magnificent! Its a good 20 meter viz & the bad weather seems to be over now according to our weather forecast so its back out again this afternoon with a boat full of Fun divers only! 1 small Chang to the first person who see's a shark today! A large one to the person who's off to Choppers to watch this afternoon's rugby! ;)

Got to take my hat off to Charlie! He's back after a year of Scottish University & within 24 hours of returning had not only found himself an affordable pad, bought himself a brand new set of equipment, he has also gotten himself a job and is already working at another dive shop on Koh Tao. Excellent work my friend! I'm impressed! Not at all bad for a 19 year old from Scootland!

Friday the 13th June-

2008-06-13Not laughing now are we! I am amazed how much damage Sonia & Dean were able to extract upon my Facebook profile in what was less than 8 minutes! They changed my profile photo, joined me in 3 groups- 1 about homosexual nightclubbing in Bangkok, (not that there is anything wrong with that!) 1 was about wife swapping & 1 was about enjoying stiff parts of peoples anatomy! they also updated my status several times. Well Dean & Sonia as you can see, it really is not a pleasant day today. So bad we had to actually cancel the afternoons dive sites for everyone except for you 2. You guys can dive in the swimming pool. That should stiffen certain parts of your anatomy ladies!

Happy Birthday Dan! Big Blue's 2nd most sought after male (after Jim) turns 21 again today! Well done mate I hope its as good today as the last time you turned 21! Its going to be High Jinx at Hippo, followed by good vibrations at Vibe, & Move your body music at Moove! Thats if we don't get blown off the beach beforehand! Happy returns!

Right guys I'll be honest! The weather at the moment really blows! Its high seas & stiff breezes & its a hell of a ride if you are on your way over by ferry or catamaran and if you are on your way then I'd recommend booking your transport with the Seatran Ferry. Its a smoother ride & their sea sickness bags aren't see-thu!

12th June 2008- Thursday

2008-06-12We just blew in from the windy city??!!!!! the poor people coming in off the lomprayah ferry today were looking a little bit green and worse for wears this morning. we advise seasick pills for the next two days until this little storm blows over.

Silly ol'Jimbo!!!! never leave the computer on in the shop with the welshman and brummie around!!!ponce ha nice picture by the way, can see why Andrea fell for you now??!!

Dont let the wind put you off, we are still having a Ful Day trip over to the side tomorrow, Hin Wong and Leam Thien are perfectly sheltered with beautiful flat seas!!!! masaman anyone? quick before Gollum comes back and steals it all.

11th June 2008- Wednesday

2008-06-11There is a new 'novelty' range of condoms including (I kid you not) a condom in the shape of a shark. What?? They are made by our sex obsessed friends in Germany! They have a warning on the back: no good as a contraceptive device, & no use at preventing sexually transmitted diseases. Not what I'd call very Vorsprung Durch Technique?

Got another new staff to welcome to the fold. Welcome Filip vander vander vanden Ver! Not strictly his real name but its one of those Belgian names which goes on for weeks so you don't really want to learn it! Sorry Filip. Anyway Filip has been working in Khao Lak & Greece before & also operated the first Liveaboard based in Koh Tao. He speaks more languages than most of our staff put together & like all Belgiums has a degree in Tintin and has actually met Hercule Poirot! Welcome to Le Grande Bleu Mademoiselle Filip Vandervandenvander!

How To Fail Your Open Water Test.
a. Tell your instructor you will race him to the surface.
b. Lie face down and motionless while holding your breath.
c. Loudly proclaim that safety stops are for "wossies".
d. Show up with a set of tables based on your own algorithm "that's WAY
e. Spit in your wetsuit and pee in your mask.
f. Ask your instructor, which fin goes on which foot.
g. Tell your instructor there is no way you can lift a cylinder with 2000
pounds of air in it.
h. When asked for your dive plan, you hand over a bundle of travel

10th June 2008 Tuesday

2008-06-10Remember those Bounty chocolate ads on the telly with the tropical island, the calm crystal clear blue waters, the fantastic sunshine, the top heavy girl in slinky bikini. Everything you can think of that conjures up the image of a sunsoaked tropical heaven everytime you have a bite of that luscious chocolate. Well Koh Tao aint nothing like that at the moment! Bit wet & windy today. Poor old Church has caught a cold. Ponce! Eat your Bounty & stop moaning!

Got to get ourselves ready for this weeks Dive site special which is... Green Rock night dive! Yeah! Rock on! Nice to be original & I know we are going to have lots of people sign up for it. There'll be all sorts of good stuff to see aswell. Time to get your own back on that trigger Robyn!

Now I'm not the quickest when it comes to gossip but this time I think I might actually be the first with the scoop! Looks like the Big Blue Bar has gone & got themselves an extremely attractive young lady to work & run the place. She's definitely Scandanavian cos I heard her speaking Swedibberish to Ari the other day & she has that Swedish volleyball team look about her. So nice to see, not just her but people, back at the bar again. It got a little quiet there for a bit. And great to see our Divemaster Team welcoming our new barstaff with so much charm & charisma. Real Gentlemen our DM's!

9th June 2008- Monday

2008-06-09Imagine how much money is being lost at bars & pubs right now just because England didn't make it to the European Championships. The English should automatically qualify just so the breweries don't go under! And all these sad miserable England fans wandering around Koh Tao right now have got to start supporting other countries. I'll start! I'm laying down my towel to reserve my place at the bar right beside Klaus! C'mon you Hermans! Auf gehts los boys!

Everybody's favourite cunning linguist is back! Hal's had about 3 weeks off & has been doing the bus mans holiday thing by taking his well earned holiday away from diving by having a diving holiday in the Phillipines! Says he saw lots of fantastic creatures like Manta's, thresher sharks, frog fish, ghostpipefish & all sorts of other good stuff! It was all very interesting & I can't wait to hear what he saw today when he gets back with his DSD's from Mango Bay!

Not the best day to choose to go to Sail Rock today unfortunatley. Its a little bit overcast today. Hasn't rained here yet but its been looking like its going to all day & we are completely surrounded by big puffy cumulonimbuses's! Better get those coats & brolleys out divers!

7th June 2008- Saturday

2008-06-07Right anyone thinking of doing their IDC soon, better book with me quick smart if you want to save yourselves some shekels, & get a really nice fan room with ensuite & use of swimming pool for just 6000 Bt a month! Right now for a very special price for your IDC including EFR Instructor what was 44000 BAHT, is now only 39.900 BAHT. (Batteries sold seperately!) Can't be beat! Get a career in diving & you too could soon be living in paradise! contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a good time!

In Hawaii its called the humuhumu-nukunuku-a-pua (no shit!) but here in Koh Tao we refer to these magnificent marine creatures as Triggerfish. They can erect the first two dorsal spines: the first one locks and the second one unlocks preventing predators from swallowing them or pulling them out of their holes. This locking and unlocking behaviour is why they are named 'triggerfish'. They are hard as nails & love the taste of New York flavoured Dive masters. Eh Robin!

Congratulations Craig our new Canadian Brokeback Mountain Divemaster. Your lassoing, gun toting, lap dancing, Horse riding performance last night at your snorkel test was by all accounts some of the finest acting to have come out of a Canadian since Keanu Reeves attempted Shakespeare! Congrats Craig you cowboy hunk!

6th June 2008- Friday

2008-06-06Its been a slow week, apart from the day that tumbleweed rolled through town we really haven't had much in the way of customers. Today however feels like the turning of the tide. Be warned people if you want to come to Koh Tao over the next couple of months then you better book yourselves some accommodation or you might find yourselves on Ricks financially inflated hammock!

The guys & Gals are back from their 3 day 3 night wreck trip around the Gulf. Fantastic visibility awesome wrecks at scarey depths & then to top it all off a whaleshark as well.
Its all Fish & ships when you go out on these trips. Congratulations Malin & Tim on becoming brand new technical divers!

Always very sad to see some of our old friends & staff bugger off for something new but equally fun & exciting to see old friends & staff come back. Even if it is for only a few weeks. Keith was one of our top Instructors years back just when Big Blue really became a diveshop to reckon with & has since been running a very busy diveshop in Khao Lak. Very nice to have you back Mr Angles. Welcome home!

 5th June 2008 - Thursday

2008-06-05I really do apologise for not having been able to update the website as I know there are loads of you new & old who read this rubbish & like to get their daily fix. I apologise but well you know sometimes there's a good reason for it. Usually its cos its too busy at work, or there's nothing going on or the internet connection is down but this time it was cos an old mate rang me up & invited me over to Samui for a night on the town with him & the boys. I said 'Ian, mate! I'd love to! see you this arvo!'
I had a great time & Ian was very miffed to hear I hadn't bought his number 1 fan Simon out to say hello & drool but Simo mate he's a celebrity & you just can't go around nicking celebrities!

Congratulations to our latest Australian talent to pass their Divemaster Course- Well done Matt. Matt has been here only 3 weeks & did the fast track DMT course. By fast track we mean heaps of diving every day morning & afternoon & night dives if there are any. Attendance at all lectures- thats twice a week is needed. & there can be no extra curricular activities other than the normal high jinxes & amorous love affairs & snorkel tests. Its a bit like an Aussie Soap Opera really. No wonder our boy from Townsville did such a bonza job! Good on ya Matt mate.

Nice to hear from a few of the staff slackers on their hols & what nots- Panos, G, Anna & Ricky & how they have been enjoying their well earned breaks. I'm sure Darren & Ally are now soaking up the sunshine & riding round town on their camels in Dubai for a week before they head off to the Maldives. & Scobby & Jolien have been travelling the Tran Siberian railway through all sorts of exotic sparseness of Mongolia & are now back in Holland getting ready for their big day. Rick is living the American Drama as he travels around the US to see his family & G has been very busy eating garlic, & wearing stripey shirts alot.

2nd June 2008- Monday

2008-06-02Aaaaaaaaaa.... and relax! Oh yeah. The island has gone completely quiet! Amazing 2 days ago we had more guests than rooms at our place & at Blue Wind & now today I got more rooms than guests. It feels absolutley deserted. I can't understand it. Its the whole island too. You can literally walk down Sairee Village & the only thing you'll come across will be tumbleweed. I love it. Its like being on holiday!

We have managed to sneak in another Full Day Trip to Sail Rock again today. The viz there at the moment is as good as anyone has ever seen. Really its got to be almost 30 meter viz on some sides of the rock. Massive schools of barracudas & twisters of Jacks. Breakfast, lunch, sunshine, 3 dives & 3 orally inflated Divemasters. What more could you ask for.

Two divers go spear fishing. They catch a lot of fish and
return to the shore.
The first one says, "I hope you remember the spot where we caught all those fish."
The other answers, "Yes, I made an 'X' on the side of the
boat to mark the spot."
"You idiot!" cries the first, "How do you know we will get the same boat tomorrow?"

1st June 2008- Sunday

2008-06-01Guess who won the island Pub Quiz? We did of course. Thanks Moove for donating 1000Bt behind the bar for our drunken scholars who could no more drink another beer than tick the right box! Special thanks to our smart arses Church & Nate who knew the answers to practically every question, so didn't make the rest of the team appear quite so dumb.

It was a great Birthday bash for Deano last night at Vibe bar. Cheers Massive Dave! The Bar B Q was fantastic & going pretty much all night- Cheers Massive Dave- & the sozzle went down very easily- Cheers Massive Dave. Shame about the 3 hour speech we had to endure from Deano. Luckily Massive Dave was there to wrestle the mike from our Welsh motormouth- Cheers Massive Dave! You did have a busy night!

Big Blue would like to welcome another member of the team today. James our cruise ship acupuncturist is joining us in the Divemaster team alongside Church & Dan & when she gets back from her round Ireland drinking whiskey trip Anna. We've nabbed James from another Koh Tao diveshop but seeing as we trained him we thought it was only fair. Welcome James. Its nice to have you onboard. Now about that free acupuncture session we talked about...

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