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Fairwell Ugly
uglySad news for Blue staff, old and new. A few days ago Ugly, one of the resident dogs and our unofficial mascot sadly died. He passed away in his sleep on the morning of the 19th completely out of the blue, though he was probably one of the oldest dogs on the Island so it wasn't completely unexpected. He'd had a damn good innings though and lived a happy life, utterly spoilt by dive and restaurant staff alike. All the Instructors and divemasters periodically chip in to pay for all the resident dog's veternarian care, and they're all well fed and given a lot of fuss, but "uggers" was everyone's favourite and definitely the boss. He didn't do a lot, and set the bar for how much one dog could scratch itself over the course of a day. If you've been to Big Blue you'll probably have witnessed what you initially thought was doggy abuse, as someone or other appeared to be hitting him with a shoe on his hind legs, but he loved it, wagged his tail and came back for more and more- very weird trait of all Thai dogs it seems. We already lost big black dog or BBD earlier this year, and now only Moo-moo, piglet, Ernie and sausage are left. Moo moo is probably the oldest dog that ever lived, sausage made even ugly look hyperactive, Ernie is half an IQ point short of being able to appear on the Jeremy Kyle show, and piglet is the dog equivalent of Norman Wisdom, with a pelican-like chin. Anyway, hopefully ugly and BBD are now lying on the big beach in the sky getting loads of attention, and continuing their war of attrition against any fly that dares to land on them.. let's just hope that flies don't go to heaven.

Whaleshark facts
whalesharkHere's a few amazing and wonderful facts about the largest fish in the ocean, that is common to the waters around Koh Tao.

- It's latin name is Rhincodon typus.
- The largest confirmed specimin was 12.65 metres long and weighed more than 21.5 metric tons!
- It's believed that they can live to be 70 years old.
- They mainly eat plankton via vacuum and filter feeding, but have also been filmed by the good old BBC eating a school of small fish.
- It's capable of diving to depths up to  1,286 metres!
- No-one has ever seen a whale shark getting down and dirty to mate, but they are thought to give birth to live young, around 40-60cm long.
- In Vietnam they are worshipped as a diety and called Ca Ong, which translates as "Sir fish".
- They are a huge draw for divers and snorkelers, and bring a lot of tourism revenue.. way more than if they are killed for their fins.
- They are listed as "vulnerable" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.
- We get them on Koh Tao and see them pretty regularly. The juveniles are very curios of divers. 

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