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September 25th 2013

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Just another day at the office

Ho hum, another day, another whaleshark! Big Blue instructors Rich and Nick were minding their own business this morning at Chumphon pinnacle to do dive 3 of their open water courses, when a 4m long whaleshark appeared and jolly graciously decided to keep them company! These two lucky and happy dive instructors see whalesharks quite a lot, but imagine their students, having only ever done two open water dives, and on dive 3 they see one of those bad boys! An amazing experience they won't forget in a hurry. These curious animals tend to hang around divers rather than just pass through, so if you do see one, it may be a full 30 minutes of pinching yourself! Rich had only one thing to say to his students after such an incredible encounter; "Chumphon was a good choice". Judging by their picture though neither of them seem to be too concerned about thumbelina flailing around in the background! Rich's too busy explaining to Nick that, "This whaleshark is small... the one's out there are far away".

A Whaleshark Chumphon

“Excellent diving school”

5 of 5 stars Reviewed 23 September 2013- I went to Koh tai in 21st august 2013 for open water diving certificate. People I met there were awesome, helpful and friendly. Shool is well organized and proper managed by a great bunch of professional diver. I was lucky to have Petra as my instructor. She demonstated everything in high professinal manner. Our team of 6 students enjoyed so much of her teaching style and great personality of her . I believe I made great choose to learn diving in big blue. There are many diving schools around koh tao. I strong recommend Big Blue to everyone who want to learn diving. you won regret for this wise pick.

The Cove on steroids

Most people who have a passion for the ocean have heard of the Cove in Taiji, and the horrible slaughter of porpoises that goes on there every year. But have you heard of Iwate in Japan? No? it's not surprising, as many campaigners have never heard of it either. But Iwate, being only 500 miles North of the Cove, in Iwate Prefecture, is an annual slaughter of the Dall’s porpoise, in numbers that dwarf anything found at the cove. The Tsunami of 2011 destroyed much of the Dall hunting fleet, but somehow last year hunting began again in much reduced numbers. But the really depressing news is that between November 2012 and April 2013 it continues, but with the fleet of hunting ships being almost back to their pre-Tsunami numbers, killing 1,200 porpoises (pre-Tsunami deaths exceeded 9,00 per year, compared to the Cove's 1,200). A number of groups are involved in trying to stop this annual slaughter; Save Japan Dolphins, Sea Shepherd, the Earth Island Institute’s Dolphin Project, and the International Whaling Commission and the Animal Welfare Institute. If you want to see what you can do to help, or just want to show your support to ending these barabaric activities, contact Lizzie at Big blue Conservation.

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