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July 8, 2013

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Whaleshark at Chumphon Marine Park

 There's a thousand reasons as to why one should learn to dive. The feeling of weightlessness, the exhilaration, the exploration, to visit wrecks, to quote PADI- Meet people, go places & do things, but of course the biggest reason to dive is to see up close & personal all the many sea creatures there are to see in their natural environment & see to them with your own eyes! We were lucky enough to see a Whaleshark at Chumphon Marine Park yesterday which of course is the dream of every diver but how about this photo taken off Western Australia of a Whaleshark & then off in the distance a Whale! Now that takes some beating! Imagine swimming & photographing the biggest fish in the sea then along comes the biggest animal in the world! Amazing! Awesome photo. Congratulations Australia, you lucky buggers!

Open Water was a great experience

“Great first diving experience with Chloe”5 of 5 stars Reviewed July 5, 2013 - I did my Open Water Diver at Big Blue with Chloe as an instructor who was really great at easily explaining things, especially for non-native English speakers. As she immediately sensed that I was pretty scared in the beginning, she took extra care of me and made me feel safe all the time! She prepared us very well for the adventure and great experience-she always payed attention to the specific problems everyone in our group had and made sure everyone felt comfortable! For me it was one of the greatest experiences and I would definitely recommend and go back to diving with Chloe at Big Blue! 

How to Become A PADI Divemaster

Anyone looking at changing their career direction I would highly recommend looking at becomming a PADI Divemaster. You will need to be a Rescue Diver to start your Divemaster training which of course means you will need to have done your Open Water & Advanced Courses too but having completed all them it can take you as little time as just 1 month to complete your Divemaster Training. And once you've done that then you can put your CV out & get work any exotic location in the world and lead people diving. If you did want to go further then the next step is your Instructor Course. Only another months worth of training & you're able to teach people how to dive. Truely can there be a more satisfying way to earn a living?

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