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The Koh Tao Shark & Ray Survey enjoyed it's first nursery success today - we were so excited to receive a call from the local fishermen we are working with early this morning telling us they had accidentally caught 3 blue spotted rays last night. We went over there to collect them and brought them back to our nursery tanks. Next, we made sure they were healthy and not damaged from the fishing nets, then we took measurements and data from the rays (2 males and one very small female!) and took photographs of the spot pattern on their upper body, which is specific to each individual ray and can be used to identify them. We can now use this data to track the ray populations, especially if they are re-sighted. A few hours after they were originally caught, they were released back into the water, where they happily swam straight under some rocks. Just when we thought the day couldn't have been better, late on during a dive at our adopted reef, we saw the small female hiding underneath our coral nursery! The rays had been caught by the fishermen and would have suffered a BBQ death if it had not been for this project and the fishermen who support it. It's great to see the project working, with locals getting involved and some happy rays as a result. Stay tuned for more updates on our Koh Tao Shark & Ray Survey efforts.

“Best decision we ever made!”5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor March 20, 2013 - The fact that we chose big blue, is the best decision we have made in a very long time. Our instructor, Simon Garrity, made us feel very comfortable, and made this course a real joy! I would recommend big blue to everyone, not only for diving, but also if you are staying in koh tao. So thank you Chris cherry, Simon Garrity and Ben Hall, for being the best instructors in the world - and thank you Big blue for an amazing experience! Love team Norway! 
 Ladies and gentlemen, may we proudly announce, on the 24th of this month (March), tomorrow, the lovely boys at Big Blue Tech will be offering an afternoon of technical try dives in the swimming pool. Currently on the list of techie stuff for you to try is: Twinsets (woooooop), Side-mount (yaaaaay), Full face masks with coms (wooaaaah). For the whole afternoon the Tech Shack staff will be available to answer any (not any, just tech diving) questions you may have about the wonderful world of technical diving! There will also be a couple of dry displays and maybe even a beer available at the end of the day, so keep your ears peeled for the location and time! Don't you worry, if you think you will miss this one, we will be running these monthly around the same date, but still, if you can, come and check it out! Be there or be square...

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