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August 19th 2013

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Pregnant WhalesharkPregnant Whaleshark seen at Southwest Pinnacle Whaleshark seen at Sothwest Pinnacle at the weekend. Not sure if it is the same one we saw at Sail Rock last week. Still waiting verification. But accrding to Eco jen our resident Marine Biologist she reckons this Whaelshark is actually pregnant. Now that woule be awesome. Apparently a pregnant Whaleshark was found dead in a net a little while ago & when it was brought out of the water they found inside 300 baby whaleshark embryos! So if this whaleshark we saw at the weekend carries on & delivers 300 Whaleshark pups to this area we might be in for some quite exciting diving in the near future.

I Did my Open Water, Advanced, Deep, Wreck and Nitrox “Superb Resort”5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor August 15, 2013 - One of the best dive resorts you could possibly want to stay at. Great dive sites, professional and friendly instructors, fantastic on-site restaurant and good quality accommodation. I stayed at Big Blue for 3 weeks and in that time did my Open Water, Advanced Adventurer, Deep, Wreck and Nitrox diving certifications. Dave "Sqzy" was my instructor for all of them, and was a fantastic teacher - incredibly upbeat, entertaining and interesting whilst being professional and helpful at all times. After training I went out on a few fun dives and on a full day trip. The dive masters were always keen, helpful and easy to talk to and the dive sites are all superb. The layout of the resort is superb, with everything less than a minute's walk away; even the nearest corner shop is literally right outside the entrance. The on-site restaurant has a broad, well-priced menu with food from all over the world and opens very early to very late. Almost every diver, dive master and instructor can be found there at some point during the day so the whole place has a really relaxed, social atmosphere. On top of that, each evening DVDs from that day's final open water dives are shown which gives you something to look forward to if you're training and gives more experienced divers a look at the local dive sites. There are various different choices when it comes to accommodation. I chose to stay in a private room with a fan but there are also dormitories and private rooms with and without A/C available. The room was cleaned and made up every 2 days with clean sheets and towels. Despite absently-mindedly leaving valuables out a couple of times nothing ever went missing.

A Very God Reason to become a Scuba Diver Did you know.... 99% of all living space on the planet is in the ocean, and humans have explored less than 10% of that space. 90% of the ocean's volume constitutes the dark cold environment we call the 'deep sea', at an average depth of 3,700m (That's over 4 times greater than the average height of land). So, by learning to dive, you have gained access to 70% of our planet. And by attempting to conserve the marine ecosystem, you are helping to maintain 99% of Earth's living space!

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