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SSI Dive Professional Training

Ever wondered how people become diving instructors? Big Blue instructors are a real mixed bag. Some came on holiday and never went home, some were looking for something different to the usual 9 to 5 and knew exactly what they wanted to do. But they all have one thing in common. They're all on the run from the authorities.. no, that wasn't it! They all instantly fell in love with diving and get real satisfaction from seeing students progress from their first breathes underwater in a pool, to diving to 18 or 30 metres in the ocean. Top it all off with the incredible marine life that Koh Tao has to offer at dives sites such as Chumphon pinnacle, Sail Rock, Twins and White Rock, and that stuffy souless office surrounded by endless paperwork will quickly become a distant memory. As an SSI platinum instructor training facility, Big Blue offers a full range of instructor qualifications including specialities, all run by Simon Garrity and Paul "Tosh" Tanner, who between them have almost 30 years experience in the diving industry! If you want to find out more, have a chat with Simon or Tosh at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SSI dive professional training big blue diving

“Scuba nirvana, indeed”

5 of 5 stars Reviewed 2 September 2013- I just completed my SSI Open Water and Advanced courses with Big Blue and had an amazing time. Thanks to my instructors Martijn, Ant (2), and Tosh. All three were great - really knowledgeable, experienced, and fun. Big Blue is definitely a big dive school, but that didn't detract from my experience in the slightest. I had a bit of a panic attack on the night dive of my Advanced course when my mask slipped off my head during the descent. Although Ant handled the situation extremely well, I was too freaked out to continue the dive and developed something of a mask phobia. So Ant arranged for me to dive one-on-one with Martijn, my Open Water instructor, to practice some mask skills. Martijn was great at making me feel comfortable and helping me get over my fear. I did another night dive for fun that same night. My instructors at Big Blue cared that I learned the requisite skills to truly enjoy and want to continue diving. They didn't just slap me with a certification and send me on my way. I can't imagine having a better experience with another dive school. Thanks, Big Blue!

Looks like now is an even more perfect than normal time to come to Koh Tao. After an uncharacteristic May & June with intermittent rain and wind, July and August have been consistently hot and sunny, and September is looking like being more of the same. Diving-wise, conditions could not be more perfect. The laws of physics would have to be broken to make the sea any flatter than it is currently, and visibility on the dive sites is absolutely stunning; up to 30m at Chumphon pinnacle. The Gulf of Thailand is a lovely 30 degrees centigrade, so if you don't live here and haven't acclimatised (i.e. turned into a big local wuss), then you'll find it like getting into a warm bath! So if you're at home in Europe or America enjoying the Sun, it won't last much longer! So get yourself to Thailand and make your way down to Turtle island to work on those t-shirt, singlet, bikini and shorts tan lines!

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