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September 11th 2013

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Big Blue Youtube Channel

Did you know that Big Blue Diving has it's own youtube channel? Well now you do! It's your chance to see what our instructors, divemasters and customers see every day diving around Koh Tao. Groupers, trevally, turtles, barracuda, batfish, mantis shrimp, scorpion fish, trigger fish, crocodile fish, whalesharks, the odd pilot whale and minke whale... I could go on but it's much better to see these beautiful animals than talk about them! We work closely with Ace Marine images to film open water courses, promotional events, Big Blue Conservation projects, and big events such as the swim for sharks charity extravaganza. So every day they get great footage of the best that the Gulf of Thailand has to offer. Recently a sailfish was spotted (I also saw one a couple of months ago actually jump out of the water), and there were rumours yesterday of bull sharks being back at Sail rock- i'll believe it when we get photographic evidence! Anyway, have a look at youtube and then book your flight tickets.. we'll pick you up from the pier! http://www.youtube.com/user/BigBlueDiving (p.s. It's a clown trigger fish in the photo!)

Big Blue Diving Ace Marine images Clown Triggerfish

“Great experience with Big Blue”

5 of 5 stars Reviewed 8 September 2013- On recommendation of a friend, my boyfriend and I completed our Open Water diving course here in August 2013 and feel we hit on a real winner- Instructors: all very friendly and all either were English or spoke perfect English. They obviously cater for a number of different nationalities, allowing for people to get the best instruction possible. Neil, our instructor, was very thorough and as a result I felt very comfortable in the water. He also made the dives fun and enjoyable and clearly loved his job and diving, which bred enthusiasm in the group! - Group sizes: very small, with a maximum of 6 people per instructor. - Location: great spot on the well appointed Sairee Beach. Plenty of dining/drinking spots on the beach and in the village too, all within 5 mins walk of BB. - Rooms: reduced price when diving with the company. Very basic room, with no A/C but at £6 a night for a double room this seemed very reasonable.
- Free transfer from ferry to site upon arrival.

Mid-Ocean Recycling
How do you rid the ocean of all the plastic that has been dumped since plastic was invented? Well one possible answer seems to have come from nowhere, with clogs on! A Dutch student- Boyan Slat, has come up with the ingenious but simple idea of having a floating boom tethered to the sea bed, that would suck in any plastic that floats by, whilst allowing plankton and fish to pass harmlessely through it. The plastic would be periodically removed for recycling and the machine would even be self sufficient by harnessing energy from the Sun and waves. Pretty clever stuff eh. Marine animals die when they either get caught in plastic, or eat it. On koh Tao we have occassionally found dead turtles with plastic in their throats, which is both sad and frustrating. Big Blue Conservation organises regular beach and underwater clean ups, but it is a never ending job, so anything that could (excuse the pun) turn the tide against plastic is very welcome.

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