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Responsible Diving Practices Campaign

Big Blue Conservation's head honcho Lizzie has launched a campaign to encourage responsible diving practices, I would say accross koh Tao but it also applies to any dive site in the world! How often have you been diving and seen someone who's buoyancy is so bad that they bang into rocks or even coral, or they know perfectly well how to dive but just have a complete disregard for the damage they are doing to the marine life. This campaign is all about reminding those who should know better, and also educating those who just didn't realise how bad it is. Big Blue Conservation has been working closely with SSI, Save Koh Tao, and the Thai Government to create a number of artificial reefs around Koh Tao. These are structures that are deliberately placed underwater to allow marine life to grow on them, and can be steel bars, concrete, or even a whole ship! Over time, organisms such as coral and sponges will cover the material, which has a knock on effect; small animals will move in, followed by larger predators. Hey presto, a whole eco system! So please pass the message on that it's really not a good idea to touch anything underwater, and if you see anyone do it, please have a word with them. We need to preserve these beautiful dive sites so that they can still be enjoyed in the future.


Big Blue Conservation responsible diving practices

“Exceeded my high expectations”

5 of 5 stars Reviewed 7 September 2013- These guys (and ladies) are simply the best. We completed our PADI Rescue course with Tim and had a terrific time. More importantly, we learned a lot-highly recommend this course to all divers. And if you must take it, Tim teaches both PADI and SSI (and his own extensive skill review) and is the best dive instructor either of us have had coming from three different backgrounds between the two of us. After class, we did four days of fun diving (including the full day trip to sail rock) with Phil and Steven-with-a-v. The diving is beautiful, but it wouldn't be the same without this team of amazing dive masters and their fantastic support team. They are fun, animated, communicate beautifully under water, have a great eye for the small stuff, and are full of bad jokes. We had the absolute best time! We also stayed at Big Blue 1 and loved it. Highly recommended (as long as you aren't high maintenance). This place has a great atmosphere. Very hard to leave!

Sairee Beach Jellyfish? Graveyard
Ever walked along Sairee beach in the morning to go out diving and wondered what those squishy jellyfish-like creatures are? They're pretty hard to miss, especially the smell by the afternoon! although people think they are jellyfish, they're actually called salps! These multicellular organisms are the fastest producing animal in the ocean. They live in deep ocean water, coming up to the surface at night to graze on plankton. Salps form large chains in the water, recycling and transporting carbon to the deep sea in their fast-sinking fecal pellets! Pushed to shore by wind and sea currents, they appear in enormous numbers with the annual plankton bloom. Next time you see these squishy creatures, blow them a carbon-loaded kiss- whilst holding your nose!

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