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March 25, 2013

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Another SSI Instructor Training Course coming up on the 15th April, with SSI Instructor Trainers Paul 'Tosh' Tanner & SSImon Garrity, for those looking to turn that dream into reality. Sooo many jobs out there for SSI Instructors right now. We're getting emails from Dive centers with job offers in Egypt, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico, the Caymans & the Middle East. SSI Instructors are in demand all over the world. Who would have thought it. Just a few years ago it was PADI everywhere. The Microsoft of the Diving Industry. Who would have thought that their nearest rival organisation SSI, would be as big as they are today. The Apple of the Diving Industry. Become an SSI Instructor & live the dream. Steve Jobs did... well apart from the diving malarky!

“Awesome diving experience (Safety always in mind!)”  Reviewed on Trip Advisor March 21- Did our research on several diving schools and emailed them. My friend and I were attracted to the friendly response we got from Big Blue and decided to do our 4 day Open Water course there. Our instructors, Petra and Thelma were awesome *insert hand gesture*. Petra, who is the mentor is very experienced. She constantly checked that we adhere to the instructions and would always advise us on what we've done wrong and how better to improve. Thelma would also be on the site and provide the fun element by introducing us to the different kinds of marine life available in various sites. She would ensure each of us managed to at least catch a glimpse of a rare marine life when we had our dives. At the same time, Thelma offered some of us chance to repractise certain skills that we were unsure of after the pool sessions. I did my mask removal skill multiple times and she corrected the minor faults as she observed. Petra and Thelma were very patient and fun instructors to have and that was one of the main reasons why my friend and I decided to move on and take up the Advance Adventurer course after the OWC. Plus most of my course mates also took it up together as well, so the atmosphere was very comfortable and family-like. I would definitely recommend others to come to Big Blue to learn scuba diving, as the waters are really clean and one might get to see a turtle underwater! And of course, the instructors (other than Petra and Thelma) were really friendly and professional in their teaching. No doubt, I'll be back to dive once again. Maybe DMT?

SSI DIGITAL UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY SPECIALTY. Interested in photography? Ever wondered about how to take photos underwater? For beginners, experts and anyone keen to just have a go! This specialty course will help build your confidence, improve your buoyancy and teach you the ins and outs of underwater photography. Learn how to capture some of the awesome life you see underwater, get tips on composition, lighting and editing your photos to turn great memories in beautiful images! 2 DAYS, 4 DIVES, 6000 B (15%off for DMTs) Not including camera rental. Camera rental can be organised at Big Blue Diving.

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