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April 11, 2013

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Hammerhead Shark seen on Koh Tao


  Rumour has it that a hammerhead was seen by another dive center a few days ago! How exciting would that be. My initial reaction was one of skepticism but having read up a little on the environmental preferences of the Hammerhead there really seems to be absolutely no reason why we shouldn't have hammerheads here in the Gulf of Thailand. Hammerheads are found worldwide in warmer waters along coastlines and are frequent visitors to the Philipines & Micronesia, & if they get them then why the hell don't we! So keep your eyes peeled divers. We're looking for hammerheads. First one to photograph gets a free ice cream.

Excellent Open Water Instructor

“Amazing diving!”-  Reviewed April 4, 2013 - Had a great time at big blue doing my open water and advanced courses. All of the staff are helpful and friendly. Accomodation is free if you're completing these courses which is an extra bonus. I had a really good group and an excellent instructor, Rich! He's patient if anyone has a problem (not that we had many) and is a great laugh, in and out of the water. I can see why he won instructor of the year, and deserves it again hands down. I'm going back to koh tao over New Years and really hope to get to dive with rich again! OOOOOHHHHHH YEEEEEAAAAAAH!

Koh Tao Weather Forecast

Don't want to be putting you off your visit to Koh Tao but.... you might want to keep an eye on the weather over the next few days. Apparently its not going to be very nice! We're being warned of 47 knot gusts of winds, (that'd be called a Cyclone in the US), 90 mm of rain (flood) and 4meter waves ( surfs up!). Its only going to be here a couple of days apparently which will be Saturday through to Monday which is a huge shame as Saturday is the Thai New Year. We'll be battening down the hatches. After all we aint keen on taking in the derriere like we did in that storm a couple of years ago when we got completely washed out, our trees fell over & our bungalows got toppled! Nope. Kind of keen to avoid that one!

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