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The Real Value of a Whaleshark

 Amazing how much business gets generated by just one Whaleshark. By advertising the fact we dived with a Whaleshark the increase in diver numbers is up about 20% the following day. And that's just with us alone. If every Dive center on Koh Tao experiences that increase in numbers then we're talking millions of baht for just 1 sighting! Thats over 30,000 USD. That's way more than the fisherman would get for slaughtering a Whaleshark & selling it off for chopped fins. & don't forget of course that the divers way as opposed to the fishermans way, the creature is still alive. So it can make another 30,000 USD the next day, & the next day & the next day, forever & ever & ever or at least till it croaks! Killing Whalesharks- obviously a stupid mans game!

The Open Water Diving Course was the Best Experience of my Trip

“Great Experience”5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor July 4, - Just did my Open Water Diving course with Big Blue, it was the best experience of my trip. My instructor, G was really helpful, I had a lot of trouble with my ears (due to a bad cold), she was so patient and did everything she could to get me down and she did. Good value for money, didn't feel unsafe at any point would highly reccommend it here. 

New Longtail

We're just going boat crazy! Bought ourselves another boat! This one is just a longtail used to shuttle our divers to the boats from the beach. But wow what a beauty! She's bigger than a lot of dive boats here! She's the longtail equivalent of the Airbus 380. Licensed to carry 40 people with or without their clothes on. This should make waiting time alot less. Big Blue Diving- always looking for ways to maximise your Dive time!

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