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September 7th 2013

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Sattakut wreck speciality big blue diving

Specialities anyone?

If you're already a qualified diver, you may be wondering what you can do to get the most out of your diving. If you weren't, i'm going to tell you anyway! Here at Big Blue, we teach a number of PADI and SSI speciality courses that are designed to give you the knowledge and practical experience to safely take your diving to new levels- literally! With the deep speciality, you will be qualified to dive to 40 metres (and understand what it means to get narced a little better!). This potentially opens up access to a lot of dive sites around the world, and will make you a much more conciencious diver. The Nitrox speciality enables you to stay much longer at a given depth compared with breathing bog standard air, as the tank you breathe from is "enriched" with a higher precentage of oxygen, therefore lowering the amount of nitrogen- it all becomes clear on the course! The wreck speciality teaches you techniques for navigating around shipwrecks, such as how to safely use a guideline, how to communicate in low visibility, and crutially, how to make your way back to the boat!- easily one of the most fun courses you can do. But if you've really got your head screwed on, you'll do the deep, wreck & nitrox courses combined. There's a big discount if you do all three at once, and in 3 days time you'll be able to go fun diving on Koh Tao's very own shipwreck the HTMS Sattakut, and watch all the other divers surface while you enjoy the rest of your nitrox!

“Got a new family on Koh Tao”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed 3 September 2013- Adventure started in Bangkok when I went in the big blue office on koh San rd. I spoke to a wonderful Thai woman called Lin who was so helpful. She then booked me up to head to koh Tao. She also helped a friend of mine sort transport for other places too so very helpful. The guys down at big blue are very cool. Almost makes you want to go get a tattoo and a Mohawk (the Thai guys are always cutting each other hair at big blue so you maybe able to request one on site). For my open water course I had Rich who is one cool guy who clearly loves what he's doing and is always wanting to help. As well as teaching me about diving he also taught me how to do
a gainer (running backflip) off a boat. So don't expect just to learn how to dive on this trip. For my advanced which I originally didn't plan to do but loved it here at big blue so much I stayed on I had Kevin. (Ask Kevin how to say aluminium, really funny if you're English as he is American) Kevin was awesome. He took us on our night dive and his bright blue and purple shorts were easy to spot amongst the hunting barracudas and turtles we saw. Again you could see Kevin like rich really loves what he does and wants to help you any way he can. To be honest I'm pretty sure that all the instructors are amazing at big blue. But with rich and Kevin you can expect to do some stupid stuff like doing a horse and jockey race at 15metres with your buddy, read again if you didn't believe me. If you want to know anything about diving or koh Tao or anything really about travelling. Don't use lonely planet or rough guides. These guys know everything and its not what you know it's who you know. Really enjoyed my time at big blue and iv made some really good friends here who I hope to meet again. Maybe at 30metres.

17 Facts about Whalesharks

1. it's the worlds largest fish, growing to over 12.65 meters (40 ft)

2. weighs over 30 metric tons (66,000 lb)

3. eats mostly plankton

4. is a filter-feeder, sucking water in through it’s mouth then pushing it out through the gills.

5. gives birth to live young

6. lives to over 70 years

7. reaches sexual maturity at 30

8. is found in tropical and warm oceans

9. has pale yellow or white stripes and dots in a checker pattern all over it’s grey back

10. is docile and at times playful with divers

11. likes to live alone, groups have very rarely been seen

12. lives in open water

13. usually swims and feeds near the top of the water

14. has thick skin, up to 4 inches (10 cm) thick

15. swims slowly at about 3 mph (5 kph)

16. has a really big mouth, up to 1.5 metres (4.9 ft) wide with 10 filter pads and around 350 rows of tiny teeth

17. it can be quite an invigourating experience to dive with one................................. !!!!!!!

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