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Big Blue videography
Big-blue-videographyWe're really happy to be able to officially announce the opening of Big Blue videography! It's been bothering us for a while why we always used another company to film our students and the underwater world for us when we could do it bigger and better ourselves.. so we've decided to go ahead and do exactly that! I'd like to introduce you to Wayne, he's the one in the photo most likely to get a sunburnt head. Wayne is heading up the video and photography team, comprised of David (left), Jolande (the female one) and Barney (you can probably figure out which one he is). Wayne was especially shipped in by air freight to get things moving and head up the team of dive professional videographers. This is an exciting new start for Big Blue diving, and we can't wait to see some weird and wonderful new intro shots of our instructors, divemasters and shop staff. Barney, Jolande and David are raring to go, so lets get started!
If you've previously been to Big Blue, you'll know what we do in terms of filming our open water courses. If you haven't, let me explain. The open water course has four open water dives. Dives three and four have an early start and the boat leaves from Sairee at 7am in order to take advantage of some of the best dive sites we have- weather permitting Chumphon pinnacle, and twins or white rock. The students are accompanied by a videographer, who just hangs back and films them on the taxi boat, getting into their equipment, during their dive briefings, and on their actual dives. Then when the students get back to land, they can relax and sunbathe with their new certification cards, but David, jolande and Barney's work has only just begun. They edit the footage and put it to some modern music that is apparently very in, and then the instructor and videographer meet the students in the Big Blue bar in the evening to celebrate them becoming qualified divers, and they all watch the video together. It's a fantastic end to the open water course, and if the students choose to buy the video, which is very reasonably priced, it's the perfect way to explain to their families what they've been up to in South East Asia.
In addition to filming open water courses, we will be on hand to record try dives. For those people that really want to go diving but either don't have the time or don't really want to commit to undertaking a full open water course, they can do one or two try dives with an instructor over one afternoon. Seeing the underwater world for the first time is awe inspiring and something you'll remember for the rest of your life. Having photographic evidence of that is even better. Underwater shots of you in your scuba gear is a vital ingredient to proving to your friends and family that you actually did it!
We will also have our own youtube channel, which will be regularly updated with short videos highlighting the best of the weeks marine life caught on film, so look out for links to it from our facebook, G and twitter pages. In the meantime get you best frock on, slap that make up on and sign up to do your open water course to get your 30 minutes of infamy!

Shark Finning in Western Thailand
Ranong-fish-marketHere's a photo of a fish market in Thailand, in Ranong specifically, on the border with Myanmar. Absolutely disgusting I hope you'll agree. Shark finning gets lots of press nowadays and rightly so, Hong Kong, the Phillipines and Malaysia are always being highlighted as places were this barbaric practice continues unabated. But to see it on our own doorstep in Thailand is really sad. This photo was taken by Joanna Durakiewicz and Brett Fairhurst, who are undertaking a conservation internship at Big Blue Conservation. Save Koh Tao marine branch will be discussing this with the Thai Government at the earliest opportunity, but in the meantime, why don't you get involved and write an email to one of the director generals of the Thai Department of Fisheries? You can contact them here. They need to know that this is bad for Thailand's image, and ultimately terrible for their tourism industry; who wants to go snorkeling and diving in a dead ocean? These incredible animals are vital to the ocean eco system and play an important role in regulating other fish populations. If they dissapear from our oceans, so does everything else. There are lots of other ways you can get involved too. For more information, contact Lizzie May at Big Blue Conservation.


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