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March 30, 2013

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So its finally here! Big Blue Freediving. This isn't the first time we've launched BBFreediving but this will be the last! And thats because now we really have a team who know exactly what it is they're doing! Pepe Arcos from Spain is a Gold Medal holder & held the National record at the indoor Freediving World championships with a distance of 179 Meters & also holds a personal Record at Constant weight with a depth of 80 meters. Flavia Eberhard holds the National record in Brazil with a depth of 69 meters & holds 8 static apnea records including her 6 minutes on a single breath. Both Pepe & Flavia are the only AIDA International Judges on Koh Tao. With these 2 as your Big Blue Freediving Instructors  we're ready to show you how you too can be as cool as them! Contact us immediately at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for your chance to Freedive like a champion.

“Great value and such friendly people.”5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor March 26, 2013- Definitely the friendliest place I've been. Feel like you are with people you've known for years. The dorm rooms are clean and safe and everything you need a dorm room to be. And the diving is amazing. Such friendly instructors and other divers. I did lots of fun dives and every one lived up to its name. Would go back in an instant if i could.

Whaleshark seen yesterday at Southwest Pinnacle. Which was nice! Its actually been ages since we last saw a Whaleshark despite having seen over 100 last year. But thinking back a bit before we really only ever had one time of year where you could quite literally promise whalesharks and that was in April! So... guess its the beginning of Whaleshark season. And if this is going to be a good whaleshark season then lets hope we beat the most amount of Whalesharks we've seen at one time. Four! Lets see if we can't beat the record. Five whalesharks on 1 dive... or you're a ponce!

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