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Free Diving starting every day from 20m to 40m depth

Big Blue Freediving has just started their AIDA Level One Beginner Course today with 2 students who are looking to dive down to a depth of 20 meters on just 1 breath & learn to do it in just 2 days! No sweat. Then they'll be signing up for their Level 2 Course which takes a day longer & will get you down to a depth of 30 meters! Then... they'll be signing up for the Level 3 Course which takes 4 days total & by the end will be able to dive down to a maximum depth of 40 meters on just 1 breath! How Freaking cool is that! Courses start every day with our Breathold Instructors Flavia & Pepe both of whom are International Record Holders, National Champions & AIDA Competition Judges so these guys really know their stuff! For more info contact us or write to these guys directly on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Easy going Consummate Professionals

“Exceptional Experience at Big Blue!”-5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor July 8, 2013- I arrived at Big Blue the first week in July and wasn't quite sure what to expect. Immediately upon arrival myself and the other new arrivals received a warm welcome form Rick (who would later be my instructor for the Open Water course). He briefly explained how things worked at the resort, costs, options, accommodations, etc. and handed out necessary paperwork. From start to finish, every instructor I came into contact with at Big Blue was a consumate professional. I quickly realized that Rick was a stellar instructor: patient, outgoing, and exceptionally good at explaining the basic physiology of diving. At no point did I ever *not* feel comfortable in the water with any of the instructors; quite the opposite in fact. I found it to be an extremely relaxing, serene experience. The only thing stopping me from immediately signing up for the advanced course with Rick (which my entire group of 5 other individuals did) was my tight timeline and itinerary which had my leaving Koh Tao the day after completing the Open Water certification. All in all, Big Blue (1 & 2) was generally clean, staff friendly, service good. The word "easy-going" immediately comes to mind when I think of one word to summarize the atmosphere at Big Blue. The food at the restaurant was good, the beer cold, and the environment extremely warm and welcoming. I cannot speak to the accommodations specifically as I stayed elsewhere on Koh Tao but all of my group-mates had nothing but good things to say about the free-or-nearly-free lodging provided. The only thing to be conscientious about if you come to Koh Tao (as with any other small tropical island) is that 24hr bugs (i.e. stomach viruses) seem to go around quite frequently. However, such is the nature of the beast and this is in no way a reflection upon Big Blue...just remember to bring some traveler's meds and hand sanitizer! Regards and Happy Travels, Tom Bailli.

No BullSharks

No Bull sharks were spotted at Sail Rock yesterday I'm sorry to say despite all the hype. Shame but not to worry I'm sure they'll be there soon. However it was awesome conditions so everyone had a great day diving in 30 meter visibility. Our next Full Day Trip is in a couple of days off to the Chumphon Marine Park which is definitely one of the best places to go diving as there's no one else who dives there, just us, & last time we went got to dive with a Whaleshark & came across a brand new sunken Fishing boat which was cool. Come in or send us an email for more info on this & all our other Full Day Trips. English Breakfast, Thai Buffet Lunch, 3 dives & Chocolate brownies for everyone!

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