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September 20th 2013

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September Full moon Party
Well it's that time of the month again, Koh Panghan's full moon party was in full swing last night, and even though the weather wasn't amazing you can guarantee all sorts of craziness occurred. Today at Big Blue we will receive some of the casualties that managed to make their way out of there, still dazed and covered in paint and day-glo shorts and singlets (that's vest in English!). But tomorrow will be busy busy busy across the whole of Koh Tao, and our instructors will be braced to teach a lot of spaced out people how to dive! We have a range of accommodation for people diving, from nice cheap dormatories, to bungalows, all the way up to air an conditioned villa. Some of the dorms are free on the days that you dive, and all the other accommodation is heavily discounted for the days you dive too. One bit of advice, book ahead.. in fact that's such a useful piece of advice i'll say it again.. BOOK AHEAD!! Just go on the big blue website, have a look around, decide on the accommodation you'd like and the type of course you'd like to do, and we'll reserve your room and be expecting you with smiles aplenty! We teach PADI, SSI, BSAC and TDI courses, and our fun diving is easily the best on Koh Tao. So have a look at our trip adviser reviews and get on over here!

“Great diving experience with great instructor!”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed 18 September 2013- If you're heading to Koh Tao, diving is a must and Big Blue is the spot. My friends and I are really happy we went here. Your instructor can make or break your experience, and Nat made ours so awesome. We were pretty nervous about taking the open water course, but Nat made the whole experience so fun that we decided to continue on to get our advanced certification with her, as well! Best decision for sure. If you're thinking about diving, definitely go with Big Blue and request Natalie W (Nat).

Great barrier reef

Dredging the Great Barrier Reef
Pretty sad news from Australia, only 24 hours in as prime minister, Tony Abbott has allowed dredging to go ahead in order to create Australia's newest shipping highway, Abbott point, better known as the Great Barrier Reef! Completely disregarding the World Heritage Classification or UNESCO protection, dredging company Rinehart is removing 3 MILLION cubic meters of the worlds most diverse, largest living organism and ecosystem, only to build the largest coal export terminal. We are going to lose one of the worlds truly precious gems to a temporary and damaging "solution". The Great Barrier Reef will no longer exist because of Abbotts desire for CSG export income. This is something that we are seriously concerned about at Big Blue and Big Blue Conservtation. If you care about the oceans, please get the word out about it to this to show your support for saving natures gift to the world. Wake UP Australia, and spread the word.

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