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March 19, 2013

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 We have a celebrity in our midst without even knowing about it. John Huntington, known worldwide for his many brands. Some of the brands John has created either by himself or with partners are, Pimp n Ho, Rubber, Summer of Love, One night stand, Levi's Mammoth Mountain Concert Series, World fighting alliance, Hart and Huntington, Huntington ink, Inked on A and E and more. He has thrown 6 of the largest 21 and over parties in the HISTORY of the US. He has sold out the Mandalay Bay Arena in Las Vegas 4 times, and the Orleans Arena twice. His shows have been featured on the TV show Wild on E! Locking down the number 3 spot on E's "Wildest Parties" edition, ranking 3rd in the world behind Mardi gras in New Orleans and Carnival in Rio. Channel 11 news did a story on John at this time and is was quickly nominated for a prized Emmy Award. Very cool, very humble, awesome character John is handling the transition to international stardom, big breasted groupies & financial riches here at Big Blue very respectably!

“Great people, great diving, and a great time!” -5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor March 9, 2013 - I had an amazing time diving with big blue. It's priced really well. I got certified in open water diving and the instructors were amazing and I learned alot and feel immensely comfortable in the water now! The accommodations were fantastic and well worth the extra 200 baht a night. Couldn't recommend Big Blue Diving enough it was a fantastic time! 

The staff are all putting on their make up, spraying on their fake tans, combing their side partings & adorning their finest T-shirt & shorts clobber they have hanging in their wardrobes for this years Dive Staff photo. Jim likes us to get all dolled up at least once a year in our Dive Crew T-shirts & strike a pose whenever we have Professional photographers around & this year we are using New York Cinematic Director yet to make a name for himself but on the brink of Stardom & ex Big Blue Instructor Tim Klein at the lens! So smile everyone! Just picture that image you have of SSI Instructor SSImon Garrity dancing on the bar in his Mankini last Friday! Say Cheeses.

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