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March 24, 2013

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 So sorry to hear how cold its been in most of Europe over the last few days. Must be very depressing to wake up in the month of March & find its been snowing all night & that its colder than a polar bears undercarriage! meanwhile we 're waking up every morning to beautiful sunny days, bright blue skies, flat seas, crystal clear waters, tremendous viz, beautiful girls in bikinis & hunks in trunks. Poor you. Lucky us! :-)

“Incredible experience!”5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor March 21, - Absolutely loved doing the 3 day open water diving course. Our instructor Iain made all the difference. He was the perfect balance of patient, professional and fun, I couldn't praise him enough. 5 million stars!! The videographer Billy also did a fantastic job on our DVD, what a gem. The atmosphere in the resort is exceptional and I will definitely be returning to complete the advanced diving course and to polish off the yummy big blue menu with a few changs!! Thanks from team Ireland :) 

Its going to be an extremely busy period coming up now as we brace ourselves for the post Full Moon Party rush that descends on us from Koh Tao & then the biggest Thai party of the year Songkran! The Thai New Year where the Thai people traditionally celebrate by covering you in water & talc and everyone gets very, very... very drunk! Its an awesome time of year & as I said the island does get really really busy so if you are planning on coming over to visit in the next few weeks then please don't leave your accommodation bookings till the last minute as you'll be paying ten times what you budgeted for that is only if you are lucky enough to find a room! Book your room ahead! www.bigbluediving.com

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