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Whaleshark at Chumphon Pinnacle!

It's all gone a bit whaleshark crazy here at Big Blue. We haven't seen a whaleshark in a couple of weeks, and then one appeared on the Sail rock full day trip 2 days ago, and another one at Chumphon pinnacle yesterday morning, thus proving the point that whalesharks are like buses.. you wait around and nothing, then 2 come along! Lots of happy instructors, divemasters and instructors here at the moment, which is especially tormenting for the people that didn't sign up for the boat and missed it! See, sitting on the beach drinking mojitos and reading the latest Dan Brown book about how the Vikings built the ark out of lego (and therefore also invented lego) is not all it's cracked up to be.. Get out diving! You can sign up for the fun diving boat in the Big Blue office, we go out twice a day- 2 dives in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, and we go to the best dive sites in and around Koh Tao; Chumphon pinnacle, Sail rock, White rock, Samran pinnacle, Green rock, Chumphon Marine Park, the Trident and Sattakut wrecks, and please feel free to request a dive site with a day or two's notice, and we'll make it happen.

Whaleshark big blue diving chumphon sail rock

“Is that a Shark ?!”

5 of 5 stars Reviewed 9 September 2013- Well i´m home.. :( Just got back from Thailand where i spent a few weeks. One of which was really good spent on Kho Tao learning and diving with Big Blue. It was a really nice and interesting experience. All the instructors are nice and helpful (and they really appreciate it if you wave to them all the time :P). You get to chose from a variety of languages but English is the most used language and they all speak it perfectly. Petra, our instructor, really had a knack for teaching. Real funny girl that transforms into a real siren when underwater. All in all a very pleasant experience that i would repeat. I´m actually thinking of taking some months off and joining the Dive Master program over there.. If you´re wondering what with the title well.. if you are among the really lucky ones, you could get to see a big freakin´ whale shark during your training. Speaking of.. also doing the Advanced Open Water is a must. THERE you get to see and learn the really cool stuff. Safe diving.

Reduction in shark fin imports

Big news on the fight against shark finning, a number of airlines and shipping companies in Hong Kong have caved in to pressure from campaigners to ban the import of shark fins on any of their flights and ships! Emirates, Quantas and Air New Zealand have agreed to a total ban, whilst Cathay Pacific has said it will only carry shark fins from sustainable sources (sounds a little dubious). Two major shipping lines have also announced they will no longer carry shark fins. Hong Kong is a global hub for the trade, previously importing roughly half of the world's harvest of fins. The ban has already seen imports reduce by 30%! The fight continues and we'll only be satisfied until that figure is up to 100% But it's definitely progress. Big Blue Conservation will continue to work with the Thai Government, local fishermen and other organisations to reduce finning and educate the simple fact that sharks are worth way way more to their economy alive in the form of tourist dollars.

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