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Introducing our newest rooms! The dorms at Big Blue Guesthouse also known as Preewa! These are without doubt our nicest option for a dorm if thats what you are looking for & they are only going to set you back 100 Bt per bed on the days you dive or 400 Bt per bed on the days you don't dive. Each room has 4 beds, TV, with BBC news, a couple of movie channels & a sports channel, a fridge, fan, hot water & Air con! An absolute bargain & will be selling like hot cakes as soon as I get a minute to put them up on line!

“Go here!”4 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor March 23, 2013 - Went to koh Tao with the intention of finding somewhere to complete my open water diving course and then moving on, but loved it so much I stayed for 2 weeks, in part because big blue was such a nice place. I had an instructor called rich for my open water who was excellent,very competent while still maintaining a relaxed, go at your own pace atmosphere. Upon completion of that course I decided to do my advanced open water certificate which was very enjoyable and the instructor I had, daisy, was again extremely good and made it a highly fun activity while at the safe time very safe. Accommodation was fairly decent for free, broiler leaked a little but it's Thailand so oh well! Atmosphere at the bar/restaurant area was amazing and good was fairly decent. If you are considering starting diving I would definitely recommend you do it here! 

Now I know some of you in Europe & the US are having a terrible spring & for that I truely am sorry but you got to know something. Here... its hotter than balls! Hotter than that even. Hotter than a pair of balls... in thermals... in Africa... during a heatwave! It really is. In fact its even hotter than that right now. You could fry an egg on an ice cube! Its so freaking hot I saw a dog chasing a cat and they were both walking! What I wouldn't give to walk around the island naked right now. Coming to Koh Tao this summer? Come naked!

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