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November 15th 2013

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Whaleshark central
whaleshark-koh-taoGreat news yesterday, we had another sighting of a whaleshark. Well, I say sighting, it stayed for the whole morning at Chumphon pinnacle, so it was more of a meeting than a sighting! Our fun divers, advanced students and open water students all got the chance to swim along with it, and, as they were all properly briefed beforehand and told not to chase it and stay together, they probably had a lot more time with it than some of the other divers on the dive site, who would have used up their air much quicker by trying to keep up with it. Whalesharks are curious of divers. Occassionally, they will swim straight past the dive site and just keep going into the blue. But 9 times out of 10 they will circle around and around the divers, so instead of wasting their air, divers can just stay in one place and watch it as it comes back for another look. This also enables our divemasters and instructors to easily watch over their group and maintain a good dive profile; whalesharks swim up and down, up and down like the teeth on a saw, not surpringly known as a saw-toothed profile. As divers we don't want to do this, so staying in one place whilst mainaining the same depth, either holding on to the ascent line or using the rocks as a visual reference makes for a much better dive. Chill out, watch the big fish swim around you, done. There were some very happy people on the fun diver boat and same same on the course boat. Imagine on your third ever dive you get to swim with a whaleshark.. pretty unforgettable eh. Especially as we had our videographers out filming the open water divers. They'll be taking video evidence of their encounter back home to show the family. The bar was a little busier than normal last night!

Buying and selling on Koh Tao
If you're thinking of spending quite a lot of time on Koh Tao, maybe doing your divemaster training, or already working here as an instructor, you'll probably need some kind of, stuff.. whether that's dive equipment, a motorbike, or you're looking for accommodation. There are plenty of ways to go about this. Word of mouth is good for accommodation in any of the dive schools. There are also posters all over the place in cafes and outside the supermarkets- Aukotan in Shalock, 4p in Sairee or Pen Wholsale on the road to Mae Hadd from Sairee. There are a number of shops that sell dive equipment in Mae Hadd, and Big Blue is opening our own retail shop in the next couple of weeks, where you'll be able to get any kind of dive equipment you can think of. If you need to buy pots and pans, don't bother with the supermarkets, go to the Burmese market in Mae Hadd, it's near the top of the hill on a lane connecting the up road with the down road. You can buy all sorts of weird and wonderful things there, fishing equipment, frying pans, barbeques, deadly weapons, kareoke machines.. yes, I really did say kareoke machines! In terms of diving equipment, if you're really on a budget, there is a market for 2nd hand stuff on facebook- Koh Tao trader, and also a 2nd hand shop in Mae Hadd. Buying 2nd hand equipment is not ideal, and you could end up with a broken product with no comeback, but it may be your only option if you're on a serious budget.  

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