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Certificate of Tech-cellence (See what I did there..)

If you were planning on heading down to Big Blue Tech to have a word with the boys about something or other, you may want to bring some grease, as James's head has swelled and is currently blocking the door! The reason, a fantastic email that one of his students sent to TDI as feedback from the Intro to Tech course she recently completed at Big Blue, that TDI then made into a very swish looking certificate of excellence. Asked about the certificate, James, 43, said "I barely even remember her because of all the medication i'm on, but I do remember she was very weird, but I must have done something right".. ok he didn't really say that! He actually said "It's really nice to be recognised for doing a job I love, by both my student and the training agency- TDI. Technical diving is a passion of mine, and another good thing about teaching it is that I get to meet all sorts of interesting people with different backgrounds from all over the world, so i'm very chuffed to receive the certificate". He's about as down to earth as it gets our James, his head is definitely the same misshapen mess it always was, he's not on any medication that we know of, and he's not (quite) 43! What he is, is a very experienced and accomplished TDI technical dive instructor, who will have you laughing as much as learning, in the waters around Koh Tao and Khao Sok National Park. So if you don't know what technical diving is, would like to find out more, or already know that you want to sign up for some very challenging fun, go to the tech shack and talk to James and Ian.

Big Blue Tech certificate of excellence TDI

“Incredible place to learn to dive”

5 of 5 stars Reviewed 17 September 2013- Big Blue offer the perfect blend of reassuring professionalism and easy goingness that make for such a brilliant place to learn to dive with. Our wonderful instructor Chloe made us feel in safe hands the entire way whilst still gradually instilling a confidence over the course of the Open Water and Advanced courses that meant I couldn't wait to get back in the water every time we went out on the boat! I'd definitely recommend doing the Advanced course too, the night dive was one of the most incredible experiences of my life, and the five extra dives with dive computer and compass just generally make you feel so much more ready to take on the underwater world!

Blackfish Documentary

A very powerful and emotive documentary, Blackfish focuses on the captivity of the killer whale Tilikum, kept at Seaworld in the US, who was involved in the deaths of three individuals. The film scrutinises the consequences of keeping such large and intelligent animals in captivity, and begins with coverage of Tilikum's capture in 1983 off the coast of Iceland, showing how he was harassed by fellow captive whales and left in dark tanks for hours. Incidents that the film argues, contributed to the whale's aggression. If you are in any way passionate about the ocean, and conservation of the marine life it contains, Blackfish is a must see film. Big Blue Conservation will be showing a screening of Blackfish at the Big Blue Conservation lab (date and time to be confirmed), but be warned, you'll probably need to bring some own kleenex. It would actually be great to get the local residents of Koh Tao involved in this and have Thai subtitles for the film... something for Save Koh Tao to arrange! You can view the trailer here.

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