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November 28th 2013

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Short back and sides
mv-porponawaThe first of our dive boats came back from Chumphon yesterday after it's annual service, and it looks brand new. Porponawa is our exclusive fun diver only boat, and we're really glad to have her back in service. We have a fun diver only boat because we want to be able to take our fun divers out to the best dive sites- sites that are out of reach of open water students on their first couple of dives in the ocean, or try divers, because they are too deep. The reason Porponawa was chosen as the fun diver boat is because it is probably the fastest dive boat in Thailand. It can get from Big Blue on Sairee beach to Chumphon pinnacle (11km offshore) in 23 minutes! It takes any normal dive boat between 45 and 55 minutes to get there! Hence it's unofficial nickname- the millenium falcon.
That kind of speed gives us incredible freedom. It's been known that after having two dives at Sail rock on the full day trip, if a whaleshark had been spotted at Chumphon, Porponawa would head there for the third dive of the day; a journey unthinkable on any other dive boat. So we're looking forward to getting her back in action to show our fun divers the best that the Gulf of Thailand has to offer, and once Monsoon is over (it feels like we're not really having one this year anyway) we will be running regular day trips on Porponawa to Sail rock, Ang Thong marine park and Chumphon marine park- the only dive resort to go there. Our Tech and freediving boat Big Blue went to Chumphon yeserday, Banzai has yet to depart, and Ao Meung went earlier this year and has been back for a couple of months. But we're hotly anticipating the return of waverunner, which is having a major refurbishment. We can't wait to see what it looks like when it comes back!

Things to do on a rainy day
Given that we are supposed to be in Monsoon season on Koh Tao, apart from a storm lasting a few days last week, the weather has been pretty good. However, writing this in the middle of a thunder storm has me wondering what you can do here when it rains and you're having a day off diving. People doing their open water course ask surprisingly often whether we they will be going diving when it rains.. the simple answer is yes, you will be getting wet anyway! But once your course is finished, if you don't fancy diving in the rain, then sitting in the room of your resort watching Thai tv is not an experience that is going to hold your attention for very long. One thing Koh Tao has in abundabce is cafes, lots of cafes. They are a great way to just sit and watch the world go by, and unlike in the West, they have two or three walls instead of four, so you can watch the rain and lightning up close and personal- effectively sitting outside, but stay nice and dry.
There are of course also plenty of bars in Koh Tao, so you may decide to start your evening's fun in the afternoon instead. Or you could be a little more productive and go to the gym, there are now two in Sairee alone, and an MMA centre has just opened up on the main road between Mae Hadd and Sairee. Apart from that, there's a bowling alley, and lots of massage parlours. Or, just get your wellies on and go and have a play in the puddles!

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