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July 13, 2013

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Voted Best Island in Asia

Official! Koh Tao has now been voted Asia's very best Island! Known it all along but now its officially official! We've beaten all sorts of exotic spots teeming with islands throughout Indonesia, Malaysia, even other local hotspots here in Thailand! Sun soaked beaches, Golden Sands, crystal clear waters, Palm fringed bays,teeming marine life, bronzed bikini clad babes, Charles Atlas styled hunks, first class cuisine, awesome beach front bars, blood red sunsets, excellent vibe & Asia's Best Dive Shop- Big Blue Diving... on Asia's best Island.

Scuba Diving was the most amazing experience of my life

“Big blue is where it's at!”5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor July 11, 2013 - I was really anxious about diving but signed up for my open water anyway and I am so glad I did because it was the most amazing experience of my life!! I was nervous to go under and had problems with equalizing my ears which made me panic a bit however the instructors there Lisa and John were extremely patient and helped me throughout the dives. I would recommend this school to anyone visiting koh Tao as the trainers are really friendly and make the experience one to remember alot of fun stuff and u make friends with them!! Great stuff guys awesome job fully enjoyed it and look forward to diving again!! 

Big Blue Diving wheels in motion

So its all guns blazing! Big Blue Freedivers are Freediving with their students. Big Blue BSAC, Thailands largest BSAC Dive Center, has just finished another Ocean Diver Course. Big Blue Tech are out diving the deepest depths around Koh Tao. Big Blue Conservation are planning for our big event coming up next month the Swim for Sharks Charity Swim. Big Blue Pro is cleaning the boards & sweeping the floor in preparation for their next Instructor Training Course & Big Blues Best Divemaster in the World, Steven, is busy turning the cogs in the machine that makes Big Blue everyone's favourite Dive Center. Hope it stays like this till Monday, I'm having tomorrow off!

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