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Picture worth a thousand words

Meet Big Blue's head divemaster Steven DeVelter. We love him dearly. Thought to be in his mid-thirties (or forties), a little bit mangy- I don't know why but he's not showing off. Also said to be distantly related to Charles bronson by blood and Burt Reynolds by marriage. Universally loved by his colleagues and his fun diver customers, he'll do anything for you; he once rang me to to tell me that "your lost wallet has been found on Sairee beach and handed in. There's no money in it but two condoms- who the hell do you think you are?"- typically bizarre of any conversation with him. He organises all five of our dive boats- Banzai, Waverunner, Ao Meung, Big Blue and Porponawa (the exclusive fun diver only boat). He decides when they go out, which divesites they go to, and how many regulators, masks, tanks, weights and weight belts will be needed. He also whips the other divemasters into shape (along with a few instructors from time to time). It may all be getting to him a little bit but decide for yourselves. Have a look at the photo below, do you think he left a fork in the knife draw or forgot to record Montel Williams? We'll put this photo up on our Big Blue facebook page, and would like you to comment on what you think he's thinking or saying. Personally, I think he was remembering that it's Charles Manson that he's related to, not Bronson!

Steven DeVelters

“Great Dive Resort Awesome Instructors (PETRA)”

5 of 5 stars Reviewed 11 September 2013- My boyfriend and I recently completed the Open Water course at Big Blue and our only regret is that we couldn't stay for the advanced course. We had an amazing time staying at/diving with Big Blue and learning from our awesome instructor Petra. We stayed at Big Blue while we were diving - our accommodations were pretty basic, but they were free every night we dived so no complaints. The diving experience was awesome. Petra was a phenomenal instructor and we felt completely comfortable diving with her. Her pre-dive training more than prepared us for our first open water dive and we loved the experience. Great Job Big Blue and Petra!

Ugliest fish in the ocean?

Here on Koh Tao, it almost goes without saying that we're really lucky in having such a huge anmount of variety in terms of marine life, right on our doorstep. The animals that inhabit the Gulf of Thailand are as varied as they are abundant. What catches your eye when diving, and what you find beautiful are obviously very subjective; I could sit and watch razor fish do their weird synchronised vertical dance for hours, but I'll not even give a second glance to Nudibranchs- the divemaster's favourite. It's probably fair to say that most people find triggerfish pretty unattractive. But in the ugly stakes, I don't think there's anything in the waters around Koh Samui, Koh panghan or Koh Tao that could compare with the blobfish (see photo below- you can't miss it!) It's been given the unofficial title of world's ugliest animal by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, recently announced at a science-themed comedy night at the science festival in the UK. It's all a bit tongue in cheek (no offence blob fish!), but it has a more serious aim, which is to highlight threatened species- even if they are aesthetically challenged, rather than the cute and cuddly species that usually draw attention such as pandas. It all falls on deaf ears to Big Blue Conservation's head honcho Lizzie though, as in her eyes everything in the ocean is beautiful!


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