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New t-shirts!
bb-tshirtWe're getting closer every day now to the grand opening of the Big Blue retail shop, and to whet your appetite we're showing off our new range of Big Blue t-shirts. These little beauties are available to purchase in our office or from our website for the cost of a round of drinks- that's a Thai round of drinks, not London prices! What better memento of your time at Big Blue could there be than to be sporting one of these down at your local pub/supermarket/domnioes club? You can be pretty much 100% guarrantee that no-one else will be wearing one! We are always open to suggestions for our t-shirt designs, so if you can think of anything funny and/or clever, and of course diving related, then let us know on our facebook page in the comments section for this blog. We may like it so much that we get some printed off- you'll get bugger all money for it but you'll be able to say that it was your work! You can view the entire t-shirt range on our facebook page in the photos section.
Yet don't be mistaken that this is all we will be selling in the new retail shop. They will of course be on display, but that's not even scratching the surface of what else will be available to buy, there will be all manner of different items of clothing, including our own range of designer beach wear. In terms of diving equipment, you'll be able to buy pretty much whatever you require. But more of that in the next few days when we open our doors properly. Until then, get your thinking caps on and get in touch with your genius t-shirt ideas.

What to expect with travelling to Koh Tao
I wrote in a recent blog about all the different ways you can get to Koh Tao from Bangkok- bus then ferry, night train then ferry, or flying to Koh Samui or Chumphon then ferry. But how do they compare in terms of service, comfort, cost etc?
The bus from Bangkok is the cheapest option. They call them VIP buses, but they're just normal coaches that you'd get back home. Surprisingly they have decent leg room, a toilet, air con, and tinted windows or a curtain to block out the sun. But the journey does take around 7-8 hours, and if they put on a Thai DVD you'll be cursing yourself for forgetting your ipod headphones! They do stop halfway for you to get some food at motorway services and stretch your legs though. Good for those on a budget. The night train is my favourite way to travel around Thailand. If you choose 2nd class (around £20) you'll get a seat that they turn into a bed, which is surprisingly comfortable. If you choose air con, have a jumper as it gets arctic cold! You can eat at your seat and order from a waiter, or you can go to the restaurant car and meet lots of random people over a beer or two. If you're lucky the staff will wheel out the kareoke machine! Then it's off to bed, and you'll be woken up shortly before arriving at Chumphon at a ridiculous hour in the morning. Try and avoid third class unless you're on a serious budget. You have been warned! The ticket you buy will include the ferry, so at the train station just ask where to go to get the bus transfer to the pier, then go to the ticket office to get your ferry ticket. You'll need to book ahead though, the night train gets full, fast.
Flying is pretty quick but very expensive, around £110 one-way. I've only ever done it once and that was a while ago, but I remember it being pretty painless. Good for getting from Bangkok to koh Tao in the same day. There are cheaper deals to be had if you fly into Chumphon, so shop around.
You will have to get a ferry to get to koh Tao and there are three options. The Lomprayah will be the busiest, but it's also the fastest. There's an VIP section that you can sit in air con for 200 baht, but the rest of the boat is fine if you can find a seat. It takes around 2 hours to get to Koh Tao from Koh Samui or Chumphon, so it's probably a good idea to bring some snacks and drinks- prices on the ferry are expensive. The Seatran is similar to the Lomprayah, but it takes a little longer, and the Songserm is for those on a budget.. takes a lot longer and can be uncomfortable. Whichever way you choose, if it's your first time in Thailand it'll be a bit of an adventure!

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