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So our Full Day trip to the Angthong National Marine Park went down as a big success! Such an amazingly beautiful area actually listed as one of the Top 10 places to go in Thailand. Its actually where the setting of Alex Garlands book The Beach was based. And because of our new super powered fastest boat on Koh Tao "Ponpanawa" we are the only dive center on Koh Tao able to offer this trip as a 3 dive Full Day experience. & just in case you've been missing out on our other Full day Trips we also offer the Chumphon Marine Park & Sail Rock as well. 3 Awesome Full Day Trips departing every week! Massively in demand these trips so make sure you book ahead! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

“Best Place to dive :)”5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor March 31, 2013 - We decided to do SSI Open Water Diving here are Big Blue. It was the best decision we made! We got accommodation with our diving. The rooms were basic and simple but very clean. There is a restaurant there, which serves a mixtures of food and is reasonably priced. They do an amazing BBQ in the evenings on the beach. The diving instructors were so helpful and friendly and really made us feel at ease. We had an instructor who is named Eco Jen! :) She was lovely and so nice. And even took us out to a lovely restaurant in the mountains one evening. There is very good nightlife and restaurants on Koh Tao. If you are going to dive... You must do it at big blue


Drupella Snails can be responsible for extensive coral reef damage, once an outbreak occurs removal must take place for the balance to be restored. On Koh Tao in 2010 following a bleaching event we lost a significant amount of the Drupellas favourite dish - Acropora (staghorn) coral. As a result, the Drupella population well exceeds the Acropora cover, meaning goodbye to even more acropora colonies as they eat the remainders. Drupella snails use a special mouth 'radula' and feed off of living coral tissue, particular favourites being stag horn and plate coral colonies here on Koh Tao. The snails leave white tissue scars on affected coral and can usually be found congregated at the base or deep down in-between the coral branches. Adults have a robust looking shell, 2 to 3cm long, are covered in small cones/ spikes and are deep purple in colour due to their shells being cover in calcereous algae. Juveniles are usually 0.5 to 1cm long and are white in colour. In an attempt to reestablish the balance between durpella and Ancropora populations, we must remove excess Drupella snails from the reef. It is important to make sure removal is of the snail's only and not the common hermit crab which also takes up residence in an empty Drupella snail's shell, some easy clues for checking are waving the shell (if they drop off immediately, they are hermit crabs), and also the hermit crab will re-emerge from its shell relatively quickly once removed and in your hand. On our last trip we collected 313 snails! We saw 31 aggregations, and then the odd snail or two on its own. All in all a good trip (well...maybe not for the Drupella victims...).

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