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July 2, 2013

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Big Blue Babies

Tis the season to have babies tra la la la la la la la la!. Congratulations to Jim- Il Duce, Tor one of our touts, & Takeshi & Naomi, Owners of Big Blue Diving Khao Lak & Mihoko BB Diving Marketing Manager in Japan who have all over the last month been dropping sprogs like there's no tomorrow! 3 girls & a boy. Must have been something in the water 9 months ago! Either that or scuba diving makes you super fruity!

Amazing Instructor

“Amazing”5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor June 26, 2013 - There are sooo many dive schools to choose from on Koh Toa we really struggled to pick without knowing anything about them really but as soon as we saw the trip advisor results we decided to stay here. It was a really good decision. We stayed in a 4 bed dorm which yes wasn't the most amazing 5* accom we have ever had but we are in Thailand and it was free?! Also our dive instructor Steveo was amazing he was so patient and was really proud of us when we mastered a skill under water which was really nice. He helped us whenever we needed it and stayed around on an evening for drinks and we all went out for a meal. The course made me feel really safe for when we did our first dive on the OW course and it was amazing! The sites that they take you too are absolutely spectacular and the fish and sealife is amazing. Sometimes the visability isnt amazing but they tried to change to the sites that were the best. We have nothing to complain about and we stayed on to do the advanced course too we enjoyed it that much. Big love to steveo he was amazing and really made me feel safe when I was nervous. Thankyou Big Blue!!

Home Sweet Home

So its been a while but its as if nothing has changed. The sun is still shining, the sea is still flat. The whalesharks are still frolicking. Simo & Tosh are still doing their Instructor Training courses. The Instructors are teaching the students & the Divemasters are leading the certified divers. The AC rooms, fan rooms bungalows & dorms are all pretty much full. The shop girls are still accepting payments and the bar & restaurant are still serving 5 star cuisine. Its as if I never went away for 2 months to Bangkok to have another baby... except for the sleepless nights, & baby bile down my shoulder! Thanks everyone for taking such great care of the place for me while I been away. Especially to Tosh, Guy & Jess who've done an awesome job. So good in fact that I think I might bugger off for another month or 2! See ya suckers!

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