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August 24th 2013

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Teaching the Local Kids to Scuba Dive

Teach a kid to dive, and they will love the sea for life. That is the basic principle behind the work being carried out  by New Heaven Conservation this year to get more local kids involved with the diving and marine conservation work happening on what will eventually be their island. Marine Conservation for kids, Koh Tao. In August they kicked off a 5 month program alongside the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources and SSI Thailand, teaching the students first how to SCUBA dive, then how to perform underwater research through the locally designed Ecological Monitoring Program. In the final months of the program the students will also be trained in coral restoration and protection through various locally designed methods. The program is completely free to all Thai or Burmese children 10-18 years old. The goal of this program is to increase local stakeholder capacity and involve the young generation on Koh Tao in the protection and restoration of their local marine environment. An excellent idea & an awesome job carried out by Chad Scott & his team at New Heaven Conservation & Save Koh Tao.

Highly recommend this place for Open Water certification

“Amazing experience, and great introduction to a new world” -5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor August 20, 2013 
Big Blue has a fantastic energy as soon as you get to the resort. All of the instructors have huge smiles on their faces, and signing in was painless and quick. We got a great 3-person room for free, which was clean (not so much after we trekked in sand) and comfortable. The dive sites for the SSI Open Water course were breathtaking, especially during the third and fourth dives when you're not as distracted by technique and can appreciate the coral and life around you. The best part were our instructors, Oli and Guy. Oli was new and in-training, but extremely relaxed and friendly without sacrificing professionalism. One of my friends freaked out underwater on the first dive and didn't want to continue but Guy was so good and patient that she fought through it; she was loving diving by the end! Highly recommend this place for Open Water certification. Diving can be quite frightening to a newbie and you want the best.

Koh Phangan Full Moon Party Rush

Well the weather hasn't been the best unfortunately & then all the ferries on their way to Koh Tao Fecked up resulting in one late night waiting up till 1 am for the boat to come here from the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan. Consequently this months Full Moon rush hasn't been anywhere near as dramatic as last months. In fact its been quite orderly. So orderly in fact the Techies even managed to pop out for the afternoon for a photo shoot with professional Photographer Andy Campbell and we even managed to give Wave runner a bit of well earned Rest & relaxation. Keep this up I might even be able to pop out for a massage & a manicure with WPC DM Darren Milsom who's doing his usual weekly pampering session.

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