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November 2nd 2013

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Clash of the (not quite) titans
football-matchWhilst everyone was preoccupied with Halloween preparations the day before yesterday, a football match of epic proportions was quietly played out early on Halloween morn. A ragtag bunch of Big Blue instructors, divemasters and DMTs pitted themselves against some of our fittest and finest Burmese restaurant and bar staff. Captained by SSI instructor trainer Simon Garrity, instructors big Ant, mini Ant, Rich, Pal, Iain, Tupac and Alex, divemasters Phil and Stitch, and DMTs Ryu, Bjorn, Carolina, Gretl, Laars, Dwain and Saul redefined the phrase "being run rings around". Rich in goal saved some epic shots and has the cuts and bruises to show for it, Alex ran around like Forrest Gump in no particular direction, seemingly reacting to the rhythms of a completely different game, Simo suddenly remembered the rules in the final 5 minutes, mini Ant spent most of the match trying to memorise people's names so he knew who to pass to, and Iain thought he was playing netball. Shame it wasn't netball, he would have got man of the match. The game ended with the inevitable victory for the restaurant boys, with a final score of 5-1. The diving team's defeat was roundly blamed on the lack of anyone being available to provide oranges at half time, which may or may not be true, but overall the boys were very stoic about their drubbing. After some transfer deals have taken place, another good natured rematch will take place- they're even talking about getting shirts printed!  Good effort team Burma, I mean everyone! Something tells me we're going to need a bigger capacity stadium for round 2!

Halloween done, next stop Christmas!
I think it's fair to say there were a few sore heads on Koh Tao yesterday morning after Halloween, especially considering pretty much the entire Island seemed to dress up for it. Walking along the yellow brick road in Sairee should have been like a who's who of horror movies, but some people never got that memo; I saw Hunter S Thompson and his attourney, some oddly afflicted pregnant brides, quite a few man-babies, a zombie full moon party goer, witches galore, and, I think, a dead transvestite tennis player- apologies if you were actually a lady (Iain)! The only thing missing was Elvis. He must have been working the night shift in Tesco-Lotus in Koh Samui. Shame. All good fun and really good to see so many people make the effort. The whole atmosphere of the Island seemed quite festive. Speaking of which, I guess the next big night on Koh Tao will be Christmas eve... is it nearly christmas already, why did I have to remind you of that? Well just to make you even more annoyed, here in Thailand we don't get bombarded with Christmas music when we visit the supermarket from September until December, and there is actually food in the aisles instead of christmas crackers. Still.. counting down the days!

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